[Tip] Enable Dark Theme in Opera Web Browser

Opera web browser's new version comes with a new refreshing UI. It contains new colors, new design, new icons, new animations and many redesigned UI elements such as tabs, etc.

Opera team has also added a new Dark theme to the browser which will definitely please dark or black UI lovers. By default, the Light theme is selected but you can apply new Dark theme using Opera settings.


If you also want to enjoy Dark theme in Opera web browser, following steps will help you:

1. Launch Opera web browser, click on Opera Menu button and then click on Settings option. Alternatively you can directly launch Settings page by pressing Alt+P keys together.

2. Now click on "Browser" section and scroll down to bottom to look for "Enable dark theme" option. It'll be present under "User interface" section.

3. To turn on the Dark theme, enable the option. It'll immediately apply Dark theme in Opera.


In future, if you want to restore default theme in Opera, uncheck "Enable dark theme" option.

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