[Tip] Disable Startup and Exit Sounds in Skype, Also Make Skype Look-Like a Messenger

Recently we told you that Microsoft is going to permanently replace the good old Windows Live Messenger with Skype in March 2013:

Windows Live Messenger Going to Close on March 15, 2013, Upgrade to Skype Now

After sharing the news with you all, I decided to give a try to Skype. I downloaded Skype installer, installed it and successfully logged in using my Microsoft account which I was using to sign into Windows Live Messenger. I was also asked to merge my existing Skype account with my Microsoft account.

As soon as I signed into Skype, a loud sound was played by Skype for successful sign in. After playing with its settings, I decided to close Skype. Again Skype played another similar sound for sign out event.

It was a little annoying to me. I have not seen any software since ages which plays sounds when you open or close it. Sound alerts for messages, calls, contacts online or offline are fine as they help us in knowing about these things if we are away from our computer or if we are doing something else. But sound alerts for successful sign in or sign out are absolutely useless at least for me.

So I decided to turn off these startup and exit sound alerts in Skype and I found them in Skype sounds settings window.

If you are also using Skype and if you are also finding these sign in and sign out sound alerts annoying, you can disable them using following simple steps:

1. Open Skype and click on "Skype -> Profile -> Change Sounds" option.


2. It'll open Skype sounds settings window. Uncheck following 2 options:

  • I sign in
  • I sign out


Here you can also disable or enable other sound alerts such as ringtone, dial tone, call error, incoming call, incoming IM, file transfer notifications, etc. You can also turn off all sound alerts by clicking on "Mute all sounds" button.

3. Once you disable desired options, click on "Save" button and the annoying sign in and sing out (or startup and exit) sound alerts will get disabled permanently.

PS: One more tip to share! At first look, Skype doesn't look like a messenger but you can make it look-like a messenger by enabling its built-in compact layout. Just enable "Compact View" option from View menu:


It'll convert Skype window into a compact "Windows Live Messenger" look-like window. Now you'll be able to close other part of Skype window which shows your profile details, etc and you'll have a small messenger style look in Skype as shown in following screenshot:


Have you started using Skype? Do you like its interface? Feel free to share your feedback and experience with Skype in your comment...

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  • Thanks 4 sharing VG~. I agree with you.

  • I use Skype, but I rather prefer WLM over Skype. WLM is still the best and easiest to use.

  • Which one is better? the metro app Skype or desktop app Skype?

  • @patrick. Both are good but the desktop has more options and features. Just like most of the Windows 8 (metro apps) the metro version works but does not have a lot of configurations.

  • I started using Skype a while back, and now I can say, it's looking very good. I can live without WLM, however I missed the feature where WLM would alert me for new Email messages. I want Skype to have the same feature.

  • @Kevin, i also noticed more configuration options for desktop, but all basic options needed to run Skype has the Skype metro,

  • By the way, there is newer Skype with changes in it's UI.

  • Can you replace the sounds with ones from wlm?I have the wlm v8.1 sounds backed-up if I remember correctly and use them with the last version of wlm for win xp.

  • VG

    ^^ I checked various folders related to Skype but couldn't find any place containing those media files. It might be possible that those sound files are stored inside Skype EXE or DLL files. You can try with Resource Hacker.

  • @VG

    I haven't installed it yet as I will continue to use wlm until the 15th of March so I won't be checking it out anytime soon.Sorry.

  • Apparently you can import sound clips into skype as I discovered just now as I was forced to "upgrade" to Skype today. :'( Maybe I will use them to make this crap app better!

  • I did not even have the sound ON in my computer. Sound sign is OFF. And yet Skype manages to make a sound when I start it up. I think something is fishy here. I hope other users have more luck with Skype. Thanks.

  • Thankyou so much! Still works in 2016 and extremely easy to follow.

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