[Tip] Disable Search Pop-up on Selecting Text Feature in Opera

The latest version of Opera web browser comes with a new feature which is called "Search pop-up". Now whenever you select any text on a webpage, Opera shows a pop-up containing 2 options: Search and Copy as shown in following screenshot:


Although its a nice addition but some Opera users might find it annoying if they do a lot of text selection on webpages.

The good thing is that Opera comes with a built-in option to disable this new feature. So if you want to disable this new search pop-up feature on text selection, following steps will help you:

1. Launch Opera web browser, click on Opera Menu button and then click on Settings option. Alternatively you can directly launch Settings page by pressing Alt+P keys together.

2. Now click on "Browser" section and scroll down a little to look for "Enable the search popup on selecting text" option. It'll be present under "User interface" section.


3. You just need to uncheck the option to disable the search pop-up feature. It'll immediately turn off search pop-up feature and now you'll no longer see the pop-up whenever you select some text on webpages.

If you want to enable the Search pop-up feature again in future, simply enable the above mentioned option again in Settings.

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