[Tip] Disable Advertisements, Suggestions and Tips in Windows 10

Windows 10, from time to time, shows advertisements related to Microsoft products such as Office 365, OnceDrive, etc. It also shows suggestions and tips related to new Windows 10 features, recommended Windows Store apps, etc.

These ads, suggestions and tips-n-tricks are generally shown on Lock Screen, Start Menu, Action Center, Windows Ink Workspace, Windows Explorer (This PC), Share fly-out and Cortana search.

Following screenshot shows 3rd party app suggestion in Windows 10 Start Menu:


These suggestions and tips are useful to many users who want to learn more about new features and changes present in Windows 10. They don't cause any issues or problems but if you don't need these unwanted suggestions, advertisements and tips in Windows 10, you can turn off them using Windows 10 settings app and other built-in options.

Although we have mentioned most of these methods to disable Windows 10 ads and suggestions in our following exclusive tutorial:

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But today we decided to create a separate topic for this matter so that more people can take benefit of it.

If you also want to get rid of all kind of advertisements, suggestions and tip-n-tricks in Windows 10, following steps will help you:

1. Disable Relevant Tips and Recommendations:

Microsoft collects some diagnostic and usage data in Windows 10 which can be used to show tips and recommendations. You can turn off them using following steps:

1. Open Settings from Start Menu or press WIN+I keys together to directly launch Settings app.

2. Now go to Privacy -> Feedback & diagnostics page.

3. Set "Let Microsoft provide more tailored experiences with relevant tips and recommendations by using your diagnostic data" option to OFF.


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2. Disable Ads, Tips and Suggestions in Action Center:

Windows 10 shows suggestions related to Cortana, OneDrive and other offers in Action Center. Windows 10 also shows information about new features when you login or when new updates are installed. You can turn off them using following steps:

1. In Settings app, go to System -> Notifications & actions page.

2. Set following options to OFF:

  • Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows
  • Show me the Windows welcome experience after updates and occasionally when I sign in to highlight what's new and suggested


3. Also scroll down to bottom and under "Get notifications from these senders" section, look for "Suggested" toggle. If you find it, set it to Off.


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3. Disable Ads, Tips and Suggestions on Lock Screen:

Windows 10 also shows ads and suggestions related to Office 365, Microsoft Edge and other apps on Lock Screen. You can turn off them using following steps:

1. In Settings app, go to Personalization -> Lock screen page.

2. Make sure "Windows Spotlight" is not selected in Background drop-down box. If its selected, change the background type to Picture or Slideshow option.

3. Now set "Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen" option to OFF.


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4. Disable Windows Store Apps Suggestions in Start Menu:

Start Menu in Windows 10 also shows Windows Store apps suggestions below most used apps section. Sometimes suggestions to use Microsoft Edge web browser are also shown in Start Menu. These suggestions can be turned off using following steps:

1. In Settings app, go to Personalization -> Start page.

2. Set "Occasionally show suggestions in Start" option to OFF.


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5. Disable Recommended Apps Suggestions in Windows Ink Workspace:

If you use Windows Ink workspace, you may see recommended apps in the sidebar. You can turn off them using following steps:

1. In Settings app, go to Devices -> Pen & Windows Ink page.

2. Set "Show recommended app suggestions" option to OFF.


6. Uninstall Apps Showing Ads and Suggestions:

There are some built-in apps which also show advertisements, tips and suggestions from time to time. We can uninstall them to stop these ads and suggestions.

1. In Settings app, go to Apps -> Apps & features page.

2. Now look for following apps in the given apps list:

  • Tips
  • Get Office
  • Get Skype

3. Click on these apps one by one and then click on "Uninstall" button. It'll remove these apps from your system.


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7. Disable Deals, Advertisements and Suggestions in Windows Explorer (This PC):

Windows Explorer (This PC) can also occasionally show advertisements and suggestions related to Office 365 and OneDrive deals/promotional offers. You can turn off them using following steps:

1. Open Windows Explorer (or File Explorer or This PC) and click on View tab in Ribbon.

2. Now click on Options button, it'll open Folder Options window.

3. Go to "View" tab, scroll down and disable "Show sync provider notifications" option.


Apply the changes to take effects.

8. Disable Ads, Pop-ups and Suggestions in Cortana:

Cortana search also displays suggestions in form of pop-ups and reminders. You can turn off them using following steps:

1. Click inside Cortana search box present on the Taskbar and then click on Settings (gear) icon present in left vertical bar.

2. Now scroll down and set "Taskbar tidbits - Let Cortana pipe up from time to time with thoughts, greetings, and notifications in the search box" option to OFF.


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9. Disable Apps Suggestions in Share Fly-out:

If you share a file in Windows 10, you may see apps suggestions in the Share window. You can turn off them using following steps:

1. Click on Share button inside Windows Explorer, Microsoft Edge or other apps to show the Share fly-out on screen.

2. Now right-click on any app icon and uncheck "Show app suggestions" option.


=== === === === === === === === ===

That's all for now. After following all above mentioned steps, you'll be able to turn off all kind of advertisements, suggestions and tips-n-tricks in all Windows 10 versions. If you know about any other trick to disable ads and suggestions in Windows 10 which has not been listed above, feel free to share it in your comment.

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    P.S. in Windows 10 version 1703, the following is not present in the system.
    Title 2 chapter 3:
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