[Tip] Create Portable Version of Opera Browser and Opera Mail for USB Drives

There are many people who use Opera web browser and there are very few who use Opera Mail email client which is actually an awesome email client software in my opinion.

Both Opera web browser and Opera Mail can be downloaded in form of offline standalone installers which can install the programs without any need of Internet connection at the time of installation but I always prefer portable versions of programs because we can carry the portable versions on USB drives. Also if we use portable version of a program, we don't need to worry about losing any data or customized settings upon formatting or reinstalling the OS as all data and settings are stored in a single folder of the program which we can store anywhere. I personally put the portable versions of my favorite programs on different drives other than the system drive where Windows OS is installed. In this way, whenever I reinstall Windows, I don't lose any setting and data. I can again start the program from the same place where I left it in the previous OS.

Now lets talk about the portable versions of Opera web browser and Opera Mail. Officially both these programs don't come in portable editions but the popular website portableapps provides portable versions of these programs.

Download Portable Version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera Web Browsers

But did you know you can create portable versions of Opera browser and Opera Mail yourself? Actually very few people know about this fact. The setup programs of Opera browser and Opera Mail come with an additional feature to install these programs as portable which can be then carried on USB drives.

If you already knew about this feature, that's great but if you didn't know about it, this tutorial will help you.

Today in this tutorial, we are going to tell you how to create portable versions of Opera web browser and Opera Mail manually. So without wasting time lets start the tutorial:

1. First of all download the setup installer of desired program from their official websites. You can go to the download pages from following topics:

Download Opera Web Browser

Download Opera Mail

2. After downloading the installer, run it and click on Options button.

3. Now select "Stand-alone installation (USB)" option from the "Install for" drop-down box.


4. Now you can select any desired folder or your USB drive in "Install path" option.

5. That's it. click on "Accept and Install" button and the setup will create the portable version of Opera browser and Opera Mail.

Now no registry key and shortcut will be created anywhere in the OS. Everything will be installed in the same folder which you provided in "Install path" section. Now you'll never lose any important email, account settings, browser cache, cookies, browsing history or anything else as all these things will be stored in a single folder on your desired hard disk partition or USB drive.

That's a very good feature of Opera browser and Mail which many people are not aware of.

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