The Best Method to Hide Files and Folders in Windows Without Using 3rd Party Utilities

Many times we want to hide some private or important files and folders from other users. We can set the file attribute to hidden to hide it from others but other users can enable the "Show hidden files and folders" option from Folder Options and can open our hidden files. There are many 3rd party software available to hide or make files and folders password protected but most of them are not free.

Today in this article, we are going to share a 100% safe and free of cost method to hide files and folders in Windows without using any 3rd party software.

If you also want to hide some files or folders from others in Windows, check out following simple steps:

STEP 1: First of course, hide the file or folder from its "Properties".

STEP 2: Now disable "Show Hidden files/folders" option from "Tools -> Folder Options".

Hmm. Now you can say "What's so special? Anyone can enable the option again."

STEP 3: OK. No problem. Disable "Folder Options" using Registry Editor. Please take a look at Point 4 in following topic:

All Kind of Restrictions for Windows

Again you'll ask "So what? Anyone who knows about "regedit" can re-enable Folder Options. Then?"

STEP 4: Simple. Disable Registry Editor also. Again take a look at Point 5 in following topic:

All Kind of Restrictions for Windows

Now we have almost done and our hidden files are safe but not really. Why? Because "regedit" can be enabled again using "gpedit.msc".

Go to:

User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System

In right-side pane, set "Prevent access to Registry editing tools" to either Not Configured or Disabled and it'll re-enable Registry Editor.


So to make our method 100% safe and working, just follow this last step:

STEP 5: Rename gpedit.msc to some other name like "AskVG.msc" and then hide it. You can find it in "Windows\System32" folder.

Now whenever anyone tries to run "gpedit.msc", Windows will show an error message "file not found". But you can always run it using the new name "AskVG.msc".

So its an easy to follow and absolutely free method to hide your private data from others.

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  • error renaming gpedit.msc, how can I do it?

  • VG

    ^^ Try to take ownership of the file:

  • i want to disable the option Show hidden files as i already know the steps just put the value to 0. if i put the value 1, it's okay to enable the option of "show hidden...", but now i want is, i want to disable that option by putting the value to 0. But it always reverts to 1 as normal, tried so many many time, just it reverting to 1. Please help me i want to hide my privacy files by disbaling the option of "show hidden...". I checked with anti virus and spybot, earlier it worked by long time, now it's not wrking to disable the option of "show hidden"
    Please help me asap...

  • VG

    ^^ Try the solution of point 23 given in following article:

  • Its so funny.
    The other trick is just simply rename its extension. Although, it will not hide that file or folder, but windows will give an error.
    For eg --> mypaint.jpg
    and renaming its extension --> or .abc or anything but don't try to change it to .exe/.html/.xml/or any other associated extensions.
    & if you want to open it, simply rename its extension to .jpg/ or your file's original extension

    The second way is: make sure you have 7zip or winzip/winrar installed,only the proceed:
    1.) make a new compressed folder named on your file, like your filename is mypaint.jpg, name that folder mypaint or any of your choice.

    2.)copy/move your file into it

    3.)right click on it select 7zip/or any other compressor>add to "mypaint.7z"

    4.)after compressing it to 7z, again right click 7zip>add to archive and select its extension type as .tar and compress it again

    5.)Uninstall/disable 7zip/winzip/winrar andrename its extension to .abc/ or an other.

    I have not tried the second way so use the second way at your responsibility!

  • ^^^^ Second way is tested, being safe to use
    But first make sure to uncheck disable extensions for known file types, otherwise this feature will not work.

  • ^^^^ Second way is tested, being safe to use
    But first make sure to uncheck disable extensions for known file types in folder options, otherwise this feature will not work.

    And the mistake" andrename" is "and rename".

  • if there r some files which are shown in" search" even after being hidden then you should do:
    1) open the properties of that files
    2) check on hidden
    3) click on advance button next to the hidden option
    4) now uncheck the box "Allow files in this folder to have contents indexed in addition to file properties" then click on "OK" button.
    5) now click on apply button then "Confirm Attribute Changes" will pop-up.. then click on "OK" button.
    6) now click again on "OK" button of properties.

    The file you have hidden will not be shown in "search" even its sub-folder contents will not be shown too, but don't forget to click on "Don't show hidden files" in "folder and search option" which is located in "Organize" menu at the top left of any folder or drive.

    Tip: u should move the folder in any sub-folder of any file or your can create any fake sub-folder in any other file.. So that, if someone checks on "show hidden files" he/she will not be able to reach the file.

    Tip2:if u want your keywords not be remembered in search bar you just type the file's name in search bar it will show your searching result but don't press "ENTER" key it will make your keyword remembered, now click on cross mark which is shown next to your keyword, it will remove ur keyword history.

  • Is that it?

  • please please how can i disable my registry editor?

  • VG

    ^^ Point 5:

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