Best Method to Backup Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks Without Using Extensions

If you don't want to use any add-on/extension to take a backup of your Mozilla Firefox bookmarks, then you can take help of this tutorial. I use this trick to set a separate location for my Firefox bookmarks. I usually set this backup location to a drive other than windows drive, so that if windows gets corrupted and if I have to reinstall windows, I'll not have to lose my Firefox bookmarks.

Following are the required steps to follow:

1. First export your Firefox bookmarks for one time only and save the file to any desired location, which you think is safe.

To export Firefox bookmarks, go to Bookmarks -> Show All Bookmarks menu or press Ctrl+Shfit+B keys together. It'll open Bookmarks manager. Now click on Import and Backup -> Export Bookmarks to HTML option.


2. Close Firefox and type %appdata% in RUN or Start Menu search box and press Enter.

Now go to:


3. Now open prefs.js file in Notepad and add following line at the end of this file:

user_pref("browser.bookmarks.file", "E:\\Setup\\bookmarks.html");

NOTE: Here "E:\\Setup\\bookmarks.html" is the location where I have stored the bookmarks file. Change it to your desired location and make sure to use \\ instead of \.

That's it. Now Firefox will automatically use the above mentioned file for storing your bookmarks and you'll not need to take care of your bookmarks ever.

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  • I followed this procedure, but Firefox doesn't update the bookmarks.html file when I close it. I haven't checked to see if it updates once a day or something.

    What behavior should this procedure produce for saving Firefox bookmarks?

    Having just lost all my Firefox bookmarks due to Windows 7 Home Premium becoming corrupted and my backup not having saved by Firefox bookmarks, I want a way to automatically backup my bookmarks.

  • After more searching, I found that you can turn backing up bookmarks in an html file on by
    1) typing "about:config" in the Firefox address bar;
    2) searching for "bookmark"; and
    3) double clicking on "FALSE" in the setting for backing up bookmarks when closing Firefox to change it to "TRUE".

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