Best Free Alternatives to Notepad

If you use Windows and use the default "Notepad" a lot for various tasks like writing notes, coding, etc, this topic might be useful for you.

Today in this topic, we are going to cover a few FREE applications which look and work similar to Notepad but provide lots of useful features which are missing in Notepad.


So without wasting any time, lets take a look at the free alternatives to Notepad:

Above are the best free alternatives to Notepad. Give them a try and choose whichever fits to your requirements. Our favorite is "Notepad2". Its very light-weighted and provides lots of useful features. "Notepad++" is also a good one.

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  • i use the old notepad.exe :)

  • I use Windows Vista's Wordpad In Windows 7. I use it for writting HTML and CSS and text files. I hate the one that came with Windows 7.

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