Best Free Text Editors and Alternatives to Notepad

If you use Windows operating system and use the default "Notepad" program for various tasks such as writing notes, coding, etc, this topic might be useful for you.

Today in this topic, we are going to cover a few FREE text editing programs which look and work similar to Notepad but provide lots of useful features which are missing in Notepad.


So without wasting any time, lets take a look at the following free text editors and alternatives to Notepad:

Above are the best free alternatives to Notepad. Give them a try and choose whichever fits to your requirements. Our favorite is "Notepad2". Its very light-weight and provides lots of useful features. "Notepad++" is also a good one.

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  • I use Windows Vista's Wordpad In Windows 7. I use it for writting HTML and CSS and text files. I hate the one that came with Windows 7.

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