[Tata Sky and Dish TV Review] Comparison Between Two Major DTH Services in India

If you are living in India, you might be aware of the fact that Tata Sky and Dish TV are the best and most popular DTH (Direct-To-Home) television service providers in India. There are a few other DTH services in India such as Airtel Digital TV, Videocon D2H, Reliance Big TV, Sun Direct, etc but Tata Sky and Dish TV are at the top of the list.

My work doesn't allow me to stay in India but due to my health problems which I mentioned earlier, currently I'm staying in India. Some of you might be knowing that I have Tata Sky DTH connection at my home as I have posted about my interesting service menu discovery in Tata Sky STB. I have an HD+ Transfer set top box of Tata Sky which allows me to watch HD channels as well as record them. Recently I posted about hidden secret service menu present in Dish TV which I found while checking a new Dish TV connection purchased by my cousin sister. It was also an HD+ connection.

It helped me in comparing both Tata Sky and Dish TV quality and performance. I found many differences between both the services. In some areas Tata Sky is the best but there are some features which are exclusive to Dish TV.

Today I thought about sharing my experience with Tata Sky and Dish TV with you all. I hope it'll help many Indian readers in choosing between Tata Sky or Dish TV DTH services.

I'll try my best to cover all possible points in this small review. Feel free to share your experience and thoughts in your comments.


So without wasting time lets start the review and comparison between Tata Sky and Dish TV DTH services:

Point 1: Hardware and Look

First impression is the last impression and Tata Sky clearly wins in this area. Tata Sky set top box (STB) looks better than Dish TV set top box. The front of Tata Sky STB is sleek, it shines and looks like a branded product. One the other hand, Dish TV STB looks basic. It looks like a local brand FM purchased from a local market. Some people might like Dish TV set top box more as its very small in size compared to Tata Sky set top box.

Dish TV STB gets hot very soon but Tata Sky STB doesn't get hot so much as it contains a fan inside the box.

Tata Sky STB comes with a 500GB internal Hard Disk to store program recording which is a huge amount of space to record your favorite TV shows, movies, etc. On the other hand, Dish TV STB doesn't contain any internal hard disk. Although Dish TV provides a 4GB USB pen drive to attach into Dish TV STB but its very small in size. You can attach other USB drives if the existing USB drive runs out of space.

Tata Sky STB contains 3 extra light indicators to show recording progress, new messages and remote activities. Dish TV STB doesn't contain any such extra indicators.

So in hardware and look area Tata Sky is the clear winner.

Point 2: Number of Channels and Picture Quality

If we talk about HD channels count, Tata Sky beats Dish TV. Tata Sky provides maximum 85 HD channels, on the other hand Dish TV provides 66 HD channels.

NOTE: Since all DTH companies regularly add new channels, it would be better to visit following topic to know the current status of HD channels availability on various DTH services:

[Review] Which DTH Service Provides Maximum HD Channels in India?

If we talk about SD channels, both Tata Sky and Dish TV provide almost equal number of SD channels.

One more thing to mention! Dish TV is also showing an adult only PPV (Pay-Per-View) channel "Fresh! TV" which broadcasts adult TV shows and movies from 11:00 PM to 2:30 AM every night. But most of the adult content are removed from programs as per government guidelines. Dish TV is the only DTH service provider in India having such kind of TV channel.

There is also one French GEC TV channel "TV5 Monde Asie" which broadcasts uncut and uncensored French movies. Since movies are telecasted uncensored, you may see a few adult nude scenes (such as topless scenes) in some movies.

UPDATE: TV5 Monde Asie is no longer available on Dish TV but Tata Sky has added TV5 Monde Asie channel on May 05, 2016.

Regarding picture quality, its almost same in Dish TV and Tata Sky. Channels look very sharp and clean on both DTH.

Point 3: Channel Recording and Series Recording

No doubt, Tata Sky is far better than Dish TV in channel recording feature. Never ever go with Dish TV if you are planning to record your favorite programs or movies. Why? First of all Dish TV doesn't come with hard disk as we mentioned in the beginning, so you can't record as many TV shows or movies as you can record in Tata Sky which comes with huge 500GB hard disk.

Second thing! Dish TV doesn't provide series recording feature which is present in Tata Sky STB. Series recording feature is an excellent and very useful feature which allows you to set recording of any TV show only once and it'll automatically record all future episodes of the program. You can use this feature to record episodes of your favorite daily soap or favorite Discovery channel program. This feature is present in almost all channel shows whether its a cartoon channel, sports channel or infotainment channel such as Discovery, National Geographic or History TV.

Since Dish TV doesn't provide series recording feature, you have to manually set recording of each and every episode of your favorite TV show on daily basis. On the other hand, Tata Sky requires you to set the recording only once.

Another big disadvantage in Dish TV is that you can't watch a different channel if you are recording current channel. You'll have to watch the same channel which is being recorded then what's the point of recording if we have to watch the same channel? On the other hand, Tata Sky allows you to watch a different channel and record 2 different channels at the same time. Or you can record 3 channels simultaneously in Tata Sky. Dish TV allows only 1 channel recording at a time.

I also found that Dish TV failed to record complete movie. I tried 2 times to record an English movie but both times Dish TV recorded only 70 or 75 minutes of the movie. On the other hand, Tata Sky records everything perfectly without any problem.

Also finding and watching recorded TV shows in Dish TV is difficult compared to Tata Sky.

So Tata Sky wins in channel recording feature without any doubt.

Point 4: User Interface

Again Tata Sky beats Dish TV in user interface area. Tata Sky STB user interface looks stylish and its very easy to operate. On the other hand Dish TV user interface looks childish. The fonts used in Dish TV user interface remind me of Windows 95 or 98 UI where as Tata Sky UI fonts are very nice and look clear on TV screen.

Using Tata Sky menus and options are easier than Dish TV. Menus in Tata Sky are well organized and easy to find but Dish TV is a little bit difficult to operate.

UPDATE: The new Tata Sky HD+ Transfer box (PVR) now comes with brand new EVO12 EPG and UI which looks extremely premium and stylish.

Point 5: Channel Packages and Prices

If we talk about price, both Tata Sky and Dish TV are almost same. There is not much difference between channel prices but Tata Sky has a great package plan which is not present in Dish TV.

Tata Sky provides Annual Mega Plan which can be subscribed for a whole year and the beauty of this plan is that you get access to all present channels. Also any new channel which is added by Tata Sky in your subscription year, will be automatically added to your plan without any extra cost. Dish TV doesn't provide any such plan.

=== === === === === === === === ===

Phew!!! That's the difference which I was able to find between Tata Sky and Dish TV DTH services. My personal opinion is that if you don't need recording feature, go with Dish TV as it provides more channels compared to Tata Sky and also the picture quality of Dish TV is better than Tata Sky. But if you want recording feature, go with Tata Sky without any doubt.

I hope people, who are planning to purchase a new DTH connection, will find this review useful...

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  • Thank you so much Vishal. I was planning to buy a DTH connection and your review will help me a lot. Thanks again.

  • from what I read above I feel proud of myself that I chose a local digital Set Top Box over those two :p because the picture quality is better than before, no loss of signal, almost all the free to air channels shown from the beginning, although there are still missing like some "news and entertainment channels", Star network sports channels link being cut due to agreement disruption and new channels not being added which is quite not acceptable given that it was said that all issues will be cleared very soon :\, but the price is just 200 INR :D and I believe all those missing channels and issues will soon be covered up with the image quality also been upgraded a little bit more on a clear side :)

  • I agree with your points VG. I am using tata sky since 2 years and never had any problem.

  • Small doubt VG. Whether the videos recorder through this DTH can be viewed through computer system or it can be viewed only through their STB? If it can be viewed through computer how can we transfer files from tata sky internal hdd? they have any external data cable?

  • VG

    ^^ No. The videos stored on the hard drive are encrypted and can't be read on computers.

  • Sir, you forgot about the very helpful Actve Services that Tata Sky provides.

  • VG

    ^^ Yeah. Although Dish TV also have some active services.

  • I am using Airtel Digital TV and it is working pretty fine , and Dish TV picture quality is just like Local Digital Cable TV Set Top Box , I think you forgot to mention the MPEG Feature Dish TV uses MPEG-2 .

  • thanks for your review. apart from recording feature, dish tv is really better than tatasky. it is really tough to choose from between them.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the review.
    I recently bought dish tv+ recording set top box. The service and quality is good.
    I did enough research and bought this because i dont want much of recording feature. And
    some more points to readers

    Proc :-
    1) Less Expensive then Tata Sky
    2) More HD Channels, 5.1 is great
    3) You are not restricted for just 500gb storage as in the case of Tata sky.

    1) You cannot pause live tv on certain channels.
    2) Recording and viewing other channel is only possible if both the channels are on the same transponder , which is very difficult for user to find out. So its a NO.
    3) The biggest let down is their menu and remote. Its confusing. I been using it for some time and still not very comfortable with it.

  • I know this may not be a complaint forum, but still I am sharing my pain.
    I have used Tata Sky since early 2011. Till last July 30th , 2013 . I never had a problem and I don't remember calling their customer support in the past. till July end, July 29th, I got a SMS message that I need to change my set top box to MPEG4. I agreed to it and it was changed so quickly, From there onwards, now two weeks over, I am not able to see the channels properly. It is going on and off, every hour. Every day, I call them and a new reference number will be send by SMS. Only once a person came to attend and the problem still persists. I ma facing very bad response from the field customer support team. I am planning to change this facility as soon as possible

  • Thanks for the review. I couldn't see the review date anywhere. Can you add dates to your articles to give a context.

  • Thank you so much Vishal. I was planning to buy a DTH connection

  • Dishtv is the best b'coz u can c all FTA Channels free forever in ur life even after deactivation. But there just a simple trick.

  • Hey VG, do u have any trick to see all channel(paid) on any dth(especially Dishtv) after deactivation. Like, by changing frequency or something like that.

  • Thank you very much indeed. I have being watching Tata Sky since very long. The Major problem is no. of HD channels are less. Today, I bought Dish TV & let's hope for the best HD service. Your review really helps lot many who are still thinking for best DTH service provider in India specially in HD catagory.

  • Dear Vishal,

    I need to upgrade to the MPEG4 STB from my existing Tata Sky MPEG2 box as some of the channels we watch are not available on MPEG2. I was considering the STB with recording, but I'm concerned about the size of the unit, as it may not fit into my entertainment unit. The STB without recording is very small so will not be an issue, but I would really like to go in for the one with recording if possible.

    The guy I spoke to at Tata Sky did not seem to have a clear idea and said that it is 2 feet in size. I'm not sure thats correct. Would you happen to have the physical dimensions LxBxH of the STB with Recording that you have reviewed above? Will be much obliged. Thanks.

  • VG

    ^^ Sure. Tata Sky HD+ STB dimensions are:

    Length: 12 Inch
    Width: 9 Inch
    Height: 2.5 Inch

  • i want to know about how many people are getting used of tata sky product? Because i make a project of tata sky.

  • Some channels like Star World Premier HD do not add in the annual mega pack

  • VG

    ^^ Yes because TS has started a new Specials category which will include pay-per-view kind of channels and these channels will not be a part of Annual mega pack. Currently following channels are part of Specials category:

    Star World Premiere HD
    HBO Defined HD
    HBO Hits HD

    Although its not specific to TS only. All other DTH are also following the same concept.

  • dish tv is boring because you can't record while watching another channel you have to watch only channel which is recorded so don't buy dish tv if you want recording feature then go for tata sky+ Hd

  • hi..good noon readers ...gr8 to go through all comments ..honestly tata sky was a better option till to the time of up gradation ...though as far as the recording feature is the best in the market if one records more often an in attended mode an can record two channels at a time and plus view pre-recorded at the same time.. after the up gradation most of the south indian channels especially malayalam channels r out of reach in delhi ncr for some time now.. all the time it says due to cloudy conditions u r not able to receive ..
    don't know if this is happening in other regions as well

  • Thanks for the comparison. I am a Dish TV HD user. i am not satisfied. I was planning to shift to TATA Sky. But after reading your comment "So in picture quality Dish TV beats Tata Sky", i am in great confusion. shall i go for Videocon? any Idea? pl help

  • VG

    ^^ Tata Sky PQ has improved now-a-days. You should definitely go for Tata Sky.

  • I am Ashish using tatasky service. I am not happy to the service of tatasky.Service engineer said we will charge 100Rs. for part but they detect 150Rs. from my account.
    My tatasky services stop on 11:45am 9/3/14.I call three times but ans. was same your problem will ok after some time because we have some technical problem.But when i call 4th time in evening they said service engineer will come on tommarow.next day i got a call from tatasky ,they said your service request cancelled.I ask why they dont have any ans.I have all recordings for these calls.I will say tatasky service is very poor.
    On toll free no. one person said your 50Rs. will refund but another said it is ok.
    Ashish Kumar

  • Thanks for ur review. I use tatasky and i completely agree with u on ur comments.

  • dear vg
    i need to connect my mobile wifi internet to my sony kdlex420 led tv, pls help me

  • VG

    ^^ Does your TV support Wi-Fi connection? If yes, you should find an option to detect and use Wi-Fi Internet connection in TV settings.

  • its asking for wifi adapter, i thing any brand wi- fi adapter support with my sony kdlex420 model

  • No toll free number.
    If you want to speak to somebody it takes as good as 10 min.
    You are put on hold 3 to 5 times.
    Your hold time is annoyingly long.
    Seniors do not attend easily.
    Many a times you recharge on time yet the set top box does not update and your service is deactivated.
    Call me costs Rs 3.
    No relocation service.
    very bad remote.
    very bad technician network.
    very bad service.
    shows default Advertisement for a long time before going to channel 999.
    every time the set top box starts you face an advertisement and not the last channel.
    Please do not buy Dishtv.

  • I'm using Tata sky for six years now but some time I feel sad and disappointed because Tata sky is way behind adding new Channels where as dish TV is clear winner here because where as dish TV has as many as 39 HD channels and dish TV add new channels as soon as a new channels launch in India so people who want maximum channels go for dish TV without any doubt in mind my cousin is using dish TV since it's launch way back in 2004 he Say he never regret of buying dish TV connection as he want maximum channels and now he is using dish Tru HD plus box now I'm also thinking to switch to dish TV so shall I do it dear vg

  • VG

    ^^ Channel wise DishTV is winner, I have already said that but if you want better customer care support, better hardware, then Tata Sky is the best choice. Wait for a few days or 1-2 months and Tata Sky will start adding new channels. They are testing channels at the moment.

  • tata sky picture quality is very less as compare dishtv and videocone , i m use both dishes tatasky and dishtv. and in recording compare u was advice wronged. tatasky dose not provide usb spot .and dishtv provide the usb spot. and if u record any think in tv so u will save in computer and play any where in dishtv but in tatasky we dose not do any think like this . and in dishtv we wil attached a tb hard disk for recording so in dishtv unlimited recording features. in interface tata sky batter for all dishes nd provide maximum active services

  • Hey VG it was a good review.

    For past 3 years I had used only DISH TV. I had spent over Rs. 3000 in addition to the purchase cost during this period.
    I pay Rs 600 pm for my pack which is said to have all HD channels in the package. But that's not the fact most of it is not available.
    Recently I had a problem with the software of my HD STB. When I placed a complaint a technician can from DISH TV local agent. He placed an old repaired STB and a new remote at my site. He demanded Rs 900 to be paid for this and said that the complaint STB will be taken by them. The warranty was for only 90 days.
    I don't understand the logic of lifting my complaint STB when I am paying for the replacement.

    This is clear cheating done by DISH TV.

    Earlier I had to change my STB , LNB in 2013. A mentioned by you VG the STB of DISH TV is a sub standard one. As mentioned earlier the only advantage with DISH TV is the number of HD channels.

    Hope this might share some information to how these DTH companies like these pick pocket their clients once we buy their product.

    S Kumar

  • Hello,
    nice and in depth review. i am planing to buy a DTH DVR. which perform better in rains between tata sky hd+ and airtel digital tv recorder. i live in a rainy place.

  • VG

    ^^ Both should be equal. No DTH antenna receives signals in rain time.

  • Thanks for you reply,
    what should i choose between the two as a overall performer .

  • Please dont buy tata sky ... hopeless customer care.. idiots ... dnt knw any thing ...

    if you want to buy buy from dealer dnt buy from sky .... i

  • VG

    Personally I prefer Tata Sky over ADTV but its a matter of choice.

  • I want to use DTH STB for viewing my 55 inch TV with max priority to HD content and pic quality next, monthly subscription cost and least to recording. Please advise

  • Also pls comment on status of both HD and other channels in the two (TS N Dish) as in August 2014. Has TATASKY caught up with Dish TV particularly on HD channels as you had indicated?

  • VG

    @j chauhan
    In HD channel area, DishTV is clear winner. If you want maximum HD channels, go for DishTV.

  • Please provide details about SD boxes. as i hear that dish tv provide MPEG2 box.While Airtel or TATA provide MPEG4 box...pls provide a short review about SD boxes picture and sound quality.

  • I am using Tata Sky for the last 7 years. Tatasky is the costliest DTH service in the world!
    I am spending more money on Tatasky DTH service than the provision we purchase every month. It is really approximately Rs.1,250/- per month. (Rs.7500 for 6 months) as per the
    account figures shown on the TV screen when we press the yellow button. In 2013 I paid Rs.8,000/- On 15.9.2014 my subscription expired they said. I paid Rs.7,500/- on 16.9.2014
    Now they are showing my next renewal date as 15.04.2015 That means I am paying this amount for 6 months. The date of next renewal was 15.05.2015. When I called on their toll free No. and wanted to know this date and account jugglery they are now showing my renewal date as 15.04.2015 that means, they reduced one month. I AM SUPPOSED TO SUBSCRIBE ANNUALLY. NOW IT HAS BECOME SIX MONTHLY. Whatever may be their accounting tricks or renewal date shifting tricks or channel pack tricks I am fed up. I doubt that they will, all of a sudden, say my subscription is over and stop the service. Let it be,
    I will take any local service - it will cost only Rs.180/- per month.

    As far as Tata Sky is concerned there is no transperancy in accounting. Nothing is clear.

  • I just bought a new 50 inches plasma and would like to buy a new dth connection.
    Would like to have any inputs on the picture quality of dish truhd and tata hd and alongwith videocon hd and airtel hd.
    Comparo like this comprising all these 4 major players would be highly appreciated.
    Also a few questions regarding the dish truhd.

    1.Are all the 38 hd channels claimed by dish 1080i really?
    Alongwith 5.1 dolby audio.

    2.Can we record future telecast just by selecting them on epg no problem with that.?
    Also can we attach a 1tb harddisk for recording and if possible can i use that harddisk for storing my other data and using it for other purposes or it formats the hard disk in such a manner that it can't be used in any place other than the stb of dish truhd?

    3.Why is the colorshd be left alone to be bought as a alacarte and that too at quite a hefty price.
    Hoping for a quick reply.

  • VG

    ^^ Here are the answers:

    1. Yes. But you'll get 5.1 DD sound on a few selected HD channels only.

    2. Yes. You can put any future program for recording using EPG. Also you can attach 1 TB hard disk to STB. Yes, the STB automatically formats the hard disk to prepare it for recording.

    3. Its because the problems going on between Dish TV and the channel provider company.

  • I was in chennai, i need to buy dish HDtru for more chennals & HD services with best quality ( you said above review between Tata Sky & Dish TV ). what's your suggestion

  • VG

    ^^ If you want maximum HD channels, go for Dish TV without any doubt.

  • Hi VG,

    I am using Tata Sky HD from past few months, i am pretty much satisfied with quality of HD channels and its sound, but picture quality of SD channels, which are not available in HD is poor.
    Picture's of SD channels looks blur and its difficult to recognize faces on it. I searched online and found that Tata sky HD are showing HD channels in MPEG 4 compression technology and SD channels in MPEG 2 compression technology, that's why due to extra compression of SD channels, their picture quality is poor. I even called tata sky technician and they said that this is the best you can get for SD channels.

    After checking other DTH sevices online i found Videocon d2h HD and Airtel DTV HD as better alternatives as they are using MPEG 4 compression technology thus showing better video quality, but there are Software and bad weather performance issues with Videocon d2h HD
    and Airtel DTV HD packages are not that much good.
    I want to know your suggestions whether its good to switch from Tata sky HD and if yes then which one will be good alternative.

  • VG

    ^^ I personally feel that SD channel quality in Videocon and Dish TV is better than Tata Sky and ADTV. But it also depends upon the TV screen size. I'll never suggest to switch from Tata Sky to any other DTH service only because of the picture quality. If you want more HD channels, go for Dish TV otherwise stick with Tata Sky.

  • ^^Thanks VG for your response.

    I have LG 32 inch LED TV, the reason i was concerned about picture quality was mainly becoz of some of my favorites channels are not available in HD at any DTH service, considering this one little clarification, PQ of SD channels in videocon and Dish TV is marginally better or it is much better than Tata Sky and Airtel DTV when it comes to a 32 inch LED TV, and how about PQ difference of Tata sky and ADTV on this size TV .

  • VG

    ^^ You'll notice a little difference. You can adjust sharpness level according to your requirements to get better picture quality.

  • Most horrible service - Anyone wants to buy should read my comments before going to Tata Sky

    1. I paid Rs. 6250/- for 2 connections. I pay Rs.. 780/- a month for grand sports pack + HD access + extra TV connection.
    2. Inspite of paying such high amt every month, they charge rS. 170/- for a technician visit.
    3. My remote did not work within 6 months so i asked for a replacement. The technician came home and i was charged for technician and remote and no remote was given. Upon calling customer care after 2 days they were shocked as the technician supplies the remote and then debits the account.The technician then came with the remote after repeated complaints
    4. The worst was when the technician came home as there was issues with the pin behind the set top box. He told me the HD box has to be replaced and will cost me Rs. 600/- he also recharged my account for Rs. 100/- and Rs. 100/- for the connector. Total of Rs. 800/-
    5. He went ahead and debited my account for Rs. 520/- Now my account went into a negative balance of Rs. 53/- and my services are de-active.
    6. Tata sky customer care told me Rs. 350/- for the set top box and Rs. 170/- installation charges
    6. I spoke to the technician and asked to come home and asked him who gave him the authority to play with my account.
    7. What i am asking Tata Sky now is to refund me the Rs. 350/- and Rs. 170/- towards all the inconvinience casued. I can also take action, but it is better to make the general public aware not to go with Tata Sky....They are good for nothing.

    My hathway was so much better. In terms of service - never a disturbance, big antenna installed in complex, service within 2-3 hours with no charges, In terms of money way too cheaper than Tata Sky. So many channels for the lower money they charge.

    Now you may ask, why i switched to Tata Sky. I had one TV ok with Hathway and my set top box spoiled in the 14th month, and i would have to repay for set top box, so i thought i should install Tata Sky. But i was wrong. the first problem is the signal, does not work at all in monsoons. So 80& of you money is gone.......


  • 29Nov2014 / pune, maharashtra
    please date & place, so as to decide from this lots, whether service is bad at all time or in all parts of india.
    going through all this makes me believe dish is good, compare to pain by tata sky...
    also hathway came up as next option

  • than u so much,
    plz tell me as comparision in between dish tv & airtel which one is good.

  • VG

    ^^ The same things apply to DishTV vs ADTV. If you want maximum HD channels, go with DishTV. If you want better hardware, go with ADTV.

  • Now I am using DishTV but it's hardware is so pooooooooor .I west my 800₹ to change there pared in one year not only that. it's channel pack is good you miss ur fav,,, channel like sonic all channel of sony,but if you want see.free. channel then, you can buy it but you recharge every month then by other Dth.

  • Hello can any body will tell me that if free ti air channel can been seen on dish or tata after deactivated.... Plzz help...anyone

  • Hello, I Plan to purchase a new DTH.
    Tata and Dish provide MPEG2 format which is specified by Bureau of Indian Standard as compatible for Portability (interoperability) , as and when implemented.

    Kindly suggest as how and by what method or type of STB, I can switch between DD Direct Plus and Dish TV...............

  • VG

    ^^ You cant. Currently only official STB provided by a DTH company can be used to get its services. You'll need to buy a FTA STB from local market to watch DD Free Dish channels.

  • Please provide dish truHD+ set top box dimensions?

  • Hi,
    I have Tata sky HD connected to my yamaha AVR via HDMI, Many of movies on movie+ , & comdey classes showing Dolby digital plus logo on the left but AVR still showing DD at 384 kbps bit rate, does nay one getting 640 Kbps , or something wrong with me..

  • VG

    ^^ Go to the same settings menu mentioned in following tutorial:


    Then select Dolby Digital+ from the drop-down box.

  • ^^^ Ok I did exactly same but for DD+ con taint it is same 384 kbps with DD logo on AVR, Should I change Disc, RG6 cable , Or LNB or something???
    Did any one getting 640kbps for DD+ progrmms

  • I searched both dishtv and tata sky packs but i was not able to found Satsang channel?????

  • I live in Chennai. I prefer Tamil Channels, English Movies Channels, Infotainment and Sports Channels. After reading the comments in this whole website, I chose Dish TV TruHD+ DVR

    Top Reasons why I chose Dish TV:

    1. Now I use SUN DIRECT SD, initially I planned to upgrade to SUN DIRECT HD. Even though good SUN DIRECT HD plan starts from Rs.345, it does have only 12 Channels and limited number of SD English Channels as well.

    But DishTV HD provides 28 HD Channels for the cost Rs.360 (price includes SD channels), Rs.310 (price includes SD channels) for 17 HD Channels and 36 HD channels (price includes SD channels) for the cost Rs.385 with lots of SD channels as well in Chennai. Dish TV also covers 53 important Tamil Channels but in other operators we have to pay for add on to get main Tamil Channel like SUN TV (Eg: in Airtel Digital TV)

    2. In Chennai, currently they provide Dish TV TruHD+ DVR STB for just Rs.999 (free installtion) for new HD customers plus we have to pay for first month subscription as per our wish.

    3. Dish TV provides life time warranty for their STB and free initial 6 months service maintenance for new customers.

    4. Dish TV doesn't charge any amount additionally to activate recording functions every month.

    5. Dish TV new installation would be done in 2 hours after raising the request in my locality.

    6. I don't care about hardware (This is not a smart phone), we don't even see the STB closely after the installation. USB recording function enables users to copy it to smartphone or PC to store and view later. (provides life time warranty for their STB)

    7. Over heating of STB in SUN DIRECT is common and I guess in DISH TV also STB overheating will not be an issue. (provides life time warranty for their STB)

    8. Every satellite with transponders sent in the orbit has the life time of approximately 5 years. So I kindly ask you please don't compare any DTH provider with others based on satellites. The best DTH provider now can become the worst DTH provider in the future and vice versa.

  • I want take cable connection for my t.v. pl suggest local cable connection or dish TV connection will be bettet

  • VG

    ^^ It depends upon requirements. First check which channels are in your requirements and which service is providing them in less prices. If you want more HD channels and recording facility, you should go with DishTV.

  • how can we see free to air channel in dishtv.pls help me or give me a trick.

  • Hi,
    Right now I am living in Spain and I cant get the signal of TATA SKY till europe. My question is can TATA SKY work on internet like if I connect the ethernet cable to the receiver without dish can I watch the channels and I have a download speed of 15 mbps or any other company does that. Pls help. Thanx

  • Hi,
    I am moving to Vadodara and would like to have one of these.

    I have '40 inch LED TV-SAMSUNG' ..
    I prefer to record my shows so I can watch them later. Kindly guide me here.
    Connecting 1 TB hard drive will help for recording ?
    Dish TV is advertising that Recording is possible. But your above article is showing TATA sky is better for recording.I am confused now.
    How old is the above article ? Mentioning a Date would make it better.

  • VG

    ^^ If recording is an important requirement for you, dont go with Dish TV. Tata Sky HD+ comes with built-in hard disk and allows you to watch one and record one channel.

    Dish TV doesnt come with built-in hard disk and you'll need to attach your own USB drive or portable hard disk for recording. But you cant watch one and record other channel. You'll have to watch the same channel which is set for recording.

  • I am sharing my experience. I recomend never ever go with Tata Sky......such a poor customer care. When you call a Customer care guy, he will give 4 other numbers to call and each of these guys give you 3 to 4 numbers to call again....you will end up having some 50 phone numbers but you will not response.

  • i m agree with ramesh, i m using Tata sky but their services are worst. After 3 days of shifting to new place it stopped working, i tried to contact with costumer care with failed because of queue. After 20 day i succeed than they said it will be charged again, although it was their fault as it was not properly installed but i agree . But again it stopped working same time their installation person was leaving my home. i called him back from parking than he corrected it and after 3 days it again start causing problem. So i planned to change it. It is worse serve , i suggest nobody to go for tatasky. they dont even ask from customer wheather it is installed properly or not.

  • Do not Buy Tata Sky its worrrrst. Very bad experience with there services.
    Lot of unnecessary charges, customer care is not supportive. No technical visit for any issue for months.

  • I have been using tatasky since February 2015. I am happy with HD channels but picture quality as I see in my Sony Bravia 40" is really poor, often blurred. Before that, I watched DD Free Dish and all the SD channels looks much better than TataSky even though all are SD. Since, DTH service providers changes compression and associated technologies time to time, please do a comparison in terms of SD channels quality of both TataSky and DishTV taking current services into consideration. It would be helpful for all of us who have only either TataSky or DishTV.

  • DISH TV you will never find them for your complaint....

    I set up Dish TV only this month and after 5-6 days, Half of the channels not available. I send an message CALL ME to number specified and also asked one of your customer care to look into this problem and nothing working.

    Its more than 10 days that we are not watching what we paid for. This is loot, I guess!!

    Even the DD-1 and DD news are not working after 5-6 days of installation and no one there to contact!!
    We switched to DISH TV for betterment from Cable Operator and you are worse than any one else.

    above all, I don;t know what the heck do I do to contact them???

  • VG ,I am using Dish TV+ with Recorder (SD) , can you tell me how much signal Strength and Signal Quality is required for Super Fine Picture Quality/Clarity ?Some channels have superb PQ .Overall I am Satisfied with Dish TV BUT Sometime there is problem of pixelation on some channel when signal Strength or Quality is low. Most of the channels have superb PQ but some channels PQ are not good when signal Strengh/Quality is low.

    I got Signal Strength:83-87 and Signal Quality:70-80+ in most of the Transponders.
    Also tell me what is the signal strength and Quality of your Dish TV ?

  • VG

    ^^ Signal strength and quality above 60 is sufficient and it should give you perfect PQ. Sometimes PQ depends upon other factors as well such as compression technology from DTH service, TP, etc. So you'll never get same PQ in all channels.

  • Consistent false promises to replace a faulty tata sky+ HD box. Tiered and now moving to Airtel
    I have filed multiple complaints.. after waiting for several hours in the customer service queue...
    When answered, they don't have the past history, if they have they don't bother to check...
    When I escalate, they promised back office will call..
    Back office did not understand the issue
    At last now I will be moving to Airtel, enough of run around.





  • Hi VG,

    I've using cable connection all these years.. Now I've decided to go for DTH service providers.

    I spent a lot of time today, on the channels provided by each and the cost for each. Like you have rightly said that DishTV has the maximum number of channels. I checked Videocon also has a similar number of channels (slightly less than Dish TV)

    Now my requirement is of maximum number of channels - Hindi Entertainment, English Entertainment & Movies, English News, Music and Sports. I also want recording option.

    Has DishTV's recording feature improved? How is it for Videocon? Does it record another channel while watching some other channel? Is Series recording now possible?

    Will await your reply..Thanks

  • VG

    ^^ If you want perfect recording features, then go with Tata Sky or Airtel set top box with built-in HDD.

    If you want to choose between Dish TV and Videocon and want better recording options, Videocon has better recording feature than Dish TV. But Dish TV provides maximum HD and SD channels and most pf the times they are the first to add newly launched channels.

  • mr vg
    suggest suitable dth for 32 lg HD ready tv to give fullHD performance.
    did only full hd tv is required for recording with tata sky
    suggest set of 32" tv (brand&model)+dth suitable to give hd performance pl

  • VG

    ^^ You can purchase any Full HD TV of popular brands such as Sony, Samsung, LG, etc. Just check which TV suits best for your requirements.

    Regarding DTH, you should go with Dish TV if you want maximum HD channels. If you want best recording features, go with Tata Sky.

  • Hello VG,

    In continuation to my previous post - Recording and number of channels are important for me.

    If the recording feature is good in Tata Sky and Airtel, I'll go with one of them.

    My next query - In Tata Sky I can watch one channel and record another channel.. Does Airtel have the same feature?

  • Also VG, you have mentioned Videocon recording feature is better than DishTV can you please elaborate

  • VG

    ^^ Airtel and Tata Sky recording features are identical. So you can go with any of them.

    Videocon recording features are better than Dish TV as Videocon STB comes with built-in HDD so you can record one and watch another channel at same time. Also it supports series recording feature. Dish TV STB doesnt provide any of these 2 features.

  • Hello VG,

    From your reply it seems that Videocon STB has exactly the same recording features like Airtel and Tata Sky. Is that the case?

    As Videocon is lower priced than Airtel and Tata Sky, so if the same recording feature then I'll go with Videocon.


  • VG

    ^^ You can go with Videocon. It provides similar recording features but they are not as good as ADTV or TS provide.

  • i've been using dish hd for four years now. my neighbor uses tatasky hd.

    he has a 55" 1080hd tv and i've a 42" 1080hd. i've watched both tatasky and airtel channels on his tv and found out that the pictures on almost all the channels are highly compressed.

    i've used tatasky sd, then dish hd and then reliance on mine. i've found out that the dish sd channels are very much sharper than either tatasky or reliance.

    all the facts vg has said about tatasky hd and dish hd are correct. but, i've found too that the recorded video from a tatasky hd box looks even worse than the original broadcast.

    too, i did some r&d of my own to conclude that the only drawback with dish hd is that it uses about 70% of the flash or external hdd capacity for recording. so a drive that could potentially store about 8h or hd movie would only store about 5½h due to this limitation. i've still not found out why it does so.

    however, dish hd recorded videos are almost the original quality with no or very little degradation at all.

    all in all, each one of the stb has its own advantage or disadvantage. no single operator offers all the goodies one would expect of a dth.

    therefore, my conclusion is i'd suggest those with a keen sense of hd perception to go in for dishtv. but, if one has a greater need of response times and wants ease of use and programmed recordings, then tatasky would be the best choice.

    for those that want the cheapest hd option, i'd suggest videocon d2h. other dth are avoidable especially, reliance. i'd suggest, even go to great lengths, to request, each and everyone NOT to consider reliance at all because they're the #1 fraudsters in d2h market.

  • I have raised complaint about signals which are not receiving very frequently from last 2 months, technician came after 2 weeks. At this time my box is working fine, he did some R&D, he played with antenna for 2-3 hrs, some converter is not working & I will come check in the evening and my working box he made to unworking and came back in the evening, and within 1 sec he told box is fine. And from customer they deducted 250/- from account, the technician doesn't did anything with actual issue. Tata sky techinician is thief i already 200 Rs pay visiting charge to technician but my recharge balance 250 is deduct from my account. They don’t have trained people and are not able to resolve any customer issue Tatasky is very very bad service, worst worst worst worst worst .bad service.

  • Hi VG,

    Firstly thanks for the review , it is really helpful

    But I am still in a confusion on few aspects

    1.After Sale Service / Customer Service
    Before I started searching about the reviews of which DTH is best I was under the impression that TATA SKY has the best customer service(may be due to it's quality publicity) , but I can see on multiple forms that TATA SKY has a very bad customer service
    So which one has better After sale/customer service - TS vs DISH

    2. Hidden Charges
    Does TS vs DISH , any one of them impose hidden charges like extra charges every month for recording or like extra charges for channel in the list etc or any of such kind of hidden charges.

    3.Picture Quality
    I can see from all the reviews that DISH tv is a clear winner in picture quality but by what margin of quality , is it clearly observable or is it a ignorable difference - TS vs DISH

    Finally irrespective of the numerous good reviews of DISH TV, not sure why my heart says go for Tata Sky - Is it due to the quality publicity of TATA SKY that I have been watching all these days ??

    Still confused.

    Appreciate your response ,

  • VG

    ^^ Here are your answers:

    1. Tata Sky customer care is better than Dish TV.
    2. No additional charges for recording in any of 2 DTH companies. But there is HD access fees to watch HD channels.
    3. PQ is better in Dish TV. But its a matter of sharpness. You can increase sharpness of your TV to get same PQ in Tata Sky. The fact is Dish TV channels look sharper than TS.

    Bottom line is that if you want good quality STB and best user interface with series recording and dual tuner, go with Tata Sky. If you want maximum channels, go with Dish TV. Choice is yours.

  • I'm using Dish TV Tru HD but worst thing with DishTV is its remote. I have never seen a Remote with worst design like this. The worst part with this is unlike Airtel dishTv this remote doesnt have even button to switch off your TV so, you anyway need to keep your original TV remote with you if you want to switch off your TV remotely. Also, Dish TV remote is not responsive you always need to bring its remote straight towards it while changing channels or adjusting Volume. In my opinion DishTV should work on to improve its Remote design as its being used most while watching TV and should be upgrade to RF remotes instead of Infrared remotes.


  • sir, dear vg, i have upgraded my setup box to dishtru hd plus with recorder. i have connected pen drive,it is working fine. but when i connected harddisks for recording, it is not getting detected in setup box. i have used two hard disks, toshiba(500gb), verbatim (1tb). but not detecting . i have used in both fat32 and ntfs formats. please suggest me what to do

  • VG

    ^^ It might be possible that the Hard disk brand or type is not supported by the STB. I have used 1TB hard disk with Dish TV STB without any problem in past.

  • Service is very poor. Signal is also very weak . And if you want complaint somewhere in TATA SKY, then you will find that customer care behavior is very RUDE & UNSATISFACTORY. At every problem you are facing, will find an answer from customer care -- SORRY SIR THIS IS OUR POLICY.

    I will request everybody not to use TATA SKY & if you are planning to buy a new connection, then please try something better.


  • I prefer tata sky but it has become very expensive lately. i wish they could reduce their price a bit.

  • Thanks for information in detail. I am planning to buy Dish TV.

  • On Dish TV, can i combine 'Super Family Pack' with 'Full On' HD pack and still get all 48 HD channels?

  • You should compare with TATA sky HD box (Rs1800) rather Tata sky DVR (Rs5000).
    Therefore you could found DTV HD (Rs 1800)is better than TATA Sky HD box (Rs1800) in terms of..
    1. Quality :
    2. DTV have usb recording facility.
    3. Dish unit of Dish Tv has great quality and having dual LNB (while TATA Sky having signal LNB) So Better signal bandwidth with DTV (Specially best for HD)
    4. DTV having optical out instead of Coaxial Out (Outdated). So You can easily connect DTV HD to your normal 5.1 Home theater. For TATA sky, you have to buy component system and the cost will not be less than 25 K.Even Coaxial Out is outdated so most of Sound component/Home theater does not have this input.
    5. But after sales..Service is most important..And TATA sky has great service compare to DTV.

  • Thanks VG for a nice comparison. I used Dish TV for almost 7-8 years. Now I have Purchased New Sony 55" Android TV with 5.1.Home Theatre system. For better Picture quality and 5.1 Dolby Digital effect, as per feedback from my friends, I shifted to TATA Sky HD +. My feed back is as above :

    1. The HD picture quality is little bit Blurred. It is not as sharped as DISH Tv. Kindly advise me , if any setting has to be done in TV.

    2. The Tata sky sound quality is amazing , I am getting 5.1 effect like a theatre.
    3. Recording system is a another value addition.

    Dear VG, kindly advise me for a Sharp HD quality. ( I am comparing famous serial 'Siya ke Ram ' on Dish (Star tv HD ) and now on Tata sky.

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. As I have mentioned in the article, PQ of Tata Sky is a little bit blurred compared to Dish TV. You can try to increase the sharpness of your TV and disable all noise filtering options.

  • Dish TV has horrible service

    Dish TV has horrible service. I had opted for "Pick by channel" package which costs around Rs 150~ a month, Starting January 16 2016, with a validity period of 3 months. According to terms it cannot be changed in between. With the horrible nature of the system of Dish and its absolutely rubbish methods, on 14 Feb 2016, the package automatically changed to Maxi Sports Game-on HD which is Rs 440 per month. This could only be a system error and shows the inconsistency of Dish. After a lot of calls which the Dish TV executives intentionally disconnected as they were unable to explain the error and mistake, it was then again automatically changed to South World Sports HD. There was also a service request given by stupid customer service of dish for rectifying problem. Nothing has happened yet.

    These are the problems with Dish TV

    Absolutely horrible systems and mechanisms mostly not working.

    Absolutely horrible, unhelpful and irresponsible customer service.

    I will advice all future DTH customers to Avoid DISH TV and opt for any competitor such as TATA SKY.

  • Dear Mr. Vishal Dt. 06 /03/ 2016
    Thanks for your comparisons on Dish TV & Tatasky, and the follow up reviews from your readers.
    I hope Dish TV STB will be a best bet for me, in terms of service and quality in the long run.
    You should also have date of comments posted, as the reader will understand they were posted.
    I will be back on this column after my experience with Dish TV

  • [If we talk about SD channels, Dish TV beats Tata Sky. You'll find almost all TV channels in Dish TV whether its a popular channel or a less known local TV channel. But Tata Sky provides limited channels.]

    Dear VG
    Do u have any list/link that i can check it and buy. Actually i need to compare which channel is in there. Like u provide HD channel list,

    Don't take it otherwise.


  • VG

    ^^ Just go to the DTH website and check packages list. You'll get the available channels list.

  • The worst service ever ! Horrible employees. Worst responses from technitions and customer care. Will suggest everyone to not buy this. Cause that will be their worst mistake. I don't have tv connection since 15 days. I'm complaining to concerned authorities everyday they lodge a complaint no one turns up to fix it n after 3 days the complaint is closed without fixing the problem. Fed up of this. My patience with this company people has crossed a threshold. Changing my dth today. Isko laga dala tho dimag ki dhai bana dala.

  • I think rather than comparing most important think is service.

    Quality wise DISH TV is good but in service TATASKY

    I m using both. at home DISH and at office TATASKy

    U can compare the HD clarity

  • I am using dishtv true HD+ since 7 years.But I want to more hd channels with good picture quality.Shall I go for Tata sky+ transfer HD ? But shall I get same picture quality as dishtv ?

  • VG

    ^^ You'll get better picture quality in Tata Sky.

  • dish tv is worst setup box service don't buy it. .I bought a setup box before 4 month and now it start hang many times. .and when I try to call local dish tv office they ignore my call.

  • Tata sky is better as per my experience USB Provided at the back side to be utilized for saving in computer.After down loading with 2 days it will be erased.I USED to down load thro my TV Card in Computer .After up grading to W10 2ND Version my capture is not working.TV Card from honnestech tvr how to get the driver for up dated version of W10

  • Worst DISH TV (DON'T BUY IT)customer service in Himachal Pradesh....

  • i want buy a dth . plz i need your help . i had 43 inch led , i want best pic quality and very low cost, which won is top at low price...?

  • I have a dish tv connection.On 30th September my HD channels stopped coming and i raised the complaint .
    I have called them multiple times and everytime they will assure you that it will get resolved in 24 hours but no technician will come.
    They will escalate and senior desk will do the same,but cannot get the issue fixed.Also i am paying for HD channels without awailing them .
    This is the worst DTH service provide and please avaoid Dish TV .Dont go by ads ,their service is really bad


  • if u buy dish hd+ stb ...can it be used in normal tv

  • Let me share my personal experience with both these services.

    I had TATA Sky for more than 8 years, initially it was very good, than their was some update in their services in 2014-15. After that it became horrible, every now and then the connection was off and customer care actually became WHO CARE. I got so frustrated by their response that finally I had to give up my connections of TATA Sky.

    I started using DISH TV after that. Services were little less better but bearable for almost a year. Let me share a good point about Dish TV they have life time warranty on set top box(they say - I am not sure) but no warranty of LAN receiver attached to the disc. So, as expected I got my LAN receiver replaced 2 times in last 3 months, each time costing me 740/-. Needless to say the customer service is just to pester the customers and annoy them with repeated calls.

    Afterall they have SRK endorsing for their product and in India people consider him God so why bother about petty customers.

    Now, I am planning to give up Dish Tv connection also and go for some other brand like videocon etc. Meanwhile, the benefit I derived out of this was I stopped watching TV completely and shifted to Internet for entertainment and news.

    So, I could not give any particular preference regarding TV connections they are all going to be nuisance after a time period.

    Try your luck and wish you derive best out of it.

  • My experience with TataSky is not good and I discontinued the service. Their policies are really strange and upsetting !!

    In case if you are enrolling into their service my suggestion is to not enroll annual payment so that you may discontinue when in issues .. remember they don't have any policy to refund.

  • Last year I had taken Tata Sky connection and 4 times faced 'No signal' problem, on every complaint they are sending a technician who used to move the dish and solve the problem, but the company does not told anything to the customer for solving this simple problem by self service, resulting the customer unnecessarily and without any guilt losses Rs.200/-, it is very bad and in addition to that there is no quick response from the customer service, as such we are watching regular TV programmes by visiting neighbouring houses, so there is only remedy to change the TATA Sky connection to other good local service providers.

  • Dish TV.
    They given me wrong package and took full amount and not says package not been changed.
    1 year of subscription I buy worth RS 5190/- and they given me only 40 channels package and now they says sorry for that but we can't change your package.
    all 40 channels are low quality.
    "Wasting of Money". "Fraud Company"

  • Hi,

    Recently I'm facing lot of problem with Dish TV service and provider. Lot of channels are missing and some are always showing 301 error message. Even if you make complaint, they are very lazy to handle the issue and sending all in experienced technician. Especially who are all residing in Chennai Central Areas (West Mambalam, T.Nagar, Saidapet, Vadapalani & Ashok Nagar) don't buy Dish TV. Their service is worst. They response to customers is very bad and inexperience manner and service is worst. Every year I use to change the settop box for some technical problem will arise once the warranty period is over. I don't know whether they are doing it wanted to get money from customers periodically. My friends are all using TataSky only, they are not facing any such complaints. Picture quality is good in both providers but after buying maintaining the customers is the only way to retain the customers. That can only be provided by Tatasky. My vote is only for Tatasky. Tatasky is the best & Dish TV is the worst.

  • I am using Dishtv for more than 1 years, picture quality is very good also sound is superb, you get wide range of channels in small or large pack depend on your entertainment needs at very amazing price.

  • Hello, VG Sir, I am buying a new HD DTH connection, I want all the sports channels and all the HD channels. Just tell me which one has a better picture quality? Dish TV HD or Tata Sy HD?
    i mean which has provides better viewing experience?
    also, is tata sky HD full channels more expensive than Dish TV HD full channels?

  • VG

    ^^ I'll advise to go for Tata Sky as they have highest no. of HD channels and adding new HD channels regularly.

  • Ok Sir, but your review here has confused me
    the review above says that Tata Sky HD channels have blurred picture
    while Dish TV is sharp
    i want the best picture quality for my 55" LED TV.
    so tata Sky HD picture quality is low?

  • VG

    ^^ The review is a little bit old. Now Tata Sky PQ is excellent. You can go with Tata Sky without worries. Both PQ and AQ is awesome. Also Tata Sky provides DD+ audio for many HD channels.

  • Thats great then.
    thank you for the review.
    hope to see more such reviews from your side in future.

  • How DTH service provider control set top box via bordcast signal and get feedback from customer via LNB dish antina

  • review was average.

    i am neither dish or tata sky user..

    the main point of review for users is cost of setup box with recording facility-

    tata sky hd+recorder- rs 9300
    dish tv hd+recorder-rs 1799

    so the question is do you want to spend 10000 rs on setup box or just 1800

    go for dish tv.........

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