Taskbaric: Get Windows 7 Iconized Taskbar Buttons in Windows XP and Vista

As you all know about Windows 7 iconized taskbar buttons which show only the program icon and not the program name. It looks nice and also saves space. You can get the same iconized buttons in Windows XP and Vista using a very simple registry tweak which was posted in following tutorial:

Get Windows 7 Iconized (Icon Only) Taskbar Feature in Windows XP and Vista

We also posted about a standalone application which does the same job automatically so you don't need to edit the registry:

Taskbar Iconizer: Utility to Iconize Taskbar in Windows XP and Vista

Now we are sharing another tool to get iconized taskbar buttons in XP and Vista. Thanks to our reader "DEE" for sharing it.

"Taskbaric" is a very small and portable tool which brings the iconized buttons functionality in Windows XP and Vista. You just need to run the EXE file and it'll do its job. If you want to revert back to default settings, run the EXE again.


It also have a special version for XP users. The registry hack makes Windows XP taskbar buttons iconized but some themes including default Luna theme (but not SevenVG theme) show the first character of program name. But "Taskbaric"'s alternative version does the job perfectly so you don't see the first character any more in taskbar buttons.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

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  • how to change back again?

  • VG

    ^^ Run EXE again.

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