Taskbar Iconizer: Get Windows 7 Look-like Iconized Taskbar Buttons in Windows XP and Vista

Recently we posted a small tutorial on how to get Windows 7 Iconized Taskbar feature in Windows XP and Vista:

Get Windows 7 Iconized (Icon Only) Taskbar Feature in Windows XP and Vista

The above tutorial shows how you can get the iconized taskbar easily by modifying Windows registry.

And now we are very pleased to announce that our friend "Solo-Dev" aka "Villain" has created a very small standalone utility exclusively for AskVG.com readers which can do the same task automatically.

"Taskbar Iconizer" is a small portable tool which uses the same registry trick to provide iconized taskbar feature in XP and Vista. You just need to download the file, run it and it'll show following window:

Simply click on the right-side image which shows "Windows 7 Type Iconized" and you have done. You'll need to log off or restart the system to take affect. To restore default settings, click on the left-side image.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

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  • Awesome tool. Thank you.

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