How to Pin Any File, Folder or Program Shortcut to Windows 8 and Later Start Screen?

We all know about new Start Screen present in Windows 8 and later which shows live tiles of built-in and installed programs. It also shows various useful tiles such as weather, RSS feed, etc. Microsoft has replaced old Start Menu with this new Start Screen in Windows 8.


If you want to pin new items to Start Screen, you can pin it by right-clicking on the desired item and select "Pin to Start" option. But this option is not available for all items. The "Pin to Start" option is available for folders but its not available for all files and shortcuts. Many times you might need to pin an important document, text file or a shortcut to Start Screen. In such situations, you can take help of this tutorial.

In this tutorial, we'll tell you 3 simple ways to pin anything to Windows 8 and later Start Screen whether its a file, folder or a shortcut:

  • METHOD 1: Manual Way
  • METHOD 2: Using Freeware
  • METHOD 3: Using Registry Tweak

METHOD 1: Manual Way

1. First of all right-click on the file which you want to pin to Start Screen and select "Create shortcut" option to create a shortcut of the file.

2. Now copy and paste following text in RUN dialog box and press Enter:

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\

It'll open the classic "Start Menu" folder which is still used to store Start Screen shortcuts similar to previous Windows versions.

3. Now cut the file shortcut which you created in step 1 and paste it in "Start Menu" folder which you opened in step 2.

4. Now go to Start Screen and press "Ctrl+Tab" keys together to show "All Apps" page.


5. Here you'll see the file shortcut which you created earlier. Right-click on the file shortcut and click on "Pin to Start" option.

That's it. It'll immediately pin the file shortcut to Start Screen.

NOTE: If the shortcut doesn't appear in "All Apps" screen, try to move the shortcut from "Start Menu" folder to "Start Menu\Programs" folder.

METHOD 2: Using Freeware

"Start Screen Pinner" is a free portable software which allows you to pin almost everything to Windows 8 Start Screen. Using this tool is very easy. It provides following buttons:

  • Pin a file
  • Pin a folder
  • Pin a library
  • Pin special item

Just click on the desired button/tile and select the item to pin to Start Screen and it'll immediately add it. The "Pin special item" tile is very useful because you can pin many useful shortcuts such as Control Panel, God mode, Favorites and many other Control Panel items to Start Screen.

To unpin or remove any item from Start Screen, simply right-click on the tile you want to remove and click on "Unpin from Start" option given at bottom.

Interested people can download it using following link:

Download Start Screen Pinner

METHOD 3: Using Registry Tweak

If the above mentioned software doesn't work for you or if you don't want to use a 3rd party software to pin items to Windows 8 and later Start Screen, you can use a Registry tweak to add "Pin to Start" option in context menu of all files whether its an exe file or text file or any other file format. After applying this tweak, you'll be able to right-click on any desired file and select "Pin to Start" option to directly pin the file to Start Screen.

Simply copy following code and paste in Notepad. Save the file with "Pin.reg" name (including quotes). At last run the file and it'll ask for confirmation, accept it and you'll get the option to pin files to Start Screen:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



The registry tweak was also shared by hb860. So thanks goes to him again...

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