Start Menu Will Make a Comeback in Next Windows Version

Some of you might have already read about this news but if you have not heard about it yet, here is a great news for you.

After getting so many complaints about removal of Start Menu from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and numerous requests to bring Start Menu back to Windows, Microsoft has finally decided to put Start Menu back in Windows operating system.

Yes, you heard it right. Its an official news not any rumor. Its definitely going to happen. But its not very clear which Windows version will have this new Start Menu. Its not coming in the upcoming Windows 8.1 Update 1 but it might come in another future update for Windows 8.1 or in Windows 8.2 or in Windows 9 and so on. But one thing is sure, Microsoft is going to add Start Menu back in Windows and we'll see it soon.

When Microsoft replaced Start Menu with Start Screen in Windows 8, many Windows users didn't like this change and people started having troubles while using the new Start Screen. People had to depend upon 3rd party software such as Classic Shell, ViStart, Start8, etc to add Windows 7 style Start Menu to Windows 8 and 8.1.

Although Microsoft made some enhancements to Start Screen in Windows 8.1 to provide Start Menu like functionality such as adding a new option to make "All Apps" page as default page in Start Screen, etc as mentioned in this tutorial, but it was not a proper Start Menu and couldn't satisfy Windows users who were demanding a fully functional Start Menu in Windows 8/8.1.

Now Microsoft has made an official announcement that its going to put a new Metro style Start Menu in future version of Windows which will look like following:


You can see in the screenshot that the new Start Menu looks similar to Windows 7 style Start Menu but it also contains live tiles which are usually shown on Start Screen in present Windows versions. It seems the new Start Menu will be a combination of traditional Start Menu and the new Start Screen. It'll contain the best features of both of the things and will definitely please all Windows users.

A closer look at new Start Menu:


If you love the new Start Screen, don't worry! Microsoft is not going to remove Start Screen from future Windows versions. Microsoft will provide an option to enable/disable this new Start Menu.

UPDATE: Exclusive Review of Start Menu in Windows 10

If you look carefully in the first screenshot, you'll also notice that a metro app "Mail" is also running in windowed mode which means in future version of Windows, users will be able to run metro apps on Desktop as well.

Metro app running at Desktop:


It seems Microsoft is really listening our requests which we made long time back in following wishlist topic:

[Wishlist] Features You Want to See in Next Windows Version

You can see many of our wishes such as options for direct boot to Desktop, turn on/off Charms bar, quick access to power options from Start Screen, customize Start Screen background image have already been fulfilled by Microsoft and some others such as adding option to enable/disable Start Menu is going to be fulfilled in future versions of Windows.

What do you think about this move of Microsoft? Did you like this new hybrid Start Menu? Feel free to share your comments...

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  • It's certainly a step in the right direction, but once again, Microsoft just can't do something that the people want without poking a stick in their eye... in this case, it's pushing their stupid Metro crap on the Start Menu. It shows me that IF/WHEN the day ever comes that I move to Windows 8 (or 9 or whatever), I'll stick with Classic Start Menu. My computer and operating system is here to do what *I* want; it's not here to tell me what I want to do.

  • Can't do away with my windows 7.

  • Totally agree with Martin. Why would they put stupid tiles in start menu? I don't want to see them in my desktop mode PERIOD

    Do you expect me to poke my finger on my 30 inches desktop monitor?

  • I fully agree with Martin and David! If something is working well, do not break but instead improves!

    Some features of Windows 8 are welcome, with the exception of the Modern UI, which in my opinion was a big mistake.

  • I'm really trying to like the Metro interface, but I'm very much an old-school guy and I also want the classic start button back. However, the fact of the matter is Microsoft is catering to the "tablet kiddies" and smartphone audience, who are currently the majority of their target market. So as much as I'd like to see more old-school features, I can probably take any compromise to add Metro to the classic UI.

  • Yeah. looks nice. I love to try this. Even the Metro Start is quite good for me.

    where i can get this updates (unofficial)...tq!..

  • I wish they would add Aero Glass back.

  • I bet Steven Sinofsky is raging about this decision by Microsoft right now. Sinofsky is known as the man who made Windows 7 a good OS and Windows 8 a bad one (well, at least for the Start Menu fans out there).

  • OMG, Microsoft is RLZ bringing back old friends Start Menuz??? YAY!

  • And VG, maybe you should write an article about Windows XP End Of Life. IT'S TOMORROW!! (well, at least in Australia it is. It's April 7 tday!)

  • Hey VG, where did you get this screenshot?

  • Better than Windows 8 and 8.1 RTM :)

  • Harsh
    The link is mentioned in the article:

  • @ Kitten S.
    In India too, the E.O.S of windows xp is on 8 April.

    It was a such a gr8 OS. With office 2003, one can do whatever he/she wants. But with office 13, everything (even the shi*) uploads to skydrive, which hangs everything.

    but Windows 7 is one of my favorite with XP & 98. I don't like 8/8.1 & Vista. both are 2nd version of windows ME.

  • Yeah... Windows XP was my best OS to learn on computers.

    You should write about that VG...

  • Excuse Me Vishal, I want to put something petition link and show it to public. I just started a petition on Care2: Microsoft, Please Bring Start Menu Back on Windows 8.1 Update.. I'm hoping that if enough people sign my petition, we can make a difference. Right now I've got 3 signatures — will you help me collect more by adding your name, and then use the links below to share it on social media.

    Here's a link to the petition:

    Thank you.

  • Let me know when they bring back Aero and 3-D buttons. And of course when they get rid of the AOL 1995 Metro/Modern UI. That's for children.

  • Here we go again with the Windows Erection Menu. I wish the menu is flushed rather than sticking out.

  • Number one thing I want back in Windows is the ability to enable Classic Theme (95, 98, 2k look). Number two: ability to disable composition like in Windows 7. Those two things are what I want MS to bring back. Then maybe I can stand Windows 8.x.

  • @Hadrian you have issues m8

  • @UbuntuXP If you want Classic and Windows 7 Aero Theme in Windows 8/8.1 system you may be interested here:

  • And another reason to buy a Mac!

  • I have a pirated version of win 7 x64 so i`ll never have to use W8 on any new PC or laptops in the future

  • In the meantime, try the awesome Start Menu Reviver.
    It brings good-looking Start Menu to the Windows 8, 8.1


    Settings > Start Menu > Expanded menu > Always shown
    Settings > Start Menu > Expanded menu shows > Folder View

  • Really listening? c'mon.

  • what is the version of the windows shown here......

    is it windows 8.1 or else

    please tell vishal bhai, i am 16 years old but i am very fond of tech tricks . please help me become like u vishal bhai............................

  • VG

    ^^ Its a screenshot of an upcoming version of Windows 8/8.1. It might be called Windows 8.2 or Windows 9.

  • Ho impostato Windows 8.1 Enterprise, lo lascio stare o è meglio Windows 8.1 Update. Grazie

  • I dont understand why MS cant just give both menus and let the user decide what they want to use. I wish they included the old XP file explorer also (with updated features), It cant be that hard to include both options.

    Also, you should add the date to your articles so users can know if they are reading a 1 month old article or a year old article.

  • @ Dave

    About the date to the articles, VG already mentioned before that there is a bug to the plugin, and that is why he can't add the dates. But as soon as there's a fix, he will probably add them. ^^

  • VG

    ^^ Thanks.

    What Tim said is absolutely right. I'll try my best to fix this issue but cant promise. :)

  • Is it REAL?... Maybe they are just fooling around and those new features (great ones, btw) will not really exist in the actual version...
    Btw, when will the next version be released?

  • VG

    ^^ Its real and most probably will be present in Windows 9. You can expect Windows 9 preview release next month.

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