Skip Metro Suite Settings: Freeware to Skip Start Screen and Disable Charms Bar and Other Hot Corners in Windows 8

We all know that Microsoft's latest OS Windows 8 comes with new Start Screen and hot corners feature.

Start Screen shows live tiles of installed programs. It has replaced the old Start Menu present in previous Windows versions. When you boot Windows 8 machine, the Start Screen is shown first by Windows and then you can click on Desktop tile to go to Desktop.

Hot corners help you in accessing frequently used components such as Start Screen, Settings, Search, Device Manager, etc quickly and easily. You just need to move your mouse cursor to any corner of your computer screen and the associated panel will show on screen.

There are 2 main hot corners in Windows 8: top-left and top-right corner. When you move the cursor to top-left corner, the "App Switcher" panel is shown which helps you in switching between running apps. When you move the cursor to top-right or bottom-right corner, new "Charms Bar" is shown which helps you in launching Settings, Search, etc.

Some users want to directly boot into Desktop and they find it irritating to see the Start Screen as soon as they log into Windows 8. Microsoft has not provided any built-in option to skip Start Screen and boot directly into Desktop.

Also some users don't want to access the hot corners such as app switcher or Charms Bar and sometimes these things automatically appear on screen as soon as they move the cursor to screen corners to close a window or other tasks.

We have shared a few tutorials in past which helps you in disabling hot corners and skipping Start Screen in Windows 8 and today we are going to share a new freeware which also allows you to skip Start Screen and directly boot into Windows 8 Desktop. It also helps you in disabling App Switcher, Charms Bar, Start button thumbnail and drag-to-close feature in Windows 8.


"Skip Metro Suite Settings" is a free software which allows you to:

  • Skip Start Screen and directly boot into Windows 8 Desktop
  • Disable Charms Bar
  • Disable App Switcher
  • Disable Start button thumbnail from bottom-left corner
  • Disable drag-to-close feature

You just need to check the option to disable desired feature and then click on "Save Settings" button. Restart Windows to take effect.

Once restarted, you'll directly boot into Windows 8 Desktop and Windows will not show Charms Bar and App Switcher panel when you move the cursor to screen corners. You'll still be able to access Charms Bar and App Switcher using keyboard shortcuts Win+C and Win+Tab respectively.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

NOTE: If you don't want to use 3rd party software, you can check out following tutorials to do these things manually:

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