[SHAREit Tip] Disable Transfer Experience Improvement Program to Improve Privacy

"SHAREit" is one of the most popular and widely used apps for Google Android mobile phones. Although its also available for other platforms such as iOS (iPhone/iPad), Windows Phone, Windows OS and Mac OS but its mostly used by Android users.

SHAREit app is basically used for sharing files, photos, music, videos, apps and other kind of documents between mobile phones. The beauty of this app is it doesn't require any Internet connection. You can transfer large files with the help of SHAREit within seconds without using any data connection.

But did you know SHAREit automatically collects some anonymous data usage statistics in background to help the developers in improving the product? Yes, you heard it right. SHAREit collects some usage data and sends it to the servers so that the developers know how many people are using the app, how many files have been shared using SHAREit, etc.

Its still unclear how much data and details are collected by this app but one thing is sure, this app sends usage data to servers. This data collection feature in SHAREit is called "Transfer Experience Improvement Program" (TEIP) which is very similar to "Customer Experience Improvement Program" (CEIP) feature present in Windows OS.

So if you are a SHAREit user and concerned about your privacy, then you must turn off this "Transfer Experience Improvement Program" feature to improve your privacy.

Following easy steps will help you in disabling "Transfer Experience Improvement Program" option in SHAREit app in Google Android smartphones. I have not checked the option in iPhone, Windows Phone and Windows OS versions but I'm sure similar steps will also work in those platforms:

1. Open SHAREit app and tap on 3-dot icon present near your avatar (user picture) at the top-left corner.

2. Now select Settings option from the menu.


3. Scroll down to bottom and you'll see "Transfer Experience Improvement Program" option. This option would be On/enabled by default.

Set the option to Off and it'll immediately disable this feature.


That's it. Now SHAREit app will no longer collect or send any usage data statistics to developers.

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  • This can be debatable, as every company has some sort of the same stuff built in there product be it OS/Hardware
    Isn't it?

  • VG

    ^^ Yeah. But millions of Android users are blindly using this app but dont know about this hidden feature which is sending anonymous data without their permission.

  • The real question is how do i turn it off in windows pc? i already knew how to do it in android but in windows they don't even let u open shareit unless you accept to share data...any workaround?

  • Honey was right. Had the same problem too. You cant use ShareIt unless you tick the TEIP checkbox in Windows Client.

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