Selection Search: Free Extension for Google Chrome to Search for Selected Text in Webpages

Many times we want to search for a particular string found in a webpage. For this task, we have to select that text string, copy it and then paste it in browser searchbox.

Wouldn't it be great if we could just select the text and click on the selected text to automatically search for it?

Today we are going to share a free extension for Google Chrome users which does the same job.

"Selection Search" is an excellent extension for Google Chrome web browser which allows you to search for the selected text using various search websites.

You just need to select the desired text and middle-click on it. It'll show the search menu where you can click on the desired search engine to start your searching.


Its also very customizable. You can change its settings using "Tools -> Extensions" menu.

You can add your own search engine, change the shortcut to show search menu and many other things.

You can give it a try using following link:

Download Link

Thanks to our reader "eduards" for sharing it...

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  • i like it because its very easy to add a search engine!! wish every ext or addon had such simple adding! and a lot of customization available. I have tried alot of search addons and ext and i can say that this is the best! :)

  • I personally prefer IE, but this might be useful when people use Google Chrome. It's better to create this feature late than never.

  • Useless... Mark the text and drag it to the tabstrip, it automatically creates a search string and performs the search based on your search engine choice. Simple as that.

  • Actually, I take it back, lol, this might actually have some good use.

  • AFAIK, Chrome allows you to search selected text by default, no extension needed. But this one allows you to add engines, so it's welcome. =)

  • hey VG, there is one more extension for chrome that does just the same and that is context menu search

  • opera already has this feature and also more convinient , but thank you

  • I use an extension called apture high lights it search's bing and Google at the same time its like a miniature browser because you can actually go to websites through it without leaving the current page check it out i think its or Firefox too

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