Secret Tips to Disable Statistics and Data Collection in Opera Web Browser

This tutorial is very important for Opera web browser users. If you are using Opera and want to maximize your privacy, you must follow this tutorial.

Actually Opera regularly collects browser engine statistics and sends it to the developers. It also monitors browser crashes. This article will help you in disabling this data collection feature in Opera.

To improve your privacy in Opera, we have already posted a tutorial in past which includes turning off some built-in options present in Opera preferences:

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Now we are going to reveal some advanced tips to go further and turn off usage data collection in Opera web browser.

If you use Opera and want to maximize your privacy, do as following:

1. Launch Opera web browser and open its hidden secret advanced configuration page using opera://flags command in addressbar as mentioned in following tutorial:

How to Access "Advanced Configuration" Pages in Web Browsers?

2. Now click inside "Search experiments" text box and type stat. It'll show a few options in the result.

3. Look for following option:

  • Browser engine statistics


The option would be set to "Default (enabled)". Change value of this option to Disabled using the drop-down box.

4. Now again click inside "Search experiments" text box and type crash. It'll show following option in the result.

  • Crash monitoring


Again this option would also be set to "Default (enabled)". Change value of this option to Disabled using the drop-down box.

5. Opera will show you a message "Your changes will take effect the next time you relaunch Opera" along with a button to relaunch Opera. Click on the "Relaunch Now" button to restart Opera web browser.

That's it. Upon restart, Opera will never collect any statistics and diagnostics data and will never send it to developers. It'll also stop monitoring browser crashes.

In future, if you want to re-enable these features, simply set these options value to "Default (enabled)" again.

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