Run Metro Apps on Windows 8 Desktop, Add Minimize, Maximize and Close Buttons

One of the most noticeable and interesting feature of Windows 8 is "Metro App" also known as "Modern App" or "Windows Store App". Microsoft introduced Google Play style "Windows Store" feature in Windows 8 which allows you to download free as well as paid apps on your Windows 8 computer.

These apps run in full screen mode and don't provide caption buttons such as minimize, maximize, restore or close buttons. That's why almost all Windows 8 users have following 3 main complaints with Windows 8 apps:

  • Users can't resize Metro apps
  • Users can't run these apps from Desktop
  • New users can't find how to close these apps?

When you launch an app in Windows 8, it takes whole screen space. Although you can take help of Snap feature to divide screen area between 2 apps but its not sufficient. It would have been great if you could run these apps in small windows having titlebar similar to other program windows so that you can resize those apps according to your requirements as well as move them to anywhere on screen.

Also these apps only run from Start Screen, you can't launch them from Desktop. It would have been really great if you could pin these apps on Taskbar and if you could launch them from your Windows 8 Desktop instead of first going to Start Screen.

The 3rd problem which many Windows 8 users face is the missing close button. New users can't rectify how to close running app in Windows 8? Actually you can drag-n-drop the app from top to bottom to close it or you can use the good old "Alt+F4" keyboard shortcut to close these apps as mentioned here but its not known to everyone.

If you also feel the same about these apps, this topic will definitely help you. Today in this topic we are going to share a new software which makes your Windows 8 app experience easier.

"ModernMix" is a new software released by StarDock which has released 2 other useful software for Windows 8 in past which are "Start8" to bring Start button and Start Menu back to Windows 8 and "Decor8" to customize Start Screen appearance and functionality.

ModernMix tries to fix all the issues which are present in Windows 8 apps. It allows you to run Metro apps on Windows 8 Desktop. It runs those apps in windows having titlebar and caption buttons so that you can easily minimize, maximize or close them. In also helps you in moving those apps windows anywhere on your screen as well as changing their size.


Features List:

  • Allows you to run Metro apps from Windows 8 Desktop
  • Runs Metro apps in windows having titlebar and caption buttons
  • Adds minimize, maximize, restore and close buttons to apps windows
  • Allows you to resize apps windows
  • Can remember your preferences for each Metro app
  • Provides "F10" hotkey to easily switch between full screen and windowed mode
  • Shows running app button in Windows 8 Taskbar

Its really a useful and impressive utility for Windows 8 users. But its not free, it'll cost you $4.99. Although you can download a fully functional free trial version of ModernMix to give it a try.

Interested people can download it using following link:

Download ModernMix

BONUS TIP: You can create a direct shortcut of a hidden "Applications" folder in Windows 8 to launch Metro apps directly from Desktop. Check out point 5 in following exclusive topic:

Windows 8 Hidden Secret Features and Useful Hotkeys

What do you think about this new software for Windows 8? Liked the idea of running apps from Desktop? Feel free to share your comments...


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  • Yet another reason to hate and not use Start screen :D

  • People have to pay if they want to customize their "Windows"... Great idea, Microsoft!


  • wow, stardock team is so creative. .
    Amazing share vg.

  • Windows Blue is next Windows 8 big update ;)

  • Hey VG , final version of ModernMix available

  • hello VG.
    i installed windows 8 enterprise..when l klick on the mail app ,it shows as if loading,afer a while it remains blank with a grey lin and white space... help me to rectify the problem


  • VG

    ^^ Try to uninstall and then reinstall the app using Store.

  • Why was this listed under freeware? And you didn't say it was a pay program until the end of your article.

  • Stup[|||]t thing: It's paid. Windows 10 does the job for free.

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