[Review] The New “Australis” UI of Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

I've been using Mozilla Firefox as my primary web browser since long time and being a Firefox user, I was waiting eagerly for the "Australis" UI. Long time ago Mozilla announced about Australis UI for Firefox.

But due to performance issues and some other problems, the Australis UI was not implemented in stable or Nightly channels of Firefox. It was only available in UX builds.

But now Mozilla has released the new Australis UI in latest Nightly build of Firefox and it'll be available in Firefox stable version 29 in beginning of 2014.

Since I use Nightly build of Firefox, I'm enjoying the new Australis UI. To be honest, I'm loving the new interface. Its minimal, simple and sleek.


There are many major changes in the new Australis UI. Some of them are as following:

  • The orange Firefox button from top-left corner of titlebar has gone
  • Now menus are available in a new "Customize and Control" button present at the end of toolbar
  • The look of Firefox menus have been changed completely
  • Options to enable/disable toolbar and add-on bar have been removed
  • New curved tabs
  • New toolbar customization mode


I think it'll take some time for getting used to these new changes and features but overall I like the new Australis UI of Firefox.

What's your opinion? Do you like the new interface? Feel free to share your comment...

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