[Review] Samsung Galaxy S6 with Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update

Recently Samsung started rolling-out Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow (MM) update to S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5, S5, etc devices and I also got the same update in my Galaxy S6 phone. Update was huge in size around 1.2 GB and it took a few minutes in downloading as well as installing.

The upgrade experience was smooth and after upgrading the phone, the new refreshing UI of Marshmallow and overall experience is awesome.

Samsung has changed lots of things in the user interface such as notification panel color, headers colors in various apps, etc. The company has also added some new features to the firmware which I'm going to describe in this topic.

NOTE: The features, options and UI changes mentioned in this article will be same in almost all Samsung smartphones which have been or will be updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. Even the recently released Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge come with similar UI and features.

So without wasting time lets start the review of Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone with Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow update:

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New Lock Screen:

First thing you'll notice after the update is the one more extra Lock Screen before the actual security lock screen. I mean if you have enabled a security lock such as pattern lock, pin code, password or fingerprint, the phone no longer shows that lock screen directly. Instead it first shows the traditional swipe to unlock screen and then the security lock screen appears to unlock the phone.


In previous firmware versions, the main lock screen was directly shown. There was no extra swipe to unlock screen. If you have set a security lock on the phone, the extra screen before lock screen might become annoying to you. Its similar experience as we see Lock Screen and then Login Screen in Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Although we can disable that lock screen in Windows OS as mentioned here but Samsung has not provided any option to disable that extra Lock Screen in Settings. I hope they'll add an option to turn it off in future updates.

Light Colored Notification Panel:

The new light colored Notification Panel looks excellent. Now Samsung has added a direct drop-down button to expand the icons list and directly show all toggle icons on screen.


If you notice, S Finder has been added as a toggle button in the notification panel. Previously it was available at the bottom of notification panel along with Quick Connect option.

New Power Options Screen:

Samsung has added an awesome looking power options screen which appears when you press and hold power or lock buttons for a few seconds.


Now the power options open in full screen and provide power off, restart and emergency mode options on the list. When you tap on an option such as restart, it shows another screen to ask for confirmation.

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New Option to Enable/Disable Icons Background Color:

Samsung has added a new option to enable or disable shaded background behind icons on home screen and apps screen. You can access this new option from Settings -> Display -> Icon backgrounds.


You can either show the icons only or show a background behind icons with rounded corner.

New Option to Keep Screen Turned Off in Pockets or Bags:

Samsung has added a new option to prevent the phone screen turning on accidentally while the device is in dark places such as your pocket or bags. The new option can be turned on/off from Settings -> Display -> Keep screen turned off.


Smart Manager and Home Screen Added to Settings List:

Samsung has added Smart Manager and Home Screen customization options directly to Settings screen. Now you can access them easily and directly from Settings app or using traditional ways.


"Motions and Gestures" Renamed as "Advanced Features" in Settings:

Samsung has renamed previous "Motions and Gestures" option in Settings to "Advanced Features" which now contains previous 4 options direct call, smart alert, easy mute, palm swipe to capture along with some new options such as quick launch camera, pop-up view gesture and smart capture.


New Option to Turn Off Charger Connect Sound:

When you connect the charger to the phone, it plays a sound clip. Now you can turn off that sound with the help of a new option added to Settings -> Sounds and vibration -> Charging sounds.


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New Option to Disable or Change Phone and Camera Icons on Lock Screen:

When the phone is locked and you try to unlock the phone, it shows 2 icons "Phone" and "Camera" at the bottom-left and bottom-right corners of the Lock Screen respectively. Now Samsung has added a new option to either disable the icons or replace them with other desired app shortcuts.


You can access the new option from Settings -> Lock screen and security -> Info and app shortcuts -> App shortcuts. Here you can customize both left and right shortcuts according to your requirement.

New "Reset Network Settings" Option in Settings:

Samsung has added a new option "Reset Network Settings" in Settings -> Backup and reset page.


New Option to Enable/Disable Fast Charging Feature:

Samsung Galaxy series new smartphones come with fast charging feature which charges the phone very quickly when you connect the fast charger which came bundled with the phone. Now Samsung has added a new option to turn fast charging feature off if you are facing any problem with fast charging feature such as phone is getting hot, etc.


The new option can be accessed from Settings -> Battery -> Fast cable charging.

New "Auto Factory Reset" Feature in Settings:

That's an excellent addition in the new firmware. Samsung has added a new option to enable automatic phone reset functionality if someone tries to unlock the phone incorrectly 15 times.

The new option can be found in Settings -> Lock screen and security -> Secure lock settings -> Auto factory reset.


Its a good feature and might become very useful if someone steals your phone, tries to unlock the phone incorrectly 15 times which is quite obvious. In such situation the phone will reset automatically to factory settings and will remove all your personal data, downloaded files, installed apps, etc.

Redesigned Storage Screen in Settings:

Samsung has redesigned the phone memory page which is shown when you go to Settings -> Storage option. Now it looks clean and also provides a new option "Explore" at the bottom to directly launch File Manager app.


Redesigned Phone Software Updates Screen in Settings:

Samsung has also redesigned "Software Update" page in Settings. Previously it was available under Settings -> About device -> Software updates. Now the updates option have been directly moved on About phone page. Also the options have been renamed to "Download updates manually" and "Download updates automatically".


It also shows whether there is any scheduled updates available or not.

Redesigned Applications Manager Screen in Settings:

Samsung has also revamped Apps manager screen. Previously when you accessed Applications Manager using Settings -> Applications -> Application manager option, it used to show different tabs such as downloaded, running, all and disabled apps.

Now the new Application Manager contains a drop-down menu which can be used to switch between all apps and enabled/disabled apps.


It no longer shows running apps list because the option has been moved to "Developer Options" page. Check out following article for more details:

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Hidden Secret Easter Egg As Usual:

Similar to previous Android versions, this new Android 6.0 Marshmallow version also comes with a hidden secret Easter egg. This time Google has continued the previous Flappy Bird game present in 5.0 Lollipop firmware with some new graphics.


To learn how to reveal this Easter egg, check out following article:

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Some More Small Changes and Updates:

Apart from the above mentioned noticeable changes, Samsung has also modified a few other things such as the option to turn "Flipboard briefing" on/off has been changed from a checkbox to a toggle button, etc.


=== === === === === === ===

That's all guys. I found the above mentioned changes and updates worth to mention. If you are aware of any other new feature or change, feel free to share it in your comment...

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  • Very detailed and in-depth review. Thanks. I am waiting for marshmallow update for my Note 5. ;)

  • The biggest problem with Samsung the the UI itself,I like the Stock Android UI more.Samsung IMO destroys the taste of Android :)
    What's your take VG?

  • VG

    ^^ I also like Stock Android UI but Samsung makes the Android UI simple and easy to use. I have seen many people who feel more comfortable while using Samsung phones than using phones with stock Android. Stock Android UI is for geeks.

  • I have a major problem, due to the newest update on my Galaxy S6 - after a restart it will only accept a PIN that never existed, and no the finger print or Password. I am close to the only thing they say I can do, a factory restart. Is there anyway around this to save my data?Please help!

  • VG

    ^^ Try to enter the PIN which you set at the time of creating fingerprints.

  • It will not work. That was a password. There was no PIN set for the phone (doesn't exist) but that is the only thing it is asking for. Verizon and Samsung are aware of the problem and tell me nothing can be done. Glitch in the new software update. I find that hard to believe.

  • Essentially, I'm asking if there is a way to "hack" into my own phone? Or if there is a Google fix and I should wait until it becomes available?

  • VG

    ^^ I'm afraid but nothing can be done except master reset.

  • This is turning into a major problem with the Marshmallow update...FYI Not an isolated instance.

  • after doing the update my phone completely does not work properly, i am not able to send or receive text messages, i am not able to do any calls or receive calls. what you do suggest that i do to fix this

  • right after I updated my phone I now have a major issue with what I call lock screens .....ex. call my sister to hang up I have to unlock my phone 2 times to hang up WTF??? HELP

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