Revealing Hidden Secret Service Menu in Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV DTH Set Top Box

We love finding hidden secret service menus and codes for electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, TVs, etc. We have shared service codes for Google Android mobile phones, Samsung Wave Bada OS mobile phones, Chinese mobile phones and Samsung and LG TVs in past and now its turn of DTH set top box.

There are many DTH (Direct To Home) service providers in India such as Tata Sky, Dish TV, Airtel Digital TV (ADTV), Reliance Big TV, Sun Direct, Videocon D2H and DD Direct+. Among all these companies, Tata Sky is the most popular DTH service provider in India.

Tata Sky provides normal SD channels along with a few HD channels to its customers. It also provides DVR service which allows you to record and pause the live television programs.

Tats Sky uses Sky brand of British Sky Broadcasting so Sky DTH users and Tata Sky DTH users enjoy almost the same set top boxes provided by the companies.

Now the question comes why are we telling you all these things? It's because today in this article, we are going to share a hidden secret service menu and secret service code for Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV set top box.

DISCLAIMER: This information is intended for experienced users. Please do not try any of following methods if you are not familiar with set top boxes. We'll not be responsible for the use or misuse of this information, including loss of data or hardware damage. So use it at your own risk.

The secret service menu present in Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV DTH set top box can be used to setup the LNB, signal type, format the hard disk, master reset and much more.

And the secret service code can be used to reinstall or upgrade set top box firmware or software.

1. Hidden Secret Service Menu in Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV DTH Set Top Box

All Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV set top boxes come with this hidden menu to be used by engineers to fix the set top box in case you face problems while accessing TV channels, etc.

To access this secret menu, you can follow these simple steps:

1. Switch on set top box and press "Organiser" button on your Tata Sky remote. Airtel Digital TV users press "Menu -> My Settings".

2. Now select "System Settings" menu in Tata Sky. Airtel Digital TV users select "System Setup" option.

3. Now the tricky part comes. Press "0" and "1" buttons and then press "Select" button on your Tata Sky remote.

Airtel Digital TV users press following 5 buttons in sequence: Red, <, Green, > and Yellow button.

So basically for Tata Sky users the combination is: Organiser -> System Settings -> 0+1 -> Select

For Airtel Digital TV users the combination is: Menu -> My Settings -> System Setup -> Red+<+Green+>+Yellow button

4. That's it. It'll bring the hidden service menu "Installer Setup" on your screen which shows following options:

  • Format Disk
  • LNB Setup / Satellite Settings
  • RF Outlets
  • Manual Tuning
  • Remote TV
  • Modem Setup
  • Master Reset

Tata Sky SD Set Top Box Service Menu:


Tata Sky HD Set Top Box Service Menu:


Be very careful while accessing these options. You can format the hard disk using the "Format Disk" option. You can select LNB type, frequency and other parameters using "LNB Setup" option. "RF Outlets" option can be used to customize channel number for UHF/VHF output.

"Manual Tuning" option is given to customize signal type, you can use it to access other FTA (Free To Air) channels on your Tata Sky set top box or to use your box with another DTH service provider but it'll require expertise and knowledge of dish antennas, etc.

You can restore your Tata Sky set top box to factory default settings using "Master Reset" option. Keep in mind it'll remove your favorites channels and saved preferences. But it'll not delete your recorded TV programs.

"Master Reset" option can be used if you are having problems with your set top box such as not receiving enough signals, poor picture or sound quality, etc.

Check out following video to see the secret service menu live in action:

NOTE: This method will work for all Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV set top boxes whether its normal SD box, HD box or HD+ box. This method should also work for Sky set top boxes, not checked.

2. Hidden Secret Service Code for Tata Sky and Airtel DTH Set Top Box

If you notice that your set top box is not providing picture or sound of a particular channel or you face other kind of annoying problems with your Tata Sky or Airtel DTH set top box, you can try to reinstall or upgrade your set top box firmware (or software).

Most of the times the firmware is automatically updated by Tata Sky and Airtel via its satellite but you can manually try to reinstall or update the firmware using following steps:

1. Start your set top box from mains and wait for the "Please Wait Initializing..." message on screen.

2. As soon as you see the message, quickly press "Back" button twice and then press 2 4 6 5 buttons on your remote.

If the above method doesn't work, you can try to press "Back" button 4 times and then press 2 4 8 5 buttons on your remote.

NOTE for Airtel DTH users: You might need to press Exit button instead of Back button.

3. If you press the buttons on time, you'll be greeted by the "DVB SSU+ LOADER" screen and your set top box will start downloading and installing the latest firmware.


4. Do not try to switch off the set top box during the process, it might damage your box. The software installation might take a few minutes to complete.

You can check following video to see the software installation process live in action:

NOTE 1: This method will work for all Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV set top box whether its normal SD box, HD box or HD+ box. It should also work for Sky set top boxes, not checked.

NOTE 2: If you have the new Tata Sky HD+ Transfer set top box, above mentioned steps will not work for you. To overcome this problem, you'll need to first put the remote into "Learning Mode" by pressing Back and number 2 buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. Then restart STB and follow the above instructions. Or you can use an old remote of any previous HD STB to manually update firmware of Transfer STB.

3. Yet Another Hidden Secret Service Code for Tata Sky and Airtel DTH Set Top Box

This secret code will allow you to modify advanced set top box parameters such as frequency, modulation type, etc at boot time. It might become useful if you can't access STB menu options.

1. First of all you need to follow the same Steps 1 and 2 as mentioned above in Method 2.

2. After pressing "Back" button and 2 4 6 5 buttons, if you immediately press "Info" button on your remote, it'll open a hidden secret "Advanced Setup-up" menu which allows you to edit lots of advanced options of your set top box such as modulation system, frequency, symbol rate, FEC, polarization, etc.


=== === === === === === === === ===

If you are using a DTH service provider to watch TV channels, feel free to try the service menu and service code and share your experience and feedback in your comment...

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  • Nice Trick Vg ...

  • Cool! I'll try it when I get home!

  • This is exactly the same technique as the UK Sky boxes and most likely will work for any Sky products.

  • Wow...
    Now VG is on TataSky also... :)

  • Thanks a ton, the master reset worked wonderfully. I wasn't able to view video.

  • Thank you very much for this. My STB was unable to play live channel once paused. I tried a myriad of options provided by telephone support some as ridiculous as asking me to change the remote batteries. Finally the HD format did the trick, and although I lost some prcious programs, the pause and play feature works fine now.

    Thank you

  • very nice thank you for helping me

  • Hi...thanks...I was facing problem with set top box recording solved with software update...& no need to cal customer service...thanks once again & keep updating

  • Hi friends, I have an other trick, If 1st trick doesn't work, just when you Set top box stop receiving signal(due to rain, or you can also remove signal cable for this), then It will show "You Tata Sky Box Is Not Receiving Signals", just press select button and then it will also open the above mentioned secret menu.

  • Hi VG,
    Needed to know, if there is any possibility of Copying the recorded programs to my external hard disc & make space on the TATA SKY STB for more recordings to happen.
    I dont want to loose upon the recordings I have done.


  • VG

    ^^ No. All recorded programs are encrypted and cant be transferred or viewed in computers.

  • Thank you VG

  • Thanks VG

  • Can I install TATA sky Setopbox to dist tv dish?

  • VG

    ^^ No. It'll not work.

  • Hi sir my tata sky is not wrking..when i turn on my t.v ,manual tuning option displayed on it. N it requires select your signal ..freq.polarisation symbol rate etc. Lnb setup rf outlets ...signal strenght is 0 at this tym sir ..pls solve my problm..plss

  • VG

    ^^ Call Tata Sky and their engineer will re-align the dish antenna to receive signals.

  • Hey i want trans. Frequency, symbol rate and LNB for free to air channel in my STB

  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this trick, but after upgrading the firmware in tata sky will i be ableto access my pen drive to watch videos, please Reply..


  • VG

    ^^ No. Tata Sky doesn't allow accessing files using USB drive.

  • Hi,
    I'm tata sky hd user ...How can i use USB port for connecting pendrive or watching movies on PD???

  • Unable to start set top box (tata sky HD recording)

  • Kindly tell how to use my ADTV STB and Antenna and remote for DD-DTH and tell steps. does it require a specific software to load and how to load, is it possible thru satellite

  • Hi,

    Can you use the DTH box provided by either Dish TV, tata sky, reliance etc purchased in India to work in the UK, using the Indian service?

    I will be able to make the payment to the Indian provider monthly or yearly and if it works I will be saving Rs 30,000 a year.

  • VG

    ^^ No. I dont think its possible. These Indian DTH companies do not allow the use of their services in other countries.

    @Prashant Patro
    You'll need to purchase a new FTA set top box from market. You cant use ADTV STB but you can use the LNB and dish antenna.

  • can we copy the recorded programmes on a pen drive from tatasky hd setup box

  • VG

    ^^ No. It doesnt allow.

  • Hi. I need to change the bandwidth for my DVB T2 receiver. but the menu doesn't let me. It's a simple free to air receiver, not to be used with a provider, but to receive free national channels. It's a 'wisdigi' model 1158. I think by accessing the hidden service menu. I can fix this problem. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

  • VG

    ^^ Sorry no idea about that particular STB model.

  • Can you please share how to unlock reliance big tv old version STB ?

  • I tried first method as tata sky set up box is not receiving signal. But now it is not proceeding further nor going back to the main menu. what should I do now? please reply asap.

  • How do I configure my LG universal remote MKJ4065383 for my tatasky STB?

  • VG

    ^^ Sorry cant help. You should read its manual to pair it with Tata Sky.

    It'll go to next screen when it detects signals. You should contact Tata Sky engineer to adjust dish antenna alignment so that it starts receiving signals.

  • Hi , VG
    I am using TATA sky HD + Sony LED 42" + Yamaha AVR + BA 5.1 Speaker. All connections and setting in STB, AVR etc are good. The HD movie channels are not giving proper 5.1 DD sound for some movies. (say about 60% movies titles).
    My Disc , LBN is about 7 years old (non HD era) and RG6 cable about 30feet is 4 year old (is local one I think). Signal Strength and quality is 60-70 %.
    Now to get proper sound SHOULD I CHANGE my LBN or CABLE ( quad shielded RG) or both.????

  • VG

    ^^ There is no problem at your side. The problem is at DTH side. Some movies and programs on HD channels don't provide DD 5.1 sound, thats why you get it in selected programs and movies only. Nothing can be done. Just ignore it.

  • Thnx. I am agree..... can we complain about this mis - guiding and false promotions of HDs ? where online?

  • VG

    ^^ No. Its not misguiding. The channels provide DD 5.1 sound but some programs are not available in DD sound, so thats technically not possible for those channels to show those programs with DD sound. :)

  • what is the purpose of usb slot on the back side of set up box of tata sky?

  • VG, the worst cases 1- fifa world in not 5.1,
    2- right now Doom3 @ Sony hd is not 5.1 , poor surround is there but vocals are from all front three channels.
    Any disagree with me , plz let tell dth Service name and area.

  • sir
    my name is chandrakesh kumar i am using airtel digital tv and i want to watch movies and videos from my pen drive how will i done.

  • VG

    ^^ Not possible at the moment.

  • Hi VG. We can view Airtel DTH in the Maldives. But I want to ask you how to get the signal strength higher. When it rains cannot view any channel. Can you give me a solution

  • VG

    ^^ All DTH have this problem. You'll never get signals when its raining.

  • I have airtel dth.. Having the problem of "please wait initializing"...
    I tried the trick you mantion...
    Aftr stb... Clicked exit twice and 2465 and wait...
    Aftr that dvb ssu+loader loading starts ..aftr cmplition of its 100% no chnge will take place...and the same problm as previous "please wait initializing"....remains...

    Not tell me what i have to do now

  • VG

    ^^ Then it might be a hardware problem. You should contact CC.

  • Hey isnt there any way to ENABLE any one of the USB ports as INPUT to play my content on the AIRTEL DIGITEL TV (HUAWEI BS366)

  • Dear every one buys cable setup boxes. Cheap and more channels you will get. Contact your cable operator and get setup box. Install them.

    I am using cable for 25 years, no problem at all.

  • hi. while new softare downloading is on a new page is coming with value 0823.6099 then ther is symbol of ok or Back. what to do?

  • VG

    ^^ It happens when you are using separate cables attached to both tuners at the backside of your set top box. You'll need to use a T connection. Attach one incoming cable to the input of T and then attach 2 small cables at the two outputs of T which will be attached to two tuners of your set top box. Now you'll be able to update the software.

  • Is this service free

  • Few days back when I switched ON my TV it asked for first time user setting. After completing the setting my tatasky stb is not receiving the volume up&down signal. I opted for Mastet Reset Option but that doesn't work. Kindly help. ...

  • VG

    ^^ Try following:

  • The given solution is for hd set but mine is normal set. Fix accordingly.

  • sir how to activate tatasky tv app in my system without entering my rmn nor subscribing it ..... i mean how to activate it for free either for some tym or for long period(i dont want to register from my rmn) .......... if this cant happen can i connect my box with my system.... to watch tv channels without using any other external boxes.... at the back of my box there is an usb port (no lan port). hoping solution from u.........

  • VG

    ^^ No. You cant. You can use a TV Tuner card to attach your STB to your PC.

  • How to downgrade my Airtel digital tv SD software.. i loved the old program guide.. but now the program guide full of adds..i want to downgrade to factory reset

  • VG

    ^^ Factory reset will not downgrade the software. There is no way to downgrade the software. Even if you somehow downgrade it (which is not possible), it'll be again upgraded automatically by AirTel.

  • hi..

    I am unable to view quite a few channels using the MPEG4 set top box. The channels are viewable in India but are scrambled when the same set top box is connected and viewed outside India (in Gulf).

    Is it possible to fix the issue.

  • VG

    ^^ Which DTH are you using?

  • TATA SKY..

  • VG

    ^^ It might happen that those channels are broadcasted from a different transponder which is not available in other country. Sorry, nothing can be done.

  • Hello VG, I would like to change the connection from Tata sky SD to Videocon. Can we get new Videocon setup box for Tatasky antena? May I know how much it will cost.?

  • VG

    ^^ You can use the dish antenna of Tata Sky but you'll need to use Videocon LNB in it.

  • Bymistakly my mother had pressed some butons. after opening tv it comes first time installation setting what to do??? please i cant watch tv now :(

  • VG

    ^^ Just follow the setup wizard. It seems your mother has applied restore factory settings option.

  • Sir, can we use the TATA Sky STB for free to air Channel, as every month we have to pay for all channel if not paid the transmission will stopped. is this possible to watch FTA channel without pay anything to TATA Sky.

  • Same question and how to see Fte chanel on my tata sky hd box

  • VG

    No. You cant use Tata Sky or ADTV STB to watch FTA channels. They have blocked it by firmware.

  • Sir,Having tata sky+ box (hdpvr recordingbox).Prblm bieng faced from the last 1 week as
    1) 1 week back it started saying "ur hard disk is not functioning properly plz cont cust care"
    2) After 4-5 hrs it started restarting itself again nd again
    3) After reading the method on ur website first i relaoded the software(back*2 + 2465) nd then formatted the disk.It worked for 5-10 min nd again started restarting.
    4) I opened the box(as it is already out of warranty) nd desoldered the power switch placed on the front panel on top of the box,Again relodde the software formatted the hard disk nd it worked well for 48 hrs.
    5) Now after every 48 hrs i have reload the software nd format the disk otherwise it hang,restarts or give hard disk error.plz help
    Also not able to asses the advanced setup options i.e after pressing back 2 times and 2465 then info it starts reloading the software.
    Kindly help.

  • VG

    ^^ Do not try to reinstall software so frequently! It may damage the set top box. You should ask CC to fix the hard disk.

  • Hi VG, I have airtel SD STB , can i remove/ block HD channel from my channel list.

  • Hi. Can I minimize the bad weather outages (at least to some extent) on the Tata Sky if I install a 120cm Ku band dish instead of the OEM 60cm Ku band dish provided by Tata Sky?

    Thank You!

  • VG

    ^^ It might help a little but you'll never receive signals in heavy rain.

    You can use Parental Control option to block channels.

  • Does Airtel Set top box, HD+ or HD recorder come with built in DVB-T2 so that we can also view free to air channels? I am asking this because I am planning to buy a 2013 Sony TV that does not have built in DVB-T2 and I am also planning to have airtel DTH.

  • VG

    ^^ You cant watch FTA channels on ADTV STB.

  • Hi! VG i am using tatasky and i am store FTA channel using frequency but when I select FTA chennel then show "Sorry,this channel not available[08]". Please help me..

  • VG

    ^^ You cant watch FTA channels on Tata Sky STB.

  • sir my firmware was download but my setup box turn off and now its is showing please wait initialising and now method 2 is not working and its raining outside please tell me what to do

  • VG

    ^^ You should wait until the rain stops. After that you should start receiving signals and the STB should update the firmware.

  • Hello Everybudy,

    i am always facing problem for Not receving signals in my L.e.d ones in a week, after complaining tata sky customer care eery time they charged me Rs.150/- For Single visit to my home, i am in full loss just because i choosed tata sky , now when i asked them to terminate the subscriber id , they are saying there is no retun back policy or any type of refundable from their side, please help me how to solve my problem of not receiving signAL Everytime in my television....

  • VG

    ^^ If it happens in that particular TV set only, then it might be a problem in your TV. Try to attach the set top box with a different TV set and check whether the problem still persists.

    Also try to use a new HDMI cable to attach STB with your TV set.

  • Dear VG,

    is it possible to enable the YPbPr outputs in TS HD stb?

    please advise


  • VG

    ^^ No but you can connect external speakers with STB.

  • Dear Sir,
    iam just update my set top box to MPEG4 the USB port on the back of the box is for what function?
    can we play a pen drive using the port or save the programme using external HD pls clear the use of it.

  • VG

    ^^ Check following:

  • hello, vg sir, i using tata sky in nepal at janakpur. But once i did master reset or what...afterthat when i on tv appears installer and rf outlet, manual tuning when i pressed select then signal box appears and its blank not receiving signal. I tried 2 much but not reciving signal. What to do? But now i changed my lnb of fta. Due to changed lnb , signal not receiving prblm persist or what. Plz help me.

  • VG

    ^^ It seems you changed some default parameters of Tata Sky LNB. You should contact Tata Sky CC or engineers to fix it.

  • Hi VG,

    I have Sony Bravia 40W900A - I have taken this TV as I need the XR800 motion rate which make the running text more clearer and also realistic feel. I am using this TV along with the TataSKy HD(not the recording one). When ever I change the Orginizer>User Setting > HD Setting to any 60 Hz refresh rate resolution (720p/i, 1080i) the running text jumps and also the overall picture jumps quite noticeable to me.

    I want to know if this is problem of the TataSky or the Bravia problem. I called up Sony CC and I was told to change the STB. When I called up TataSky, they give the lame explanation that over 50" TVs should use 60Hz refresh Rate.

    BTW, the default setting from TataSky is 50Hz.

    Let me know what you feel about this this. I am seriously thing that I should change to Airtel.

  • VG

    ^^ I dont think its a problem in your TV. Actually all these STBs have some limitations. So just stick to default settings.

  • I am not happy with Airtel service. I would like to change to Tata sky.
    Do I need to buy new Set of Box or Just the Card from Tatasky?

  • VG

    ^^ DTH portability is not possible in India, so you'll need to purchase new LNB and STB from Tata Sky which means brand new connection with all hardware.

  • I have a Tata sky standard MPEG4 box from 2 days its not receiving signals properly some of the channels are coming properly but now those are also flickering .I have tried the master reset and the software upgrade too .But nothing happened . Please guide .I have great expectations from u

  • VG

    ^^ The only way left is to ask TS technician to align the dish antenna. It seems the dish antenna is not in correct direction.

  • The Signal strength of My Tatasky is very low(around 40) maybe that's why i can't access some of the subscribe channel's, it shows ''No Signal'' . So what shall I do..?

  • how can i use my UK SKY+ Set top box in India. Can i see the free channels ?

  • VG

    ^^ No. Its not possible.

    You should ask Tata Sky technician to check the dish antenna alignment and cable condition.

  • hi,

    i am using Tatasky set top box in Maldives. suddenly day before yesterday it started showing DVB SSU + S Loader....but there is no software getting downloaded...i tried ur options but not working....i can't view anything...plz help....

  • VG

    ^^ Did you try to restart the STB?

  • Hey, The USB Port at the back of the STB.....

    "Can i use it to watch movies? directly? Will it detect the pendrive and its contents?"

  • VG

    ^^ No.

  • sir am using tata sky HD box but in rainy days regional channels signals are weak and that of hindi english and other sports channels will catch up easily please resolve my problem

  • I have Airtel connection for last 4 years. For the last two days after every 15 - 30 minutes the set top box start initialising automatically. So till the time the system comes back (1 minute or so) we mis the program. Any suggestions to overcome the problem.

  • Hi sir tatasky not receiving the signal... my friend has installed the dish....
    I set up the master set up once it getting the signal .... once it not. Please suggest me that I hav to set the frequency for it

  • VG

    @R K Arora
    It might be a loose power cable problem. Make sure the power cable is properly connected to STB and main power switch.

    @Vikas R and mani
    You should ask TS technician to proper align the dish antenna of Tata Sky.

  • I have a problem with signal strength. I need some kind of amplifier since the cable length between the antenna and the set box is very long. The moment I reduce the cable length I get a good signal strength and signal quality and when I place my set top box at the place with long cable length.....I am not getting a signal strength enough to view all the channels. Kindly provide details of any kind of amplifier which can be used to improve the signal strength since I cannot decrease the length of my cable between the set top box and the antenna.

  • Sorry VG but i think u can use a TV tuner card to use a DTH service on a Laptop/pc easily ! I hve tried this my self n it works fine.
    I have a cable STB and DIsh TV and enter USB tv tuner. I tried the cable STB.What u do is plug in the USB TV tuner to a usb port on ur laptop/pc. Then connect STB with it thru the av cables provided to connect dvd/vcr /handycam etc. It cam wid the tv tuner. One side connects to the audio n video out of the STB and voila ! ur done. Enjoy DTH on your Lappy/pc.

  • VG

    ^^ Of course. You can use TV tuner card. Who said you cant?

    You cant use any amplifier but you should try to use a better quality Fiber Optic cable. It'll solve your problem.

  • My Tatasky (Thomson) stb does not work above steps. pls tell me how much time I have press those keys

  • I have tata sky
    Today all three led red yellow green continuously glowing stb not initializing
    What should I do
    Please tell me

  • VG

    ^^ It might be a hardware problem. You should ask Tata Sky engineer or CC to check the STB.


  • Our cable operator local setup box and its working fine. Now if I want to record some programmes where I am going to plugin pendrive to setupbox and its asking for formatting. After formatting, it will record the program and if I want again to see that program using pendrive..then it wont respond.

    Even I tried whether it is going to work on my PC and again it is asking for formatting and if formatting is done,then all the data will be lost which is stored in pendrive.

    Please advise

  • How can i use tatasky to multiple TV

  • VG

    ^^ You'll need to purchase multi TV connection.

    Try to use a different USB drive.

  • What are b001 & b007 error codes in airtel dish tv

  • Hi VG,

    I recently upgraded my Tatasky SD box to HD. The reason behind that was, Tatasky told that we get 5.1 connectivity/output only on HD box. Now I have connected the STB to TV using HDMI cable and Connected my 5.1 speakers to Composite cables (Red & White). But I dont think connecting via Red & White cable will give me 5.1 output. I can see one more port on STB it's S/PDIF - Optical port. So my questions.

    1) Is the port active? Can I connect audio devices through this port.?
    2) My 5.1 speaker system doesn't have S/PDIF port to recieve it through this cable. I may have to buy a Digital to Analog convertor to connect my 5.1. Please let me know if I connect my speakers using this convertor will it give me proper 5.1(Surround) output if the program is recorded with 5.1 features.?


  • hi sir refresh my tata sky id

  • VG

    ^^ You should contact Tata Sky customer care and ask them to refresh ID.

    I have not checked S/PDIF port but you can check on HD channels whether you are getting 5.1 DD sound or not.

    It means the STB is not receiving signals. Check the cable connection and dish alignment.

  • Thanks VG. But my question is, will I get 5.1 DD sound through RCA(Red&White) Input/output port/cable? This is a generic question nothing to do with my setup.


  • VG

    ^^ I think no.

  • Can we use Airtel DTH settop box for Den Cable network with any possible alteration

  • VG

    ^^ Not possible.

  • I have recorded some programmes in my reliance STB. Now the problem is that after a limit it will start deleting old programmes to make space for new programmes to record. I want the recorded programmes to save. Is it possible to have some way to do this. As per the earlier post you said that all programmes are encrypted and cannot be watched on computer etc. but Is there any way i can transfer these encrypted files in an external hard disk and use it with STB later to watch those programmes in my TV. Pls advise.

  • VG

    ^^ There should be an option in your STB settings to manually delete recorder content when the HDD is full.

  • Hello sir, plz help
    I want to move my tata sky hd+ box from my own home to my friend home..... my friend have tats sky ordinary box with with tata sky antenna...

    When i talked to customer care, they said that u have to replace the aantenna also if u want to use ur subscriber id on ur friends tata sky antenna.... just changing the box will not work...

    So, Sir do u think that its not possible for me to use my tata sky hd+ box on my friends home without replacing his tata sky antenna with my tata sky antenna...

    Is it right to bound subscriber id with antenna also...


  • VG

    ^^ I think it should work. Dont trust on customer care, they know nothing. Just register a request for engineer visit and ask him the same question. He'll provide correct solution.

  • Hi,
    I am using Tata sky DTH HD, I want to change to Airtel now.. If I replace the Tata view card with Airtel view card will it work ? Or is there any other option ?

  • Hi VG Sir,,
    Is is possible to receive only Doordarshan DTH programs on Dish TV SD recorder type set top
    box after expiery of DISH TV subscription period.

  • VG

    ^^ It was possible in past but no longer possible now.

    No. You'll need to purchase Airtel set top box and LNB.

  • how to use the signals from lnb without a set top box for tv . whether local set top box will be useful to receoive fta channels. what will be the approx.cost of stb and installation

  • what are the uses of USB slot at the back side of ordinary set top box of airtel digital tv

  • VG

    ^^ Please check following:

  • 12170 H 40700 whatz the lnb freq??
    can i open my d2h videocon for fta? i from himachal pradesh how many channels i watch on my fta at nss6?
    can i see fta tv channels from world on my dd free dish?
    if yes then thanx to tell me whats lnb freq....trance freq...symble rate???
    can i know videocon advance setting cod?for menege sat.
    with lots thank to VG

    DEAR VG...

    LNB FREQ..........
    TRANCE FREQ......
    ......................................................VERY THANKS TO MR.VG

  • VG

    ^^ You should search on Internet to get these kind of satellite parameters. In the meantime you can try following:

    Satellite: Telstar-18 @ 138E Ku Band
    12630 H 43215

  • I followed "So basically for Tata Sky users the combination is: Organiser -> System Settings -> 0+1 -> Select". The Installer Setup menu is showing only one item - Satellite Settings. Mannal tuning and other options are not listed. On selecting "Satellite Settings" it asks to select a transponder but doesn't allow change. Also INSAT-4B is not listed. It also doesn't save changes to the selected transponder parameters. Please help. I want to do mannual scanning on INSAT-4B.

  • if tatasky some channels are not comming
    i called technician and setted dish and took 200
    so nothimg to worry if channels are not comming
    do what i say check the dish signal move slightly the dish
    enoigh it received all channels are comming ok
    do dish slightly up down it will come

  • Hi
    From past few days im not able to view CNBC TV18 & Times Now on my tatasky.
    Mostly im getting no signal message, Im wondering if you cud help me out fixing the prob.

  • VG

    ^^ Might be a dish antenna alignment problem. You should ask a technician to check the alignment.

    Manual scanning will not work as TataSky has blocked it via firmware.

  • 30 % channel received signal 70 % channel not received signal plzzzz help

  • thanks,
    it works
    now my TATA SKY HD + is working

  • My tatasky was working fine till today.
    Today, when I switched on power, I noticed power was coming to the box. It used to start in standby mode (red led glowing). And then when I press power button on remote, the led used to change to green and then it used to show the channels on screen. Today, it started in standby mode. However, when I pressed power button in remote, the led just went off. It was not turning green. I tried switching off power many times. No luck. Any idea what would be the problem?

  • VG

    ^^ If you turn the main power off and then on, the set top box should start. You can also try to use the power button present at the top of of the set top box. If nothing works, then you should ask technician to check the set top box.

  • Why did i saw only 3 options in installer setup menu ?

  • use of rf port on the back of old set top box of tatasky and distv?

  • can i use airtel set top box in cable

  • VG

    ^^ No. The STB is restricted to ADTV only by the firmware.

  • hi VG my airtel stb not able to update the software its says stb waits for signal my signal is very good although i master reset the stb still its says DVB SSU+ loader updating software waits for signal then it restart again can please tell me the cause

  • VG

    ^^ Which set top box are you using? HD+ box with built-in hard disk or USB drive?

  • Dear sir
    How to change values transponder in dish tv set top box. I could only change home transponder. what abut other transponders. please tell me how to do it.

  • i can recieve some channels but it says no signal for other channeks like star world .any solution

  • i am using tatasky hd stb

  • Hi,VG
    I am a new user of an old TATA Sky dish & set -box that works well. My wife is sick of too many entertainment stuff but very little Indian stuff. She wants to buy a FREE DISH STB and see all channels relayed by DDTH i.e. free dish channels using same dish & LNB. Pl. advise how to go for it.

  • VG

    ^^ You can use Tata Sky dish antenna but you'll need to purchase a new FTA STB to receive DD Free Dish channels.

  • How to watch ten TV on tata sky

  • Hi Bro I wanted to know if there any tata sky sub set top box available so that I can directly use it on my laptop usb port with using an external TV turner...thanks

  • how to add fta channel on airtel set top box

  • VG

    ^^ You cant. Its blocked via firmware.

    You can attach any set top box to laptop/Desktop using TV Tuner card.

  • I have Airtel HD DTH connection.
    Voice not getting played in most of the HD channels, only few are playing.
    Everthing else is fine, only this voice issue is there.
    Is issue with set top box or TV.

  • Help me with openview hd installer uses >exit 2465 then info to go to advanced option for software downloading.i will also need secret menu for dstv,toptv/starsat all are from south africa.

  • My tata sky remote is not working how I can change the channel now...

  • Hi,

    Every time I turn on Tata Sky, it start with an advertisement, is there any way to make it start with previously watched channel?

  • VG

    ^^ No. Not possible.

  • hi

    i m use humex tata sky setopbox. i am tray to this function for watching to free to air channel but not open this setting, please help for open"Installer Setup"

  • Hi,
    Just tried with my MPEG4 box but did not work. It just shows Satellite Settings. When I select it shows LNB setup.
    Wanted software upgrade for tatasky mpeg4 box

  • I Will try it when I will be at home.....

  • thanks for the information. Sir i got a problem with my taty sky my kid pressed some wrong buttons and now it is showing "first time installation" after that lot many options further and iam unable to select the further options as iam not aware of them. Please help me out if possible

  • VG

    ^^ It seems someone applied "Restore factory settings" option in your STB, thats why its showing that wizard. Don't worry. Just keep pressing SELECT button on your remote and it'll finish the wizard.

  • Sir, I am using dd fta stb, one airtel stb with remote pending in my house can use the airtel alternative ordinary stb, if I can use pls tell me wich procedure I can fallow

  • VG

    ^^ You cant use one DTH STB with other DTH.

  • Dear VG can I replace my old rusted Dish antenna+LNB with a new TATA Sky Dish + LNB set, aligned in appropriate direction, to watch DD DTH FTAs using my old STB (local quality, not branded). If yes, where can I purchase this Tata Sky dish and LNB. Please help.

  • There is an USB port on backside of my Tatasky SD set top box. What to do to use that port? As I use it on my PC? Please help me..

  • VG

    ^^ Check following:

    @Virendra K
    You can use TataSky dish antenna to watch DD Free Dish channels but I'm not sure about LNB. I think TataSky LNB will not work.

  • vg bhai. Kuch din pehle maine tata sky hd stb pe fta channel chlai the. New version 10.09001 tha. Par main kal reset kar diya stab ko. Fir try kiya fta channel aad krne k liye. Ab bilkul b aa rahe channel . Aira q ?

  • I like to use one air tel setup box and I like other DTH box joint for same card air tel box and I won't two diffrint chenal wive

  • T n xXx vg . . .

    Can I Use Desktop(LCD) as TV using my Airtel SD STB through these technique ??

  • VG

    ^^ If your LCD provides HDMI and other connectivity options, you can connect DTH STB. Otherwise you'll need TV Tuner card.

  • hey, i have an new dish tv set up box in dubai and it is tracking NSS6 satallite( showing signal strenght 60 percent).I have recharge it for 1 month already.But by mistake i pressed the factory default button .Now all the channels are gone .I tried calling up Customer care and they said to keep set up box on ch 999.But i am not getting any channel , not even 999 as it was delected during factory reset...please advise...

  • hi vg
    can you tell me. how to update firmware of digital satfinder (tata sky)

  • I am planning to switch to dth service from local cable.. For my confusion please advice me which one to choose from airtel, tata sky,dish tv..
    if it rains for whole day, how long does signal problems continue?

  • VG

    ^^ When it's raining, no DTH service will receive signals.

  • Hi friend ,

    can we able to view Airtel or Sky Dth at location Auckland Newzealand ?
    please tell me

  • How can I watch all channel in my tv ..without disc antena ..I have only setup box ther any idea

  • Plzzz reply there any way ..
    I have airtel setup box only no antena

  • VG

    ^^ There is no way to use set top box without dish antenna. If you dont want to use antenna, you can purchase recently released Samsung TV which comes with built-in Airtel DTH hardware.

  • Dear VG, i am from Delhi, I have one spare Tata Sky STB , one spare Hansen DVB K2S ,spare hansen ku band new LNB, all this i was using in Indonesia and will need rebooting, one spare airtel dish working, , with all these devices is it possible to get DD Direct plus channels. please guide me i shall be thankful. Thanks and Regards Arvind

  • VG

    ^^ You can use any DTH dish antenna to watch DD Direct+ channels but you cant use their STBs or LNBs. You can use your 3rd party STBs and LNBs.

  • Hi VG,
    HD Videocon d2h setup box, given to me as gift. I brought home to New Zealand to watch Indian programs.
    I currently have NZ SKY TV.

    1. Does New Zealand have access to connect this box to the Indian network Digital DTH Service (d2h)?

    2. Do you have a contact to set this up?
    3. Can I use my existing NZ SKY TV satellite dish to connect the VIDEOCON SETUP box LNBF? OR, should I install a separate dish for VIDEOCON box?

    Appreciate your help. Das

  • VG

    ^^ D2h set top box will not work in New Zealand. You'll need to buy a new STB from your DTH company to be able to use its services.

  • U r both fail in setop box
    mai 1 setop box pe 1000 tv chala sakhta hoon wth separate remote control....

  • hey vg help me,
    my tata sky was not recieving signal and i pressed the master reset system in it.
    now what can i do. it is not showing any thing

  • VG

    ^^ Since its not receiving signals, nothing will help. You just need to re-align its dish antenna to receive signals. You should ask Tata Sky technician to visit your location and re-align antenna.

  • Aslaam u aalykum. sir i have full signal on my tata sky set top box, but the payable channal are not coming .can u tell me what i do.

  • Sir I want to see ren TV on my tata sky how can it possible

  • VG

    ^^ Not possible in any DTH service in India.

  • I clicked on master reset and it's asking for first time installation settings plz do help me what shd I do next??

  • VG

    ^^ All settings are automatically entered. You just need to press SELECT button on your remote.

  • Sir I want to lock the signal after setup, how can u do it? pl. Help!

  • Sir i was press the master reset in my Tata sky connection, after the process home and other buttons are not functioning and i cant tune my tv. Please help me to solve the problem.

  • Dear Sir/Madam, most of the channels are not showing in my Tatasky suddenly from yesterday evening. i was press the master reset in my Tatasky connection, after the process, it is asking me to select the LNB frequency. can you please help me to solve the problem

  • VG

    ^^ It seems your Dish antenna is not receiving signals, thats why its asking for details. You should ask a technician to re-align the antenna.

    Master reset process has nothing to do with any button or functionality of your remote. Try to replace batteries in your remote.

    @Lazarus Dsouza
    Its done automatically. Once the STB receives proper signals, it automatically locks them.

  • I have old tata sky SD setup box (when company launch in India)...... Its not support MPEG 4 Channels and HD Channels....... there is any trick to upgrade in same setup box to HD + MPEG 4 version..... Because i have HD tv and channel package.....

  • I have a sony Bravia and a airtel settop box , since yesterday I am not able to hear any sound ,I checked very menus but there seems some issue . Also the HDMI cable is properly connected as the vedio is fine .

    If I go to the TV more there is no reception but the harsh noise of no reception come that confirms there is no issue with TV speakers .

    Can anyone tell me how to resolve this .


  • VG

    ^^ Make sure the volume is not muted and set to high in set top box. Also you can try to change audio settings in STB options.

    @Sameer Shrestha
    No. You'll need to change the STB.

  • Sir, I have TATA sky Hd + connection is there anyway I can see dw tv on it Plz help

  • VG

    ^^ No. You can only watch the channels provided by Tata Sky.

  • sir if I connected normal cable wire in tatasky box

  • Sir,
    I Am using Airtel DTH yesterday i was open the Joint of wire which joint between Dish & stb for shifting the Stb , Then i re-joint the wire. but their is no signal & Shows Error Code: B001. The signal is 0. So pls help me how to do the setup with stb remote.

  • My tatasky's signal quality is very low i,e 20 below and sometimes it increases automatically above 70 for a few minutes..can i fix it for a stable upto 80% and more..pliz provide me a simple step to fix it properly

  • VG

    ^^ If it fluctuates so much, then there might be some problem like cut, etc in the cable between dish antenna and STB. So first make sure the cable is in good condition. If its too old, you can try to replace the cable with a new one.

    Did you try to attach the cable very hard? Sometimes it might damage the connecting port of STB which causes this problem. So you should ask a technician to check the cable, dish antenna and then your STB.

  • Sir, can we use the DishTV STB. for free to air Channel, as every month we have to pay for all channel if not paid the transmission will stopped. is this possible to watch FTA channel without pay anything to DishTV .

  • VG

    ^^ No longer possible. DishTV has restricted it via STB firmware.

  • HI VG,

    I am using Sports Grand pack on my Tata sky SD. This pack was pre installed by Tata sky team when i purchased my tata sky. But in april this pack is going to expire.
    Is there any way to extend the validity of this pack without any pay.

    Please help.

  • VG

    ^^ No. You'll have to renew your pack.

  • Can I get transmission using LMB without umbrella?

  • Dear Tata sky,

    i am customer of tata sky, my complaint is, hindi channel is displaying,regional channel is not displaying please do needful,


  • VG

    ^^ Tata Sky is upgrading their system and moving to a new satellite, thats why customers can face signal problems. You should contact customer care.

  • VG - this is amazingly useful, so kind of you to provide all the advice!

    Only missing is dates per post.... This last about TS upgrading/new satellite might be March 2015... ? Many people are reporting our same problem - no signal. And CC is overloaded with requests it seems, cannot respond?

    Many Thanks,

    Isha 4/4/15

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. Tata Sky is migrating to new satellite and upgrading their systems, thats why several TS customers are facing signal problems now-a-days.

  • Hi VG, regarding this month's signal problem, since the Tatasky service people have not tunred up even after 3 days, is there anything by ourselves at home? Please advice. There is no signal strength. Thanks

  • hi why hd channel is not coming pls tell me

  • VG

    The problem is happening because Tata Sky has released a new updated firmware for SD and HD set top boxes which automatically changes satellite settings and parameters for new satellite GSAT10. You guys can try to enter into above mentioned service menu and try to reset to factory settings. If it doesnt work, you'll have to adjust LNB alignment a little so that it can start receiving signals.

  • Tata Sky HD was installed on 4th April 15 and since then I do not reicieve any Marathi channels. No service engineer has attended in spite of complaints to the helpline and nodal office numbers. Some channels are also missing and a message saying "Your Tata Sky Box Is Not Receiving Signals" appears.
    How do I resolve this problem?

  • Dear Sir,

    1. I have a Airtel set top box and LNB and now i dont want to view paid channels can we convert our set top box to doing so ?
    2. I also purchased set top box for DD free channels can we use this set top box with airtel LNB ?

  • VG

    ^^ You cant use any DTH service STB to watch FTA channels as they are restricted via firmware. You can use DD Free Dish STB with ADTV.

    @Mac Manjy
    Its a known issue atm:

  • Dear sir,

    How can i install my SOLID DIGITAL SET TOP BOX MODEL NO. SD-615 WITH Airtel dish

  • VG

    ^^ You can't use any 3rd party STB with any DTH service.

  • Dear VG,
    I could not view any channel though the signal strength and quality of my tata sky is above 80%. I have tried the above 2nd method but the same thing happened. I have complained to the customer service 2 days ago but no one turned up. What should I do?

  • VG

    ^^ Check following:

    Its a known problem atm.

  • For Tata Sky ongoing issue, my suggestion is to send email directly to their top management, these scumbags are sleeping since last 14 days without resolution. Not sure what kind of upgrade they are doing which takes so long and still going on... I sent below email to their CEO on his email id haritn[at]tatasky[dot]com.

    Dear Sir,

    After 13 days of non service and non communication from Tata Sky, I am forced to send this email to you.

    I am a Tata Sky subscriber (Id: #########) from last 5+ years and never faced such shameful non service from Tata Sky where not even deadline to fix the issue is shared nor did any courtesy being shown by Tata Sky so far. I am not sure what kind of upgrade takes 13 days and goes on indefinitely.

    This is such an irony where the claim is to provide service, service and service.

    I got multiple work orders generated and pending from days on my customer id through SMS service with no action so far.

    May I please request you to get the loyal customers served at the TOP priority.

    My sincere apology for clogging your mailbox but I did not left with any other choice than to bother you.


  • Hallo Vijay
    You are doing a wonderful job. I need your help.
    I had replaced the HDD in my tata sky HD+ STB. I had made the file format of the new HDD as FAT32 but still the HD+ features are not working. I am also unable to open above mentioned hidden secret service menu yet with the procedure mentioned. Now i think after formatting the HDD with STB secret menu it may works fine. So if you have any solution to this then please provide.

  • VG

    ^^ The secret service menu will open in all Tata Sky STB so you must be doing something wrong. Make sure you press the correct key combination to access service menu. Regarding external HDD, it should work after formatting using STB options.

  • how can i use airtel dth to watch free to air chhannels.
    give me full details

  • VG

    ^^ You can't. Its restricted by the firmware.

  • Hi. VG.
    How can I remove the yellow envelope envelope permanently from the tv screen.ot annoys the viewing,& that envelope has no meaning of comming always on the TV screen. help ASAP.

  • VG

    ^^ That envelope icon is shown whenever a new message is available on your set top box. Just press Yellow button on your remote and the icon will disappear.

  • Hi VG,
    i am reaching out to you after reading about your excellent tech resolutions to posted issues.

    I am having a repetitive problem in NOT able to connect the network as a part of download manager as a part of VoD on the Tatasky HD Plus STB ( and it appears many others are having the same problem too without a solution !!) when either of the ethernet cable or the USB wifi dongle on STB is connected to my AIRTEL Belkin 450 BXI wifi router. The same network cable operates perfectly when used alongwith the laptop --- and the VoD settings not working problem appears to be unique to Airtel Belkin Router ( as per TS technician)

    Is this a problem with TS or am i being conned ?- i have raised a SR with TS but their technician has not been able to help despite multiple visits and STB setup changes in my TS HD plus STB in the current 1 month warranty period. IN fact, i have been advised to change my Internet ISP to make the VOD work !! Any suggestions or am i stuck with a non working STB connection ? - Airtel CC has informed they have not blocked any ports in their supplied standard Belkin wifi router.
    Any help will be most welcome.

  • VG

    ^^ Did you try to reset Set top box to factory settings? If not, try to do that first.

  • Yes VG - i have not only tried to reset the TS STB to factory settings, but also downloaded the latest s/w from TS for the STB and then checked. Rebooting the wifi router was also of no help. The internet connection of the STB to the Belkin wifi router of Airtel is still not happening. Even the use of the wifi dongle sold alongwith TS HDPlus STB does not work with airtel wifi router and says connection timed out after sometime. Effectively not allowing me to download any free VOD content from internet as a part of the catch up TV either. As i will loose my airtel LL phone number, i am slightly averse to changing the Internet service provider for a problem of TS STB.

  • VG

    ^^ To me it seems a problem in Airtel router. Did you try to set a custom DNS such as Google DNS, Open DNS in router settings using a web browser? It might help.

  • dear sir i am an cable operator due to the dth services i am loosing my coustemer is their any idea to stop them or any such device is their to drop the dth signal please help me

  • Can i set free to air frequency in Airtel Set Top Box while changing the direction for Dish.

  • VG

    ^^ You can change the parameters as mentioned in the tutorial but you cant watch FTA channels as they are restricted by the STB firmware.

  • Hi,

    Can I use Dish Tv Antenna and Cable tv operator provided set top box to view channels

  • VG

    ^^ No. You cant use 3rd party STB with any DTH.

  • Dear VG,

    i accidently did master reset on Tatasky HD receiver. now it does not show all earlier channels. I can get signal only on IN4A-23 transponder. IN4A-14 gets no signal. Do i need to adjust configuration?

  • VG

    ^^ Master reset automatically restores default configuration so if you are not getting proper signals, you'll need to re-align the dish antenna to receive signals.

  • no signal DTH

  • Dear Vg
    Can you tell me if the following is possible???
    I have Tatasky 4K set top box in my Hall and I wish to control this with the remote from my bedroom and see all channels from my bedroom with the help of some remote transmitters. Can you suggest what type of remote controller is required to transmit signals of remote to set top box from another room and also how to transmit the TV output from hall to bedroom remotely
    Thanks and regards

  • VG

    ^^ Sorry but I dont have much idea about your query.

  • Dear VG,
    I am using Samsung Smart TV (for swiss/german/austria mkt), which having DVB-S2, DVB-T2 & CATV inbuilt tuner & STB is HD 3D from D2H.
    I installed two more Universal LNB connected through DiSeqC 1.1 . 1st LNB set to DishTV through this I tuned to tp of dish 12110 & 12688 for FTA channels at user sat 1 (100% signals and FreeDish all TPs at User sat 2 (80% signals).

    2nd LNB set to TataSky having 70% signal quality
    72% for 11010H27500 TP,
    40% for 11670V32000 TP,
    27% for 11090h32000 tp
    0% for 11050H 32000 tp
    0% for 10970H32000 tp,
    9% for 11130H 32000 TP
    0% for 11170H32000 TP
    0% for 11470H32000 TP
    0% for 11510H32000 TP
    2% for 11550H32000 TP
    0% for 11590H32000 TP
    0% for 11630H32000 TP
    19% for 11670H32000 TP
    signal quality % is just for your reference.
    as we know that TataSky don't have any FTA channel.
    based on above signal % can you suggest me for 2nd LNBF any near by satellite & its TPs for FTA channel.



  • VG

    ^^ Sorry to say I cant help much but you can find nearby satellites by visiting various websites similar to following one:

  • Hey,

    I have Tatasky HD, after an update recently I only see everything B/W (using AV as other port don't work). When I connect my xbox using the same port everything works fine I see color no issues, I even tried to change the cables still b/w... Also for some reason my resolution seems to be off as some of the picture gets cut from the bottom.

    Also I am using samsung HDTV monitor FX2490HD.


  • VG

    ^^ You will always get such kind of problems when you connect an HD STB with AV port. Did you try with a different HDMI cable? Also you can try to change HD resolution settings in STB.

  • Yeah I tried different HD cable as well but no luck.. both HDMI ports show no signal, when I connect something using HDMI cable TV shows HDMi as option for source then but keeps showing no signal when you switch source to HDMI. I have tried changing HD resolution in STB doesnt seem to help also its only showing SD in options maybe since I am connected using AV cable.

  • dear VG,
    have tried everything known to me but my tatasky services are showing deactive.
    there is 745 Rs balance in my account as seen on the tata sky account.
    channel 99,100.101 are working fine but when i switch to other channels it asks for a recharge and sending HR msg to 56633. inspite of that no progress.
    plz suggest

  • VG

    ^^ You should contact their CC.

  • What should be the ideal signal strength and quality reading on tata sky.

  • VG

    ^^ Generally you should get between 60-80 for both. But even if you get above 50, it'll work without any problem.

  • Can i use tatasky dish with airtel set top box? I want to watch Neo sports that only comes on airtel, i've both set-top boxes but only tatasky dish.

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. You can use TataSky dish antenna with Airtel.

  • Hi, the Tatasky technician is saying that the earlier hd switch of 1+2 cables needs to be replaced and will cost 500 bucks. Is there an option of buying this from the market at a lower price??


  • Hi, my new tata sky set up box for no chhanel and signal

  • How to play videos from pen drive using TATA Sky ??
    You said its not possible then what is the use of PORT given in that ??

  • ^^ This:

  • hi VG, how to use universal remote feature ? user manual not provided along new installation.

  • VG

    ^^ Check following:

  • Hi,

    i would like to relocate the current airtel dish to to a different location in the same house.
    i am living in Kerala, can you provide the AZIMUTH / ELEVATION / SKEW information for the airtel dth. is there any tutorial that you may suggest for this DIY project. basicaly i want to learn configuring satellite dish my self.please help me...

  • VG

    ^^ Sorry no idea but you can search on Google for airtel dish position.

  • Hi VG, Have been following your posts for sometime and I have a question/ help to ask. I recently bought a Onkyo HT which also comes with a universal remote.

    Now I want to use that remote to control my Airtel HD STB also. The Onkyo guys told me that the Airtel STB Remote has a code which has to be input into the Onkyo remote but I could not find the remote code for Airtel STB anywhere on the web. Would you know about this or anyways to find this out!!

  • VG

    ^^ Sorry but afaik there are no known codes for Airtel STB remote pairing. You should try Logitech Harmony universal remote which can automatically pair with such devices.

  • Dear sir,

    I was having relience big tv conection due to some dispute with them I have disconnected the connection . so can I use that set of box for catching FTA channels ? IF yes what is the procedure pls advice me to make use of that system,

    Thanks & REgards

    G S PATIL.

  • I have LG HD ready LCD TV, when I connect Tatasky HD box , using HDMI port , signals are not coming , it shows no signal each time any body can solve this problem , I have tested it with my laptop it is being connected, cable is fine , but only HD box is not connecting Plz help me

  • VG

    ^^ It might be a problem in either your TV settings or HDMI cable. First try to use a different HDMI cable. If the problem still persists, try to restore your TV settings to default.

  • I am Tata sky customer
    Its very bad service provider, it's set top box always show no signal
    After 6month it got defected
    Tata sky is not replacing it even saying for New purchase
    I do not have black money for fill up their pockets

  • when i on my tv, video/ stereo is displayed on the screen and only channel names & No.s are displayed but picture is not displayed. Audio is normal. Pl suggest me what to do

  • Dear VG, I did master reset of my tatasky HD stb and want to tune for FTA channels, but whenever I am tuning , it is showing that 'Signal Locked' even I tuned my dish to FTA chanels.
    But I am unable to change the TP on tatasky even after master reset. Please suggest me.
    Also let me know the link where I can download any other firmware/software for this stb.

  • VG

    ^^ Tata Sky has restricted watching FTA channels in its STB via firmware. So you cant tune it to other frequencies. And there is no website offering Tata Sky STB firmware.

  • My tata sky giving Error 01. due to which we are unable to watch service interrupted.

  • Sir
    Iam living in saudi arabia I have airtel dth here can I use it like india here is it possible? If possible let me know how please.....

  • How can I connect my tatasky HD setup box to my laptop via HDMI cable

  • VG

    ^^ You cant. You need a TV Tuner card.


  • VG

    ^^ No. But you can watch one and record another channel at the same time.

  • Recently my dish TV SD updated itself and now I can't access my recordings though I can see that x% space is left on my FD. When I press files button loading starts and that's that, screen gets stuck and I have to remove mains to be able to view TV again. Note: while updating, FD wasn't mounted. Thanks in advance.

  • VG

    ^^ That might be the reason. I'm afraid you'll need to format the USB drive to get it working.

  • thanks.

  • Please show me a way to hide Advertisement on Airtel DTH.

  • VG

    ^^ Not possible. The ads are shown via Airtel servers and STB firmware.

  • My sun direct DTH is not showing the Doordarshan channels, Star Sports , CNN, CNBC, times now etc. Earlier the channels were showing with the same set top box. The signal level is 70% and Quality is 80%. I have both a Sundirect provided LNB and a general purpose LNB. the said channels are not showing on both LNBs. is there any issue with the STB or any further reorientation of the dish is required. Please suggest

  • VG

    ^^ Since you are getting good signals, it can't be an LNB or alignment problem. You should first check with the customer care. It might be a problem at Sun Direct end. Which STB are you using? May be they have converted those channels to MPEG4 and you are using an old MPEG2 STB.

  • Hi VG,
    I am not receiving quite a few channels in my tata sky connection. The engineer sent by co says I need to change my wire from dish which is on the terrace (building has 22 floors and my flat is on 1st floor). However I had recently changes the entire wire. The technician had some small device - which he called a switch. He connected this device to the box outside my flat, and I started receiving all the channels. But he said this device is not for sale, and removed it.
    Do you know what this device is, and whether it is available in the market?

  • Hi VG,
    Can you help me in getting DISCRETE IR Codes for Tata Sky STB ? I want to control the STB via IR emitter probe using crestron automation.


  • Hi,
    My tatasky screen is stuck at Entry Point and will not go back to home screen help

  • Hi
    I have an different problem. When every i watch HD Chanels on Tata Sky the audio will go office after 1 hrs of vivewing the channel. I need to switch of the Mains and again on the TV and Box i can hear the audito/voice. I spoke to Tata Sky and engineers came and changed the Box but still the problem exits. I checked the TV also and there is no problem

    Plz let me know where will be problem

  • sir i have tata sky dish tv. but i want to use dd direct set top box on my tata SKY WITHOUT MOVE OR DISTURB DISH. CAN I USE DD DIRECT SET TOP BOX ON TATASKY DISH SETTING.

  • VG

    ^^ No. You cant use one DTH's STB on other DTH.

  • Hello Sir,

    I have a tata sky hd +. Recently i faced an issue where only hindi channels are coming and regional channels are not coming . the regional channels have no signal message. The technician came and said that the set top box has to be changed and want to charge me for it. I feel they are trying to rip me off becoz i get the hindi channels perfectly clear.

    Is this a known issue ..Could there be a fault in the box or are they trying to rip me as i m guessing.


  • VG

    ^^ When technicians are out of ideas, they try to replace the STB as the last option. But the replaced STBs are old so you'll not be charged.

    Regarding your problem, if you are getting some channels and not getting some other channels, it cant be an issue in STB. It might be a dish alignment problem. You can also try to reset STB to factory settings.

  • Hi,

    I moved recently from India to South Africa, while coming here I took the Tata Sky and tried to set up here.
    The technician set up the dish (2.4 meter) and it is receiving the signal but the decoder says no signal
    we are looking at c band on intelsat17, is there a way that this can be set up?

    I tried all the possible ways :(

    Please advise


  • VG

    ^^ No. You won't be able to receive signals in South Africa.

  • i am using sd settop box with 40 inchs tv but it is showing no clarity for sd chanales.and these are regional hd channels are good how to overcome these
    if i purchased hd settop box is it regional (sd) channels are clarity ?


  • VG

    ^^ HD set top box will not improve SD channel quality. Also you'll not get good picture quality of SD channels on 40" TV. For best PQ of SD channels TV must be 32" or less.

  • Hi VG,

    I am facing totally a different issue in Tata Sky. The yellow message box appears on TV and when I click on yellow button to read the messages, there is no message displayed and also the screen gets hanged. Even if I click on power off button in remote nothing works and I directly switched off the electric switch and then start Tata sky but the yellow message does not disappear.

    Please help me to get rid of this problem.

    Deepak D

  • VG

    ^^ It happens sometimes due to faulty firmware or settings. First of all when you are on message screen, try to press TV button on your remote to exit from that screen.

    You can also try to reset to factory settings using master reset option.

  • Hi VG,

    Some of the channels in my tatasky sd is not receiving full signals. i.e. the audio and the video gets struck. No problems with all the other channels.

    for instance, channel 710 is one such channel where the signals are weak. i.e. while viewing channel 710, i pressed organiser ----> system settings ----> signal test, where I would find that the signal strength would fluctuate from 0 to 70 and that only the audio and video would get struck, by struck i mean it would play for few seconds, then for 2-3 seconds same screen and then again it plays...

    The above stated problem is not existing always. when I checked now for the same channel 710 there is absolutely no problem.

    Am trying to say that the problem is not consistent, the problem existed this afternoon and no problem now likewise yesterday morning the problem existed and yesterday afternoon no problem.

    why is this happening. how to fix this permanently. kindly educate...

  • VG

    ^^ Every DTH use multiple TPs and the signal quality and strength will differ for each TP. It seems like the TP containing that channel is not getting proper signals. You need to align the dish antenna properly.

  • Hi,

    Can a UK Sky Digital HD Recorder be programmed to use with Tata Sky in India? If yes, how can the firmware be upgraded to Tata Sky?


  • VG

    ^^ No. You cant install Tata Sky firmware on Sky STB.

  • Thanks so it means my box is next to useless now. I will need to find other usage for it.


  • Sir,
    My tatasky hdmi signal works well with tv , but when i connect to lcd projector it shows a background magenta color. projector works fine with signals from blue ray ,dvd etc..
    Can you help me solve this?

  • pl tell me brand/model number of 'HDMI to VGA converter with separate audio pin to connect Tatasky HD+ STB to acer AL1916W monitor.

  • Can I use indian tata sky receiver in Oman with its own lnb and dishtv's dish

  • VG

    ^^ You can use any DTH dish antenna but I'm sure whether the service will be available in Oman or not. You should ask to Tata Sky CC about this.

    @manohar bhide
    You should search on online teleshopping websites such as flipkart, amazon, etc. You'll find many.

    Try to change the HD resolution from the STB settings.

  • Dears

    I need yours support I have Dish Nepal STB Box. Possible to use Free dish TV.

  • Hello Sir you are awesome........................................ but please tell me how to record channel in tata sky please tell me in steps Thanks in advance

  • Hello, I am using Airtel Digital HD with one TV. Now it is posiable to use more than one TV without multi connection with different channel access.

  • VG

    ^^ No. To watch different channels, you'll need to use multi-TV connection.

  • may I know why the remote of tata sky not working even pressing at any button but no reaction from set top box even the light in the set top box don't me

  • VG

    ^^ Did you try to change batteries of your remote?

  • mere pass tata sky hai jo ki 5 year old h kiya ise is method se open kiya ja sakta h

  • Hi VG ,
    I am not able to get 'Please wait Intialising' but instead I am getting 'Set up box starting up'
    Please help me VG .

  • VG

    ^^ The option "Please wait initializing" appears just before "Setup box starting up".

  • Hi VG, Hows you? You are really appreciable to provide such hidden secrets of electronic gadgets.

    VG, I have quetion regarding only Airtel DTH. I have two airtel DTH connection with set top box One is HD and Other SD with seperate antena . Both connection have differnet customer id.

    Can i insert and play SD card viewer in our HD set top box? is it posible.
    As per airtel tech guy, It can not be possible. Card viewer linked with set top box. you can not not insert other set top vox card in your HD set top box.

    please give your suggention.

  • VG

    ^^ Thats true. You cant use any STB viewer card with another STB. The card must be activated on the STB at server end first.

  • Hi VG,

    I have a Tatasky HD Set Top box connected to a 4 month old Sony LED HDTV (almost new TV)
    The picture has become full screen suddenly with no upper-lower black strips and the resolution is also not good enough.
    The sound level have to kept high on TV remote (say 50-60) instead of 10-15 earlier.
    This problem has appeared suddenly.
    please help.

  • VG

    ^^ First issue seems related to Zoom feature of your TV. There should be a button on your Sony TV remote to change the screen size. Set the size to normal or full view. It'll solve picture size issue.

    Regarding volume issue, open set top box settings by pressing Organiser button on Tata Sky remote and under user settings, you'll get sound or audio settings option. Set the volume level to full there and save the settings.

  • ....unable to receive signal... signal is coming and going repeatedly on my tata sky stb... (multi tv) conditions are good but still the problem persists..
    please suggest me something to get the signals back.... can I master reset my stb..?? (if yes then plz tell me the steps after master reset )
    thank you..

  • VG

    ^^ You can master reset using System Settings menu.

  • I have a Tata Sky HD set top box. The last 3 months around 15 channels (including all English news channel, Star World, Romedy Now, MTV Indies) disappear at about 9:30 pm(Message:Your set top box is not receiving signal) and reappear the next morning. Any advice on how to deal with this would be helpful. Thank you.

  • VG

    ^^ Must be a problem in antenna alignment. I think your dish antenna needs to be installed on a different location.

  • Recently bought a TATA SKY HD stb, ihavea samsung smart tv j6300 which has a record option and worked for local cable conections. Although i'm aware that the stb i purchased doesn't support recording but i was in the hope that the recording option in my tv might record the channels in stb but no luck there. Is there any alternative way for recording. I dont want to purchase the tata sky hd+transfer which costs around 10k

  • how can i use reliance dish TV as RF to AV ,nothing to do with Reliance LNB.
    i will connect only RF input,i need to take out AV.

  • I have a tatasky HD package, but no HD set top box since i an old TV set-- videocon jumbo 34 inches.

    Recently I bought a 32 inches LED TV, which is in my bedroom. Usually my young daughter watches cartoons and nursery rhymes on this tv through a pendrive. It has not cable/DTH connection.

    My in laws have shifted with me and they too have an old tv without any connection.

    Usually we all watch TATASky, which is installed in the jumbo kept at the living room. How can I watch free to air channels on two TVs. I intend to shift the LED to the living room with TATA sky HD connection. I want to have free to air channels for the old TVs. What do i do? Whats the best solution? pls suggest

  • VG

    ^^ You can go with DD Free Dish and can watch many FTA channels.

  • Hi VG,

    I read your all comments..i want to just say above mentioned details you guided very well.


  • Dear Sir,

    mai surendra kumar halol gujarat se mai english me nahi likh sakta is liye hindi me likh raha hu pls meri help karere tata sky jo srecat service hai kaise karna ha thoda guide kare kyoki net per jo demo diya hai us hishab se nahi ho raha hai mai abhi new connection liya hai
    pls guide in hindi tnx

  • I have a TataSky HD recording set top box. I have a problem in receiving signal in one terminal. Only T1 works or T2 does not show signal. When I do the Master Reset it shows signal quality (60%) and strenght (60%) in both T1 and T2 terminals and signal lock are closed for both T1 and T2. But after exiting the Master Reset only T1 terminal shows signal quality (50%) and signal strength (50%) and signal lock closed. T2 shows blank signal quality and signal strength and the signal lock also shows open. Because of this I am not able to see all channels as one terminal is not working.
    Kindly advise what could be wrong here. TIA.

  • VG

    ^^ Are you using splitter to connect single cable in both tuners or you have separate cables for both tuners?

  • No VG, I am not using any splitter. I have two separate cables coming from the dish.

  • VG

    ^^ Did you try to interchange the cables? It'll clear if the cable is not receiving signals or the tuner is faulty in set top box.

  • Yes I did interchange the cables. If I interchange it toggles from T1 to T2 and vice a versa. But still only one terminal will work, other terminal will not work. Btw, occasionally the second terminal comes but then its signal quality shows zero. I have checked both the cables for breakages etc with a multimeter and it shows ok.
    Where I am absolutely confused it whenever I am doing Master Reset, both T1 and T2 are show good signal strength (60%) and good signal quality (60%) . But once I exit the Master Reset only one terminal will work other remains blank, with occasional flickering signal strength and zero signal quality in the second terminal)

  • VG

    ^^ It seems a hardware problem to me. It might be possible that one tuner is faulty or loose in your set top box. You should ask for technician visit.

  • Hi, I have LED Monitor (it was being used for my desktop PC) with VGA interface, no HDMI, without speaker, AIRTEL DTH HD Box with remote, LNB, ANTAINA, CABLE.
    So, Please let me know that how to configure these hardware for DD Chanel's free to air telecast. THANKS.

  • VG

    ^^ You'll need to purchase a new FTA set top box to watch DD Free Dish channels.

  • I want Airtel HD DVR secret menu.

    My Hard drive problem and found error code HDD001 i cant able to record. Pls confirm how to solve this issue

  • I have resory factory seetings of my airtel set top box now i am not getting signals lock on first installation setup. can you please help me to resolve error b001.I am not geeting signal by setting transponder.

  • VG

    ^^ If you cant get signal lock after reset, it means there is some problem in dish antenna alignment. You should contact customer care or technician for the visit.

  • is it mandatory to have mpeg4 now ? Technician told me it is but its charging 700 for that while on site it says its free to exchange the same with mpeg2.

  • Hi VG.. I m a Tata Sky HD Customer and want to use Fastway HD Service. Could the Tata Sky box be unlocked to use local Fastway Cable HD Services (With the help of any technician). Please guide

  • VG

    ^^ No way.

  • hello sir,I am a new user of this site. I also install dish antena.I am asking you that '' is there any secret to watch only FTA channals on dish tv without paying any charges. 2nd what we should do to watch maximum channals on FTA set top box

  • VG

    ^^ You cant watch FTA channels without paying on Dish TV STB. You can purchase an FTA STB from market and then replace DishTV STB with FTA STB. Then you'll be able to watch FTA channels of DD Free Dish.

  • Dear VG,
    I have Zenega cd 1004is, Two days back stopped viewing channel and displayed a message, check the connection properly. when i switch off the power and started after some time it works and again after 1 hr same message displayed, the next day the same problem arises with in 5 minutes there after the message persisted. When i contacted to customer care he guided me press Menu button from remote control, and go to system setup after go to Erase flash FS press ok, after done warning msg came " This will causes all the data stored in the box be erased, he guided press ok, after that to take few minutes long channel search displayed and press ok, but screen shows no signal can't updated channels, After that the customer care person told to me its to be checked by Technician we can't do it and to pay some charges, i said O.K, this happen in morning around 9A.M, same day Evening Technician came and checked the LNB cable to which is connected with box by his instrument and told Setup box inside hardware problem, inside power card gone to be replaced, he told Input signals which are coming from LNB to box o.k but from set box out put signals are not O.k due to power card and he connected another same set box, from that i am viewing channels, for replacing the box he charging again amount apart from visiting charges, i refuses it, My old set up box green light is glowing, Technician again reconnected my old setup box and press the menu button and press the Forced software upgrade, now the message is can't upgrade due to no signal, signal strength and quality shows 0%, Frequency (MHZ): 12688, Symbol Rate (Kbps): 27500, Polarization: Vertical, FEC Inner: 3/4. Pl. let me understand what the problem is. Pl. help me how to fix the problem.

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. It sounds like a hardware problem in STB. You'll need to pay charges for STB replacement and visit. Every DTH charges for hardware replacement and technician visit.

  • Hi VG.

    I am using tata sky set top box. From past three days I am facing the sound problem. while watching any channel, the sound of my TV goes off and automatically comes. Its so frustrating. Is there any fix for this issue

  • VG

    ^^ Which cable are you using to connect STB with your TV? Is it HDMI cable?

  • Yes VG it is HDMI cable. I am not sure weather its a set top box issue or TV mother board is damage. Till yesterday the sound was of and off but today, I am not getting any sound. I tried switching the HDMI cable end, even tried 2nd port HDMI2 but no sound is coming.

    It is only one year old 42 inch LED, would never imagine such problem could come.

    would you be able to suggest any fix for this? Thanks in advance for your help.

  • VG

    ^^ It seems a problem in the cable itself. Try with another HDMI cable.

  • Thanks VG!
    I do have one old portable TV set and when I connect my set top box with VGA cable, to portable TV I am getting the sound absolutely fine.

    I checked the sound by using pen drive but TV is not able to produce any sound. So might be possible there is issue with the TV set only

    Still thanks for your help.

  • VG

    ^^ Of course. Since your TV is very old, the HDMI functionality might not work properly.

  • Hi VG.

    The TV which has problem is only one year old. The another one which is portable that I tried with VGA cable and it worked, but the new one when I connect with HDMI cable is not producing the sound. So I assume there is problem with my new TV set only :)

  • mai chahta hu ki mera setup box paid channels free agar koi hack karne ka tarika hai to batiye secret menus ke fayede

  • mai chahta hu ki mera setup box paid channels free agar koi hack karne ka tarika hai to batiye secret menus ke fayede batiye

  • How to access Installer setup or hidden Menu for Videocon D2H 4K STB?

  • VG

    ^^ Select satellite management option and it'll ask for a code. The correct code is 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th digit of your D2H card number.

  • Hello VG...
    in context to Amit question..

    In 4k STB satellite management is not hidden you just need to know the correct code.
    In my case, I remember when the guy came to install 4k STB and called technical center to activate services. that Technical center guy remotely trigger some menu/screen and did lot of changes.

    that menu/screen is no where in general STB menu option.
    Any clue? How to access that?

  • VG

    ^^ Afaik there is no hidden menu in Videocon STB.

  • Hi VG. Need info regarding Signal Strength and Quality in my Airtel HD+ setup box..strength is 70% and quality is 15%..I have asked airtel guy who comes for installation regarding it..he said you are getting maximum strength and quality..but does only 15% quality is maximum or enough? and is there any process to enhance the quality and strength on my own without their help? Please help me!!! Thanks in Advance...

  • VG

    ^^ Generally the signal strength and quality should be 60-70 and many people get upto 80-90. There might be some problem in the wire connecting STB to LNB. You can try to replace the wire with a new one.

  • Hi VG
    Do you know the electronic pairing code for the new Airtel Digital Set Top Box model number MBSN-H412. Required for pairing with IR Blaster on Sony Bravia 4K TV.

    Many thanks,
    Best regards,

  • VG

    ^^ No. Didn't you get any manual with it containing codes?

  • no manuals given with Airtel STB MBSN-H412 and unable to get the code. it is a new set top box manufactured by Jabil Circuit India Pvt Ltd. for Mybox Technologies Pvt Ltd. New Set Top Box with 8 GB pendrive for recording. Any way I can find out the code for pairing with Sony IR Blaster. Appreciate your help.

  • VG

    ^^ No manual with Sony IR blaster? You can look for the code at their website.

  • Thank you for providing the hidden menu codes. I was able to open the TAta Sky HD+ and change the HDD. Two things to keep in mind. The screws on the back of HD plus box have some protection in it. So one needs to figure out how to open those. Once you replace the HDD use the format disk option and press the buttons as shown on screen. You will be all set. the HDD was changed after 5 years of continuous use of tata sky box, it was never shut down.

  • vg i have first time installation problem can u solve it quickly please

  • Hi VG.

    I am using tata sky set top box. I want to hide some channels from existing pack. I also spoke with tata sky call center. they said there is no such option to Hide the channel, yo can use parental control option to lock the channel.

    Is there any way to hide the channels


  • VG

    ^^ No. You cant hide channels on Tata Sky.

  • hi HV,

    i hv been using a dist tv in dubai which can be only recharged in USD, how can i convert this to same as an indian uaser?
    or is it possible to change the viewing card?


  • VG

    ^^ You'll need to contact customer care for it.

  • Iam using airtel receiver in saudi.Iam from india.Since 2days it showed error code9001.I did restore factory settings but after that it showed signal lock.When ever I select oky button it remains in signal lock.If I press back button it will not go.Even I power off airtel receiver.What I will do .Technition is on vacation

  • i am using tata sky set top box. I want to ren tv channels . I also spoke with tata sky call center. they said there is no such option to Hide the channel.

  • i have a tata sky transfer hd box and i cant seem to update the firmware regarding the procedure you listed i tried using with the old remote as well .it worked on my old hd+ box but not on my new transfer box.

  • VG

    ^^ I have upgraded my Transfer box to the new EVO12 firmware manually using the same procedure. Just use an old remote of HD+ STB and it'll work.

  • Hlo sir ,
    I have my Airtel digital tv recever
    but I dont use that and I got the local cable tv network but they want to use settop box
    can I use my airtel digital tv's recever In the place of set top box an HoW, ???
    pllllllzz pllllllzz pllllllzz reply?

  • Pllllllzz vg sir answer

  • VG

    ^^ No. You can't use DTH set top box with cable TV.

  • dear Sir,

    im regular user of TATAsky DTh services... but from last few days their is a lot signal problem, not able to view any channel constantly. due to this reason I had changed "Reset to Default" in my system info set up menu.... but now im unable to set up their LNB info then after.... Pls. suggest how to resolve this problem.....??....firstly I change language ....ITS OK.....then next screen appears for LNB set up info.... their a problem....?? pls help me.....

  • Hi VG,
    I have an old BIG TV set top box which I have not used for long, please advise me if I can set this box to view free to air channels on my TV ??

  • VG

    ^^ Cant confirm regarding older Big TV STB but most probably it'll not work.

  • In Dish tv, Am getting signal only in 11090/29500 V. All others are 0% including home transponder.

    Am getting Error on software upgrade.. Please Advice..

  • Lovely info VG.. It saved me lot of money + feel so nice rescuing my Tatasky + setop box. For this i would have called the engineer and he would have come and replaced the entire set saying everything is gone bad :) .. Thanks for sharing the info .. I just followed your instruction and restored my dead Tatasky + settop box..

  • Hay can I get internet by my tata sk setop box as u shown in abov image in symbol rate plz tell me

  • Can we use SITI Cable setup box as 3 rd party STB...???

    Like unlocking the device ??

  • I purchased tata sky hd transfer+ on oct,2015.
    Last 2 -3 months its been giving recording problems.
    Previously even after 9-10% empty disk space it used to record properly.
    But now even after 20-25% empty disk space it doesn't properly.
    1)If a 30-60 mins program is set to record,then it stops recording after 2-12minutes.Sometimes it doesn't record anything.
    2)If a try to check a prerecorded program,then sometimes a I only see a black screen and sometimes it doesn't play at all.
    3)Many old recorded programs with duration 60-70 mins stop playing after just 8-10secs.
    Tata sky installers have visited my house but they don't have any solution other than format hard disk,which I don't want to do.

    Firmware got upgraded a month ago,where now I can record 3 programs simultaneously.
    Tried master reset now but screen stuck at
    Your Set Top Box is starting moment please since 10minutes.

  • hello sir how to watch tata sky mpeg4 box to free to air channels.give some methods.and also my tata sky subscription are end from 20 days

  • dear VG, 1)I M from andaman i m able to view most of the channel by using new satellite Gsat 10 since INSAT4 is not available in andaman....but i m not able to view any channel from star network.. plz help

  • dear Sir,

    im regular user of TATAsky DTh services... but from last few days their is a lot signal problem, not able to view any channel constantly. due to this reason I had changed "Reset to Default" in my system info set up menu.... but now im unable to set up their LNB info then after.... Pls. suggest how to resolve this problem.....??....firstly I change language ....ITS OK.....then next screen appears for LNB set up info.... their a problem....?? pls help me.....

  • Sir,

    TATAsky DTh services... but from last few days their is a lot signal problem,
    not able to view any few channels not viewing because of signal problem i want to format that and reset that one of tata sky and i want to change to Free DDTH what kind of material use and how it cost Rs ? pls Sir

  • Sir, how to increase the number of channels that can be locked under parental control in Tata sky set up box. Currently it allows only 20 channels. I want only specific channels to be enabled from my base pack and rest all to be disabled/blocked.

  • How to view recorded shows when account contains 0 bal in tata sky hd+ transfer?
    how to play radio channels in tata sky hd+ transfer?

  • VG

    ^^ I think you can always watch recorded content even if your balance is zero. Regarding radio channels, its not possible in Tata Sky.

  • it was not working in tatasky after i go to organiser system setting after that 0+1 not working this trick pls help

  • Sir,i have Tata sky STB . Can I used for FTA channels.please reply me and can i use Tata sky LNB for FTA channels.

  • VG

    ^^ You can't watch FTA channels using Tata Sky STB but you can use Tata Sky LNB to connect to any FTA set top box.

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