Repair Nokia Lumia and HTC One Mobile Phones Using Software Recovery Tools

Many times we install lots of applications or games in our mobile phone and the phone becomes not responding or very slow due to some faulty apps or other obvious reasons. Sometimes we try hidden secret codes or PC software to play with our mobile phone functionality or to update its firmware with a new 3rd party unofficial firmware available on Internet which breaks our phone and makes it not bootable.

In such cases we have no option left except taking our phone to the service center and ask the mechanics to repair our phone. If the phone is out of warranty, we may also spend some money for the repair.

Wouldn't it be great if we could repair our mobile phone at home by reinstalling the firmware? Now its possible as Microsoft has released an official software recovery tool for Nokia and HTC mobile phones.

"Windows Phone Recovery Tool" (formerly known as Nokia Software Recovery Tool) is a free software which allows you to reset / recover / restore the software of your Nokia Lumia or HTC One mobile phone. It might become very useful if you want to reinstall software in your Windows phone.

This software can recover your mobile phone if you are having software or software update related issues. You can recover your phone even if its not responding, stuck or not starting at all.


This free tool can be installed in Windows 7 and later operating systems. The software first detects your mobile phone model and then downloads the required firmware files which might take lots of time depending upon the size of firmware files.

You just need to connect your mobile phone to your PC using USB cable and then run the software and follow the steps. If the phone is in working condition, don't forget to take a backup of your personal data as all data will be deleted during software installation.

Interested Nokia or HTC One mobile users can download this tool using following links:

For Lumia phones and HTC One running Windows Phone 8 or newer:

Download Windows Phone Recovery Tool

For older Lumia and other Nokia branded mobile phones:

Download Lumia Software Recovery Tool

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  • Nice tool from Nokia. Thanks for sharing.

  • I think Nokia should have switch to Android. But that's not possible since Microsoft bought it.

  • VG

    ^^ There are rumors that Nokia is planning to launch an Android phone soon.

  • @ VG , it will be good if Lumia is mentioned in Title of thread , as it will clear from title not for series 40 , asha & symbian . Instead of reading post completely .

  • How about Symbian phones? Like the Belle ones?

  • VG

    ^^ I can remember there was a similar tool "Nokia Software Recovery" for Symbian phones as well. Don't know what happened to that tool.

  • @ Strauss phoenix support dead usb flashing, you need the complete firmware for it of your phone model. Even you can downgrade with the help of n8 scandinavian firmware. Just google it you will find tutorial for it.
    I think vg can post perfect tutorial of it , if he still has symbian phone.

  • VG

    ^^ Sorry but I dont have any Symbian phone now. :(

  • @Goldi, I'm familiar with the Scandinavian method and the phoenix ones. But, phoenix flashing seems alot buggy. Well, my N8 works fine without the CFW's

  • Mine phone just shows rotating gear icons and gets restarted every time and donot gets ON. How to overcome this situation.
    I tried on Nokia Lumia 625.

  • it cant find my phone.. i wait it 2 hours

  • need someone help me right now

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