Remove Product Key and Reset License Information of Microsoft Office Using Office Key Remover

Sometimes you might want to change the product key of Office suite installed in your system. It might be because your product key expired and you got a new one or it might be because you installed Office using pirated key and now you want to change the product key with a genuine one.

To change the product key you'll have to uninstall the Office suite from your system and then reinstall it.

But you can use a small and simple trick which helps you in changing the product key without uninstalling the Office. We posted about this trick long time back in following tutorial:

How to Change or Reset Product Key of Microsoft Office Suite?

Today we are going to share a small portable tool which also allows you to remove existing product key registered with your MS Office suite so that you can re-enter the new product key.

"Office Key Remover" is a small tool which removes Microsoft Office license information on your machine. This way you're able to change the license key of Microsoft Office. This application may require administrator rights.


Simply run the tool and click on the desired button to remove existing registered product key. That's it. Open any Office application like Word and it'll ask you to enter new product key.

Download Link

PS: You'll need .NET Framework 3.5 to use this tool.

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