QTTabBar Now Supports Windows 7 and Later, Adds Tab Feature to Windows Explorer

We have already posted about "QTTabBar" in past when it was developed for Windows XP and Vista users. Suddenly its development was stopped by the developer.

Now a new version of QTTabBar is available for download which comes with lots of new improvements and support for Windows 7 and later as well.

QTTabBar is a wonderful shell extension adding tabs and many other features to Windows Explorer. The extension was written by a Japanese developer known as "Quizo" and now its being updated by "Paul Accisano".


What's New?

  • Now works in Windows 7 and later Windows versions
  • Desktop Bar restored for XP/Vista
  • F2 rename selection functionality restored
  • "Use old ListView control" option enabled
  • "Display column headers in all views" option enabled
  • General stability improvements
  • Tab bar/Toolbar positioning now works correctly on XP
  • Search box no longer mysteriously shrinks when focused
  • Full Row Select can be enabled/disabled when the SysListView32 is used
  • Libraries can be dropped into

You can read our exclusive review of QTTabBar and download it from following link:

QTTabBar Adds Tabs, Dual-Pane View and Classic Features to Windows Explorer

Once you install it, you can add it to Windows Explorer by going to "View -> Toolbars" menu or by right-clicking on Menubar and selecting the option.

Thanks to our reader "tony bombata" for the news...

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