QTTabBar: Freeware to Add Web Browser Style Tab Feature to Windows Explorer

Almost all modern web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera come with tab feature which allows you to open multiple webpages in a single window.

Do you also want to have web browser style tabs in Windows Explorer? If yes, following freeware will definitely help you.

"QTTabBar" is a free utility for Windows operating system which can add Tab feature to Windows Explorer. With the help of this freeware you can open more than one folder in a single Explorer window similar to your favorite web browser.

Features List:

  • Adds Tab bar in Windows Explorer
  • Allows you to work on files and folders in tabs similar to web browser
  • Adds useful features such as folder grouping, histories, etc.

You can download QTTabBar from following topic:

QTTabBar Adds Tabs, Dual-Pane View and Classic Features to Windows Explorer

Also Check:

QTTabBar Now Supports Windows 7 and Later, Adds Tab Feature to Windows Explorer


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  • I can see the 'lock' option, but it doesn't do jack. I lock a bunch of tabs and when i reopen it goes back to default single tab on Libraries..maybe it is again something with Windows applications saving settings where they have no permission

  • the lock option does NOT work in any flavor of Win7, and in any user mode. useless to me now.

  • nevermind the above comment about tabs not locking, I found that if I put everything in groups, the fact that on startup it keeps defaulting to Libraries is no biggie !

    This is great stuff, I literally have tried EVERY available free and paid alternatives to MS Explorer, and now I think this is hands down the best tweak.

    The problem I had with other alts is the window used to resize (crunch) everytime I switched off the TV. Only MS Explorer didnt, and this plug in made it invaluable.

  • I guess Q-Dir is the only alternative to successfully add Folder Size as a column in W7

  • ok I guess I reviewed in a hurry ...uninstalled this after installing on all my computers. many bugs in Win7, still shrinks when TV is switched off, hides some context menu entries, learning to live with stock WE and use libraries and right-click saved locations on taskbar icon.

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