QTAddressBar: Get Windows Vista and 7 Style Addressbar with Breadcrumbs in Windows XP Explorer

We know that Windows Vista and Windows 7 Explorer is better and more advanced compared to Windows XP Explorer.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 Explorer features new breadcrumbs feature in addressbar which allows quick and easier navigation between folders.

If you are a Windows XP user and want to get similar breadcrumbs feature in Windows Explorer address bar, "QTAddressBar" software will definitely help you.

"QTAddressBar" is a free software which brings Windows Vista and Windows 7 style addressbar with breadcrumbs to Windows XP Explorer as shown in following screenshot:

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

If you want to completely transform your Windows XP into Windows Vista including theme, boot screen, login screen, icons, etc, please follow following tutorial:

Transform Windows XP into Windows Vista without using Customization Pack

To transform Windows XP into Windows 7, visit following tutorial:

Transform Windows XP into Windows 7 without using Customization Pack

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  • Hey VG.
    I would just like to ask. How can I use QTAddressBar together with Styler Toolbar?

  • VG

    ^^ Why do you want to use both of them together? There is no benefit in doing this. As far as I remember, you cant use both of them together.

  • HI VG

    I installed this and it didn't work on my computer but when I right click in Internet Explorer to put up the file menu or the status bar it says QTAddress bar!!?? I thought this was for Explorer/My Computer not IE.

    Please Help
    From totalXPguy

  • VG

    ^^ I think it works in both IE and Windows Explorer. Did you try to do the same thing in Windows Explorer? Does it appear in toolbar context menu?

  • ah yes it does! Last time I enabled it, it took a while to enable in Computer so I just closed it before It could load, but it is there now All Good =D =) => :D :) :>
    Thanks VG

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