Pulmon: Yet Another Free Utility to Get Windows 8 Style Live Tiles with Metro UI on Windows Desktop

We all know about Start Screen introduced in Windows 8 which shows live tiles of installed programs in Windows 8:

Windows 8 Features New Metro Style "Start Screen" with Live Tiles

Today we are going to share a freeware "Pulmon" which brings live tiles similar to Windows 8 Start Screen to Windows XP, Vista and 7 Desktop. This free and portable tool has been created by AskVG reader "Paras Sidhu" who is only 13 years old.

To use, it you just need to download it, extract the RAR file using WinRAR or 7-Zip and then run Pulmon.exe file. It'll show the main window on screen.

You just need to click on a tile to add it to Desktop. Once you have added the tiles, click on "Move To Tray" button to hide main window. You can access it anytime by double-clicking on its system tray icon.

To remove a tile, again open the program window and click on the tile present in "Remove Tiles" section.


It's very simple to use. Currently it comes with following tiles:

User: Clicking "User" tile will open a User Widget. If you want to open User Accounts, double-click on the green place of tile or double-click on User Avatar. There are many tweaks available for user tile. Right click on the tile and click options. You can choose "Take User Avatar from Windows System" or choose custom avatar.

Control Panel: Clicking Control Panel tile will load Control Panel widget. You can open Control Panel by clicking on its tile.

Clock: Pulmon will provide you a very cool widget "Clock". It will show you time, month and day of the week.

Shutdown Manager: It's a very easy to use widget which allows you to control your PC with one click. Shutdown, Restart, Log Off and Hibernate options are given. Please note that some of the features are not working atm.

Internet Explorer: This tile allows you to open Internet Explorer web browser.

Webby: Webby is another good widget which provides you quick access to tech sites like AskVG.com, etc.

Custom Widget: It allows you to pin apps. But only 1 trial widget has been added. You can configure its settings by right click on it and choose "Settings". The default program is Windows Notepad.

Clipboard Manager: It allows you to see the current text on clipboard. It also allows you to clear clipboard content.

Start Menu Launcher: It's a simple launcher for Start Menu. Just double click on the tile to open start menu.

Calendar: It shows date and month.

Storage: It shows hard disk drives usage with cool progressbar.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

It seems the software has been removed by the developer. You can check other similar software such as Omnimo and Mosaic.

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  • well done! paras sidhu. I am also of 13 and i'm jealous of you

  • this is the best site i have ever visited

  • Great work paras sidhu
    I appreciate your work.