Play “Cut The Rope” Game Online in Your Favorite Web Browser

We have shared an online version of the popular "Angry Birds" game in past which can be played in your web browser.

Now its turn of another famous game "Cut The Rope". Cut the rope is one of the most popular game initially developed for Apple's iPhone and Google Android mobile phones.

Now Internet Explorer team along with ZeptoLab (original developer of the game) and PixelLabs has ported this awesome mobile game to PC. Now you can play this game in your favorite web browser.

The game can be played in any web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera.

In this game, you just need to cut the rope to feed the candy to "OmNom". Try to cut the rope in a way so that you can also collect as many stars as you can. Its really an addictive game.


According to IE team, the game was ported from Objective-C to JavaScript. The end result is an authentic translation of the game for the web, showcasing some of the best that HTML5 has to offer: canvas-rendered graphics, browser-based audio and video, CSS3 styling and the personality of WOFF fonts.

The current version of the game works best on desktop PCs and Macs with a mouse. The developer team has not added the support for touch based input yet, but this is something they're considering for future versions.

The game works best in Internet Explorer 9 but some Firefox and Chrome users might face audio problem while playing the game.

You can enjoy the game using following link:

Play "Cut The Rope" Game Online in Web Browser

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  • Not working in Firefox Nightly 12.0a1, stays at 0%

  • VG

    ^^ Working absolutely fine here in latest nightly build. Make sure you have installed Flash Player.

  • @VG
    It's ZeptoLab not ZentoLab.

  • @VG It will only work with browsers which support HTML5.

  • This game is awesome! The core of HTML5 working! Good bye flash! HTML5 is far better than you, even in energy consumption!

  • It is a superb game, everybody should enjoy this game. If you play this game on other browser you wouldn't be able to play 3rd box i.e Pinned Box. You can enjoy complete game only on IE 9.

  • Looks like it was Flash Block Add-on what blocked this site, after disabling it it started to work.

  • You should add this information to the article Vishal:
    It si recommended that the game be played in IE9 and pinned to the taskbar as that is the nly way some levels can be played.

  • Some of the levels (3. Pinned Box = 7 levels) require the user to "pin" the site to the Taskbar, which is only possible with Internet Explorer 9++.

    Cut the Rope | Behind the Scenes

    When I play the pinned game, IE has audio problem while Firefox didn't has any problem.

    It is different than what they said
    "... while we can say Internet Explorer 9 users get a great plug-in free experience, Chrome and some Firefox users could have run into an audio problem..."

    IE, shame on you...

  • @NZero, for some users it may be and for some users it might not. But by the way, there were no audio problems for me - neither in Internet Explorer 9 nor in Opera 11.60; Windows 7.

    What confuses me for the most part is how does determine if the user has launched the game straight from the pin shortcut at the taskbar.
    Time to take a look and mess with some code on

  • such a good game, im getting addicted, thats why its annoying that there isnt alot of boxes to open!!!!
    arghh, put more boxes/levels because people expect loads!!!!:D
    still great game though!:)

  • what about the Cartoon Wars series?

  • More better than this, chrome has offline desktop app to play Cut the rope game, download it from chrome web store, the game runs fine, without any problem & without internet connection.

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