PC Decrapifier: Remove Unwanted Programs from Branded PCs

When we purchase a branded PC, it comes with so many unwanted trialware like 30-day trial version of anti-virus, Office suite, CD burner, etc. Almost all these bundled software are unnecessary and cause disk space wastage. These software also slow down the new system by  running several services in background.

"PC Decrapifier" is a great piece of software which can help in removing all these unwanted software (also called crapware) from branded PCs. It shows a list of all such software and then you can select the software which you want to uninstall:


Here is the current list of software and items that the PC Decrapifier can detect and remove.

It can be run on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

You can download this small and free application using following link:

Download PC Decrapifier


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