[Outlook Tip] Stop Automatic Events Addition from Emails to Your Calendar

Recently while checking for new emails in my Outlook mail ID, I found following email from "Microsoft Outlook Calendar":

Events from email
Outlook found this new event in your email and added it to your calendar:

Event details


This email was containing details of a package delivery which I ordered via Amazon website. I was wondering why was this event created automatically by Outlook? I didn't add any such event to my Outlook Calendar.

The email was also containing a link "Update settings for events from email" at bottom which helped me in finding out the reason.

Actually its a feature of Outlook Mail which automatically adds events from your emails to your calendar.

If you don't want Outlook Mail to automatically add events from your emails, you can disable this feature using following steps:

1. Log into your Outlook mail account and click on gear icon present in the Outlook Mail toolbar. Now select Options from the menu.

Now click on Calendar -> Events from Email section present in left sidebar.

Alternatively, you can directly open it using following link:

Update Settings for Events from Email

2. Here you'll find that "Automatically add events to my calendar from email" option would be selected by default and following events are selected to add to the calendar:

  • Flights
  • Hotel reservations
  • Car rentals
  • Package delivery

3. To turn off automatic events addition to your calendar, you should select "Don't add events to my calendar from email" option and save changes.


If you want to disable a particular events addition to your calendar, just uncheck the corresponding option such as Package Delivery, etc instead of disabling the whole feature.

That's it. Now Outlook will stop adding automatic events to your Calendar from your emails and you'll never receive any event creation email from Outlook Calendar.

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