Open++: Useful Context Menu Shell Extension for Windows

Open++ is a free and small utility which adds various useful commands in file and folder context menu (right-click menu). It allows you to quickly open the selected files or folders with the customized commands.

It adds following entries in context menu:

  • Open Command Prompt
  • Copy Path
  • Change Properties
  • Create Sub Folder
  • View File Checksum
  • Run With Arguments
  • Register DLL
  • Unregister DLL
  • Copy Shortcut Target
  • Find Shortcut Target

If you are using it in Windows Vista or 7, hold down "Shift" key while selecting the command from Open++ menu and it'll execute the selected command with administrative privileges.

You can customize the commands or add your desired new command using Open++ Settings which can be accessed using Open++ context menu entry.

To install Open++, extract the downloaded zip file, run "OpenXX.exe" file, go to "Install/Uninstall" tab and click on "Install..." button. To uninstall, click on "Uninstall..." button.

Download Link:

Thanks to our reader "randomcore" for sharing it...


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  • And what does registering and unregistering DLLs do?

  • If you right click a dll (dynamic link library) file and choose unregister, the dll file will then be unregistered. Choosing register, will register the dll file.

  • Yes, but what is the difference between a unregistered DLL and a registered one?

  • if you register a command component (DLL file) the component and it's commands is systemwide integrated and usable by applications and user.

    if you unregister the file, the functionallity is gone.

    eg if you going to unregister the 7-zip.dll you no longer have the ability to use 7-Zip out of the context menu.

    this way you can do a better troubleshooting if the explorer crashes or if you want a cleaner system and just disable unwanted extensions.

    take a look onto your loaded extensions using Nir Sofers ShellExView tool. it's a very good one.

    see also for explanation of command components:

  • addition: as you may have seen, Open++ comes without installer. u can easily install it into your environment by opening Open++, going to Install/Uninstall tab and choosing Install.

    Install would just execute a "regsvr32 openXX.dll" and it becomes systemwide available. the component is registered.

    Uninstall would execute a "regsvr32 /u openXX.dll" and the component is unregistered.

    That's what the register/unregister feature would do for you with any DLL.

  • I use the following;

    StExBar which can be found at


    FileMenu Tools found at

  • An Indian discovered that nobody can create a FOLDER
    anywhere on the computer which can be named as "CON".
    This is something pretty cool...and unbelievable. ..
    At Microsoft the whole Team, couldn't answer why this

  • VG

    ^^ Its not a secret and Microsoft is aware of it. Actually CON is a reserved word in DOS. CON was a device file which used to capture the text written on screen. There are many reserved words like CON: prn, prx, nul, com1-9, lpt1-9, etc.

  • CON is still useful at a command prompt. It means CONSOLE and is a simple way to capture some text. I find myself using it once a month or so.

    enter "copy con testfile.txt" at a command prompt

    then type some lines of text - you can use left and right arrow keys and delete on the current line, but can't go back to a previous line

    then type Ctrl+Z (the end of file character)

    your text will be saved in the file testfile.txt

    It's a simple way for making small batch files. You can also paste into it.

    It also provides a long-handed way to type a file: copy testfile.txt con

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