Open++: Useful Context Menu Shell Extension for Windows

Open++ is a free and small utility which adds various useful commands in file and folder context menu (right-click menu). It allows you to quickly open the selected files or folders with the customized commands.

It adds following entries in context menu:

  • Open Command Prompt
  • Copy Path
  • Change Properties
  • Create Sub Folder
  • View File Checksum
  • Run With Arguments
  • Register DLL
  • Unregister DLL
  • Copy Shortcut Target
  • Find Shortcut Target

If you are using it in Windows Vista or 7, hold down "Shift" key while selecting the command from Open++ menu and it'll execute the selected command with administrative privileges.

You can customize the commands or add your desired new command using Open++ Settings which can be accessed using Open++ context menu entry.

To install Open++, extract the downloaded zip file, run "OpenXX.exe" file, go to "Install/Uninstall" tab and click on "Install..." button. To uninstall, click on "Uninstall..." button.

Download Link:

Thanks to our reader "randomcore" for sharing it...

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