Get Windows 8 and 8.1 Start Screen in Windows XP, Vista and 7 Using “Omnimo 6” Rainmeter Skin Suite

UPDATE: New version 6.0 released with lots of fixes and new features.

Microsoft's new OS Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 feature brand new "Start Screen" which looks similar to Windows Phone 7 home screen. It basically shows live tiles of the installed programs and apps in Windows 8. You can read more about it at following link:

[Windows 8 Start Screen] How to Pin, Resize, Move, Close or Uninstall App Tiles?

Recently we shared Start Screen inspired Homepage utilities for web browsers:

Now its turn of something more interesting!

"Omnimo" is a Windows Phone 7 inspired multifunctional interactive desktop information center based on Rainmeter. It has been created by our friend "fediaFedia" @ DA. This suite will turn your desktop into a productive and attractive workarea , delivering only the information you need. Every interactive tile gives you information at a glance, and can be easily customized to your needs.

Now a new version 6.0 has been released. In this release you'll find that there had been many improvements in performance, visual interaction and the inner workings of the project, as well as better customization abilities. One of the more important ones being the ability to replicate the Windows 8 start screen - you'll have a screen in the intro offering to select either the traditional WP7 layout, or the new, fresh, Windows 8 one.

New changes in Omnimo 6.0:

  • Windows 8 style panels and sidebar
  • Panel creator
  • Hubs and Kiosk apps
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

How To Use:

1. Simply download and install Rainmeter first using following link:

Download Rainmeter

2. Now download Omnimo skin suite using following link:

Download Omnimo

3. Double click the Setup.rmskin file, the extraction might take a minute or two, after that you'll be guided by the Intro.

4. You can also download following 65+ panel pack to use with Omnimo:

Download Omnimo Panel Pack

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