Official Link to Download Google Chrome Full Standalone Offline Installer

We all know about Google's new web browser Chrome which has become very popular among all Internet users. You can download it using this link. Once you start downloading, it downloads a very small installer which again downloads the required setup files from Google server.


But did you know Google allows you to download the full standalone installer of Chrome from its official website?

Our readers "Musafir_86" and "anuj" have shared the official Google Chrome URLs which provide the full offline installer of Google Chrome:

If you want to install Chrome for your own user account:

Download Google Chrome Standalone Offline Installer (32-bit)

Download Google Chrome Standalone Offline Installer (64-bit)

If you want to install Chrome for all user accounts:

Google Chrome Offline Installer for All User Accounts (32-bit)

Google Chrome Offline Installer for All User Accounts (64-bit)

The above URLs will always provide the latest Google Chrome version. So enjoy it.

Also check:

Download Full Standalone Offline Windows Installer (MSI) of Google Chrome

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  • chrome is better or firefox................

  • VG

    ^^ It depends upon the user. Give both of them a try and use the one which suites your better.

  • Thanks ..........>>>> I have been looking for this long ago.......Very Good.

  • Choose between two alternate installers for Chrome:

    If you're downloading Chrome for your own user account only, use this installer: Alternate installer for one user account »

    If you're downloading Chrome for all user accounts on your computer, use this installer: Alternate installer for all user accounts »

  • Is there any official way to download the offline installer for another system?

    Being on linux and wanting to download google-chrome for windows-computers.


  • @tr

    Offline download links:
    Windows (Single user):
    Windows (All users):

  • @tr
    Also, add a www. to the start of those links, as it seems to have been cut off.

  • So, what's the different between single and all user account? Are the single can't be installed in more than on computer??

  • VG

    ^^ Single user account installer will install Chrome only for currently logged in user. On the other hand all user accounts installer will install Chrome for all users in the computer system.

  • thanks a lot for the link. online installation irritated me a lot .........

  • is there a link for offline installer in english? 'cause downloading the offline installer in other country will automatically gives me installer in that language?

  • VG

    ^^ Use following link:

  • @VG

    Thanks, so the link is english only, regardless the country where its downloaded....

  • VG

    ^^ The link mentioned in the article should redirect to your country language but I have not tested it. The link which I gave you in my previous comment will always give you English version.

  • @VG

    this link "" will give you english but still it detects the locality, during install it in english but after install it automatically change the language in foreign (localized) -- I don't speak chinese.....

  • @VG: another way to download offline installer is using the link below:

  • If you use the links given by their 'readers' "Musafir_86" and "anuj" (whether you select the single user or all user accounts versions) you'll be routed to the annoying Chrome install page with the overlay asking you to agree to their terms and conditions etc. In other words the links given above I believe to now be wrong. (They may have been OK at the time they were posted).
    Go to the link below to download the full msi file that pc administrators will use to deploy across multiple machines. Here it is:

    On that page, click the blue button that says: 'Download Chrome MSI'
    For me the file size was 35,929,536 on disk. The file name comes out as: GoogleChromeStandaloneEnterprise.msi
    Hope this helps someone. Cheers


  • well, very good, the performance is fanstastic

  • Great browser, horrible installer and javascript-filtering API. No shock on last one though (ad company so they have to make a living). ;)

    With the direction FF's mainline is going, people are probably going to be recommending SeaMonkey or Chrome over Mozilla's might-as-well-be-on-Chromium clone. Heck, even the version numbers! They're willing to lose most of their old users in order to get a piece of the (much bigger) noobie pie, I guess.

  • Download latest 64-bit offline-install here (Official google server):

  • Very Thanks for standalone link for chrome:)

  • Enjoy...
    Always Latest Release

  • Thanks for posting this

    Could you please add which version of chrome the installer is posted


  • I like Internet Explorer when it use for saving page, not eliminate real address and have save page in single file (.mht).

  • anyone got the link to download offline Linux versions?

    don't need windows

  • unknown installer error. it does not work.... please help

  • VG

    Please try the new links. Now you'll not receive unknown installer error.

  • What is different between 32 bit and 64 bit version ?? And what is different between own user account version and all user accounts version ??

    Anas Chohan

  • VG

    ^^ If you are using 64-bit Windows, download 64-bit Chrome. If you are using 32-bit Windows, download 32-bit Chrome.

    If you want to install for your own user account only, download own user account version. If you want to install Chrome for all existing user accounts in your computer, download all user accounts version.

    PS: To know whether you have 32-bit or 64-bit Windows edition, check out System Properties or winver command in RUN.

  • can i still change my google theme even if I choose single user acount installer?

  • Great... Really worked for me. Its awesome

  • Can add "&platform=win" to every 32-bit links?

    Otherwise the page will give me Linux version in Linux computer, but I want to maintain Windows version.

  • Which is better?
    Chrome, or Firefox?

    1: Best at CSS3 (Page layout)
    2: Best at V8 (Raw page render/load speeds)
    3: Best on modern machines (GPU blocklist kills 3D dead on older computers/netbooks/etc.)

    1: Best at HTML5
    2: Best at 3D
    3: Best on older machines (3D usually works on older netbooks/machines)

    Chrome feels 4 to 5x faster on older machines than Firefox.
    Firefox has better tabs & bookmarks.

    Netbook with 3D enabled (Chrome) is up to 30x faster in games vs disabled (Firefox).
    Chrome 3D bests Firefox 3D on modern machines by 2x in many cases.

    Select the browser you need, depending on which attributes are most important to you.

  • Is there any offline installer for Google Chrome Canary?

  • thank for help me .............

    i wan to installed vlc player in RHEL 7
    but i have no link ............. plz help me....

  • Sandeep Rajput, while VLC is good, there is a much better multi-media player

    > x32/64 > Vista/7/8/10 (XP try 1.5x series)

    Multi-OS, multi-media, great looking!!!

    * Notes for XP users:
    1: Attempting to install modern Pot Player on XP will result in extraction error.
    2: Extracting files to flash drive, then attempting to run in XP will result in another error.
    3: 1.5x has audio+video in XP, so find the latest version & D/L

    To use 1.6x Pot Player in XP:
    1: Download PotPlayerSetup 1.5.45955 (Last 1.5x Version)
    2: Download PotPlayerSetup 1.6.51480 (Last working XPSP3)
    3: Install PP 1.5x, then install 1.6x on top of it

    PP 1.5.45955 audio & video works
    PP 1.6.51480 video works, no audio

    1.5x installs a single codec file responsible for audio
    1.6x doesn't install this codec, but will work with the 1.5x codec

  • I am unable to download this software please help me out..!

  • I tried installing google chrome in my PC but it consumes lots of time..!

  • they don't work anymore,
    they don't work anymore,
    they don't work anymore,
    like they used to do ...

  • hi VG great post in my case here as of 2/25/17 the links above redirects to a page where you can only download a 1mb installer or a web installer not offline.

    this works though.
    1) (tested)
    2){8A69D345-D564-463C-AFF1-A69D9E530F96}%26uc (tested)


  • VG

    For me the links given in main topic are working fine. Downloading 48.1 MB full offline installer.

  • Dear All, I need urgently google chrome version 39.0.2171.65 or some version which is suitable for my ubuntu 14.10. recently I updated my google chrome from 39.0.2171.65 to newest and i got terrible problem which always display the message " this is not private wifi connection" and there is threat of security or something like that. It really makes me sick. Please someone has solution for this problem or please help me how i can get version 39.0.2171.65 for my ubuntu 14.10.

  • thanks a lot dear i have no word to thanks becouse i know that and if i had full offline downladed file, amnot in that much troubled to download when i had formatted my pc

  • without da date of da link this information is useless. Today May 18th 2017 all download links in the article are pointing to the regular install and not to the offline install any more.

  • VG

    ^^ The links are fine. Its downloading 46MB offline installer for me.

  • I concur with VG, the full offline installer downloads perfectly from the provided links.

    (NIOTE: VG usually updates _all_ his links whenever they are stale, so even if they do go bad for a few days, he's on top of the fixes. _THAT'S_ why he is so dependable for information - he follows up on stuff like this. To speed this up: Simply let him know when something needs fixing.)

    Thanks for being dependable, VG.

    (Maybe you should change your username to DVG?)

  • VG

    ^^ Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate it. :)

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