No More Charms Bar Annoyance for Windows 10 Users

The most annoying, irritating and unnecessary feature introduced in Windows 8 i.e. Charms Bar will no longer come in way of users in Windows 10.

When Microsoft released Windows 8 as a hybrid OS for Desktops as well as touch-enabled devices such as tablets, there were many Windows users who didn't like some unnecessary features of the OS that were specially designed for touch-enabled devices only.

Charms Bar was one of such unnecessary features in Windows 8 which was of no use for Desktop users. Instead of helping Windows users, the new Charms bar was only annoying them. When a user moved the mouse cursor to top-right corner of the screen to close a program window, the Charms Bar was automatically shown on screen. Windows 8 users had to take help of 3rd party software or registry tweaks to get rid of the Charms Bar.

Microsoft got lots of feedback from Windows 8 users and they provided an option to disable Charms Bar in Windows 8.1. In Windows 8.1, users were able to disable the upper-right hot corner i.e. Charms Bar using Taskbar Properties. But still the Charms Bar was causing headaches to many Windows 8.1 users as mentioned here.


Finally Microsoft has decided to permanently disable Charms Bar for users in Windows 10. Now Windows 10 users will no longer see Charms Bar in their computers.

Since Charms Bar contained some essential options such as Settings link, etc, these options have been moved to new Notification Center (or Action Center):


Microsoft has also removed the previous option "When I point to the upper-right corner, show the charms" from Taskbar and Start Menu Properties box in Windows 10.

So its a good news for Windows 10 users who never liked the annoying Charms Bar...

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  • I think that this is wrong because i watched the press conference and they showed the charms bar. They also said it may not look like it does in W8 (Remodeling the Edge UI). There's going to be a option to turn the edge ui off though.

  • why does it hangs when I want to select multiple files in a folder?
    10 (x64) ram 8gb, i3.

  • I've had to resort to using the win-c key combo because this has been disabled in the tech preview. I'm all for choice, but removing it for desktop users shouldn't have been done.

  • Some time it works on laptops via mouse gestures.

  • I have never experienced any issues with the Charms Bar on my desktop. Its never come up for me unwanted. I don't know if I'm just far more precise with my mouse than others or what, but this has just never been an issue from day one. I think there should at least be an option for desktop users to enable it, as I actually find it much more practical than their current solution of the App Menu. At the very least hopefully it will get a more noticeable and appealing button.

  • I actually do like the charm bar on my laptop and I find it so helpful since I only access to the settings by using it, I don't like how Microsoft would keep it disabled for all desktop and laptop users if it should be a personal choice to have the charm bar , like we do in Windows 8.1

  • another annoying object is the search icon, always present in smartphones, tablets and now in Windows...
    I have never used it in tablets and I'll never use it in Windows...

    it seems that tablet and smartphone users are "searchers" ... ;)

  • It still shows in my laptop while using the touchpad, and it's pretty annoying.

  • When swiping the left of the trackpad on my laptop it pops up unless I'm in fill screen of a "Metro" app then the App command menu pops up. Both are pretty annoying.

  • I like the charms bar. Now that I have gotten used to it in the new Windows, I use the search, settings and other icons on there all the time. annoying to have no choice to keep it or ditch it. Can't we choose to keep it or not?

  • I want all the drivers of win 7 run in win 10. this is the main problem in new versions of windows
    Windows 10 is best window in all and no need to install netframework just like windows 8 & 8.1 already install all net frame work

  • i also like charm bar. it
    should be a personal choice to have the
    charm bar , like we do in Windows 8.1

  • Didn't anyone notice that this would inconvenience those of us who got into the habit of pressing Windows+C to quickly see the date and time writ large without having to look for and squint at the tiny time and date at the bottom right?

    How about putting the date and fairly large time at the top middle of the new start window?

  • I personally hope they leave the charm bar as an optional feature. I found it annoying at first but I got used to it and now I use it all the time.

  • I find not having the Charms bar bloody irritating! I used it quite often and miss it now. We should have just been given the ability to disable it on a per user basis, rather than get rid of it for everyone. BTW, I haven't even installed W10 yet, just reserved my copy!

  • I like the charms especial the search button. The large box that pops up for Cortana is way too irritating. At least they could have left the shortcut key Win+S.

  • Most annoying is charms bar? Dude, that's just because you didn't have a touch screen. If you find that annoying, you could have downgraded to Windows 7. When you had Windows 8.1. For touch-screen and surface users, charms bar was the most useful feature, makes touch screen for easier to use... Plus Windows 8 / 8.1 was designed for Touch-screen screens, not keyboard and mouse. Just because you didn't want to stick with Windows 7, is your own fault.

  • It certainly is an annoyance that there seems to be no way to enable the Charms Bar in Windows 10. We can't seem to get the Start Screen without going into tablet mode either.

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