New “AWESOME” Easter Egg Found in YouTube Website

Everyone likes hidden secret Easter eggs present in software and games. Developers put some cool secret stuff in their software for fun which can be revealed or enabled by following a predefined set of steps. We have shared lots of such hidden secret Easter eggs found in various software in past. You can check out them at following links:

As you can see in above links, Google puts lots of hidden Easter eggs in its software and websites. Similar to Android and Google Search website, Google has also implemented many Easter eggs in its video streaming website "YouTube". We have shared almost all secret Easter eggs found in YouTube website in following exclusive article:

Today in this article, we are going to share another Easter egg found in YouTube website. Its a new Easter egg and can be revealed using following easy steps:


Open any video in YouTube website and make the video controls active. Actually to activate this Easter egg, the focus should be enabled on the video player. So click on the video so that the focus is transferred to the video player.


Alternatively, you can click on "Full Screen" button present on video player toolbar to play the video in full screen which will automatically put the focus on video player.


Now type AWESOME word using your keyboard. As soon as you finish typing AWESOME word, the progress bar in video player will start blinking/flashing and will show rainbow colors randomly which provides an awesome effect to the progress bar as shown in following image:


To make the progress bar normal, type AWESOME word again and it'll disable the rainbow color effect and will restore default progress bar in video player.

Thanks to our reader "Joe Bob" for sharing it...


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  • wow that is cool. I wonder who discovered it and how. i reckon it'd be a funny story :D

  • VG

    ^^ I think someone typed "Awesome" as a reply on a video page but the focus was on video player, which accidentally revealed this Easter egg. ;)

  • Now everyone's going to comment on how they got seizures :)

    VG, how do you find about these easter eggs so quickly?

  • VG

    ^^ Actually it was shared by "Joe Bob" in following topic: :)

  • LOL, this is one of the best easter eggs, even compared to the "Harlem Shake" one.

  • Didnt Work For Me!It just muted the video when I pressed 'm'.

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