Nero Lite and Nero Micro: Small and Optimized Installers for Nero Burning ROM

Do you think that Nero has become a bloatware?
Do you want to shrink Nero setup size?
Do you want to install only necessary Nero apps to burn CD/DVDs and not the useless crap which comes with official Nero setup?

If your answer to each question is YES, please go ahead and read the rest of the topic.

The one and only version of Nero burning ROM which I like is version 6 which is small in size and installs only required apps to do basic burning tasks. Version 6 is fast and rock-solid even on Windows 7 (of course in Compatibility mode).

Now-a-days each new version of Nero comes in 500 MB+ size which is pretty hard to download for dial-up users. Even if you have super fast broadband connection, I don't see any reason which'll force you to download such a huge app which is only required for some basic burning tasks. I mean common, its an application not an OS.

So today we are going to share an excellent piece of software which is called "Nero Lite". Nero Lite is a modified installer for Nero Burning ROM which installs only essential Nero apps which are mentioned in following list:

  • Nero Burning Rom
  • Nero Express
  • Nero CoverDesigner
  • Nero WaveEditor
  • Nero Toolkit

There is another customized installer available which is called "Nero Micro". It only installs Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express.


The installers size for Nero Lite and Nero Micro are 30MB and 20MB respectively which are quite impressive compared to huge 500MB+ size of official Nero burning rom.

So if you like Nero interface but don't want to download the BIG setup, Nero Lite and Nero Micro are the best solution for you.

Nero Lite and Nero Micro require genuine serial key for Nero burning rom. If you don't have a key, you can try the app for 30 days.

You can download both Nero Lite and Nero Micro using following link:

Download Link


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