Mysterious KB2866518 Update for Windows 8.1 Preview

Here is something interesting to share! Today I got a notification on Windows 8.1 Preview login screen that some Windows updates are ready to download and install. I opened Windows Update from Control Panel and found a new update "KB2866518" was available for download as shown in following screenshot:


I always read the update information first before downloading and installing it in my system. The official information given in Windows Update window was as following:

Update for Windows 8.1 Preview for x64-based Systems (KB2866518)

Download size: 15.7 MB

You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.

Update type: Recommended

Please report the issue to the SESH email alias, or file a bug (you can go to http://sesh for directions on how to do this).

More information:

Help and Support:

The update information was a little strange, so I clicked on "More information" link to read more about the update. It launched following official Microsoft KB page:

KB2866518 Official Page at Microsoft Website

I was surprised to see "The page you are looking for may have a new location, or is no longer available" error message shown at the official page.


I decided to investigate the issue and searched on Google about KB2866518 update. I found 2 threads at official Microsoft forums about the same issue. A few users were also trying to find information about this mysterious update but there were no official words from Microsoft.

What do you think about this update? Did you also receive the same update in Windows 8.1 Preview? Feel free to share your comment about this mysterious update...

UPDATE: One AskVG reader "FrancisForward" faced problems after installing this update. So it would be beneficial to avoid this update at the moment.

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  • i installed it then scanned my system and it's legit just broken info link

  • Thanks for telling us. I had the same issue. I observed after installing, that my language-settings for the keyboard were broken. I tried to install english-language and interestinh enough, I had to download a second update now concerning the english-language (US). After I installed this and that package of my native language my system worked fine. Besides that my USB-Gadgets like some DVB-T-Stick were messed up.

  • Maybe there are some clues in this Twitter conversation?
    I truly don't know.

  • I didn't receive this update and it's not available at Windows Update...
    I searched all my installed updates, and it's not there.
    What's going on?

  • Don't install it. I tried to install it but nothing happened. It's a waste of time

  • Never Came Up On My PC

  • VG

    It seems the update was released to selected group of testers but by mistake it became available for all Windows 8.1 Preview users. When Microsoft came to know about it, they removed the update and its information page. Thats why people are not finding it any more in Windows Update window.

  • Hi VG,
    Would you tell me the reason why I could install Win 8.1 in my VMware 8 and could not connect to internet. I have installed many OS such as : Win 7 Home, Ultimate, Vista, they run well on my VMware 8, no problem with the internet except this Win 8.1, what should I do to fix it? I have tried to search on Google for more Network Adapter Driver, and installed it but it is impossible. My main OS is Win 7 Home Premium x64. Please help.

  • ^I have Windows 8.1 running on VMware player and have no connection problem using bridged network option. Windows 8 x64 as host OS.

  • Yes..Vishal this is what probably happened. I don't find any other possible reasons.

  • Just opened my test laptop for the first time in a few days and this update is waiting for me to install it. The information link is still broken as you reported. Think I'll pass on this one for now.

  • i installed it, don't know what it did though.

    on a side note anyone recommend a antivirus program that works with 8.1 ? i was going to try norton, but the whole prevent online piracy note at the beginning changed my mind for me. windows defender used to be good 2 years ago. not so much now. i have tried avg and avast, and now norton.

  • what happened to my win index score? had a 7.8 --very proud--. now it's gone?

  • VG

    ^^ The GUI has been removed but the command is still present in the OS. Regarding antivirus, NOD32 is working fine for me.

    Did you try Virtual Box?

  • Hey VG , can you tell me how to access that command (accessing Win Index Performance)

  • VG

    ^^Here you go:

    winsat cpuformal

  • Addy : this tells you all the commands for winsat

  • So the lesson is, we must read about updates before installing them. Ah.. these days you can't trust even the manufacturers/developers for correct updates. It defeats the purpose of updates itself.

  • Hi sir VG, I tried to install avast antivirus in Windows 8.1 Preview but the software would not install, showing compatibility issues. Could you suggest a trick to fix this problem?

  • Hi Aljune, i've installed ESET Smart Security 6, everything is okay.

  • @VG

    Looks like Microsoft has provided the information about the update.

    Can’t view OWA inbox in Internet Explorer 11 Preview

  • So I tried your command VG , but after the test , the window disappeared immediately . So now , where do I view my system rating

  • Don't ask, VG. It's an NSA / FISA court related thing... ;-)

  • I just viewed the website and it showed "Can’t view OWA inbox in Internet Explorer 11 Preview." It just worked this time!

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