Mozilla to Remove Several Unnecessary Options from Firefox Preferences Window

Personally I love using Firefox web browser from Mozilla. As most of you already know that I use the Nightly build of Firefox which works absolutely fine for me. I prefer to use it because it gets updated frequently with new features and updates. Whenever Mozilla adds something interesting to Nightly build, following exclusive AskVG article gets updated with the new information:

Mozilla Firefox Nightly Build Updates

Recently I found that some options in Firefox preferences window are missing. First I thought that Mozilla is experimenting with these options position but thanks to AskVG reader "Ahmad" I came to know that Mozilla has permanently removed those options from Firefox.

According to Alex Limi (product designer at Mozilla), there are many old options present in Firefox preferences window which are useless for most of the users. These options were added long time back and now these options are unnecessary and can make Firefox unusable if a user accidentally turns them on or off.

Today in this topic, we are going to list all the options which Mozilla is going to remove from Firefox preferences window. Most of these options have been already removed from latest Nightly build and the rest of these options are scheduled to remove from future builds.

If you are using the stable version of Firefox, you'll find these changes in Firefox 23 and later versions.

So without wasting time lets share the list of options which are going to be removed from Firefox preferences window:

1. Load Images Automatically and Enable JavaScript Options

Currently these 2 options can be found in "Content" tab of Firefox preferences window.


Mozilla decided to remove these options because if a user accidentally or intentionally turns these options off, it might break several webpages as most of the websites use JavaScript and images to show their content.

I often use these options when I'm working with a slower Internet connection. Disabling these 2 options speeds up webpages loading time and I'll surely miss these 2 options.

2. Override Firefox Cache Space Management

This option can be found in "Advanced -> Network" tab of Firefox preferences window.


This option helps you in setting a limit for Firefox cache space. By default Firefox automatically decides how much space should it use to store browser cache files on your hard disk drive. But you can override this automatic cache management and restrict Firefox to use only given hard disk space to store cache files.

Mozilla is going to remove this option as restricting the cache space may slow down browser performance and Firefox can automatically reduce its usage if you are low on disk space. So you don't need to worry about it.

3. SSL and TLS Protocols and Certificate Manager

These options can be found in "Advanced -> Encryption" tab of Firefox preferences window.


Mozilla decided to remove options to turn SSL and TLS protocols off as it might break many websites such as Gmail, etc because these websites use these protocols for enhanced security. If you disable these options, you'll not be able to view many websites.

Certificate Manager is an advanced tool present in Firefox which is used rarely by people. Mozilla has decided to remove it from Firefox and to create a new add-on or about:config preference to access some of its feature.

4. Turn off Navigation Toolbar

This option can be found in following places:

  • Right-click on Firefox titlebar or tab bar
  • Firefox button -> Options
  • Firefox menubar -> View -> Toolbars


If you uncheck the option, it'll remove the navigation toolbar from Firefox window and you'll not be able to type any website URL, etc. Normal users might find it difficult to restore the toolbar if they accidentally turn it off. That's why Mozilla has decided to remove this option.

5. Always Show Tab Bar

This option can be found in "Tabs" tab of Firefox preferences window.


This option allows you to show or hide tab bar in Firefox window if only a single tab is opened by you. Mozilla has removed it from Firefox.

What do you think about this move? Are you happy with the removal of these old options or will you miss them? Feel free to share your comments...

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