Mozilla Adds “Reset to Default State” Button in Firefox

UPDATE: This option is now available in Firefox stable version as well. So everyone can enjoy it.

As you all know I use Firefox as my primary web browser and currently I'm enjoying the latest nightly build which is on version 14.0 atm.

We have an exclusive topic which contains all latest updates about Firefox's nightly build. You can read and bookmark the topic using following link:

[Mozilla Firefox Nightly Update]

Recently we told you about redesigned "New Tab" page found in nightly build. Mozilla team use this nightly build to test new features and if everything goes perfect, these new features are implemented in Firefox stable version.

Recently our reader "NZero" shared an excellent information with us. Mozilla has added a new "Reset to Default State" button to latest nightly build.

This new button will reset all Firefox settings to the default state. Its similar to "Restore default settings" or "Restore factory settings" buttons which you find in mobile phones, etc. And we should not forget that Microsoft has also added a similar option to its upcoming OS Windows 8.

This new button can be accessed by typing about:support in Firefox addressbar and press Enter. Alternatively, you can also access the same page by clicking on Firefox app button and then selecting Help -> Troubleshooting information.

Following is a screenshot of this new feature:


Basically it creates a new user profile in Firefox so it'll also remove all customized about:config preferences, userChrome.css code, userContent.css code, cache, cookies, etc. Use this feature with caution.

This new button might come handy if you face problems while using the web browser and want to reset settings to fix the problem.

Currently this new "Reset to default state" button only available in nightly build but if everything goes fine, Mozilla will add it to Firefox's next stable version.

The "about:support" page is available in all Firefox versions. We have talked about it in past.

PS: Mozilla has also added new smooth scrolling feature to latest nightly build quite similar to Google Chrome. And a new nightly icon is also on the way...

Thanks again to "NZero" for this valuable information...

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  • Can I restore the Add-ons I had installed, now lost after 'refreshing' FireFox?

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