[Nightly Update] Firefox 57.0 Comes Fox Face Icon on New Tab Page

NOTE: This article is updated whenever some interesting stuff is found in Nightly build of Mozilla Firefox web browser. So keep checking this page regularly.

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In the latest Nightly 57.0 build, Mozilla has re-added the Fox face icon/emoji on the top-left corner of new tab page.


A new label "Nightly is all new. See what you can do!" has been added next to the icon. The Fox icon is not new, it was added in Nightly build 56.0 but was removed in later builds.

Check out more info about this icon:

[Firefox Tip] Restore Fox Face Icon (Getting Started Tour) on New Tab Page


The latest Nightly 57.0 build comes with all legacy add-ons disabled by default. Now Firefox only supports WebExtensions.

The disabled legacy add-ons are displayed in a new section "Legacy Extensions" in Add-ons Manager page:


If you want to enable support for legacy extensions again in Nightly, set the "extensions.legacy.enabled" preference to true in about:config page. Now all legacy extensions will start working again in Nightly.


The latest Nightly 57.0 build comes with a new look of its Options (about:preferences) Page as shown in following screenshot:


The new UI looks neat and modern. You can learn more about changes to Options page in following article:

Firefox Gets New Updated UI for Options (About:Preferences) Page

You can disable the new UI and restore old classic Preferences page using following tutorial:

[Firefox Tip] Restore Old Classic Options (About:Preferences) Page


The latest Nightly 57.0 build comes with a brand new program icon which looks awesome and very pretty:


Following image shows both old and new Nightly icons:



The latest Nightly 57.0 build comes with a new redesigned theme which features square tabs and new icons set as shown in following screenshot:



In previous update we told you that Mozilla has enabled the activity stream feature on new tab page in Firefox Nightly build. Now in the latest Nightly 56.0 build, a new section called "Recommended by Pocket" has been added to the new tab page. This section shows top stories taken from Pocket service which is a part of Mozilla family.


You can disable this section by unchecking "Top Stories" option given in new tab page settings.

Check out following article for more info about this feature:

[Firefox Tip] Enable Hidden Secret Activity Stream on New Tab Page

NOTE: All previous updates about older Nightly builds are available here.

PS: If any of your favorite extensions is not working in a nightly build, you can follow instructions given in following topic:

How to Fix Broken Incompatible Extensions in Mozilla Firefox Newer Versions


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  • To use the 'classic' Options Menu, toggle about:config setting: browser.preferences.useOldOrganization to True.

  • VG

    ^^ Thanks. Posted about it:


  • Why the Firefox Nightly icon in taskbar has been changed? Yesterday is tiger themed Firefox icon, now the Firebird icon? Thanks.

  • I'm getting it too. i liked the previous icon.

  • VG

    They are playing with the Taskbar icon. You can consider it as Easter eggs. ;)

  • the new red icon is actually the original Mozilla icon, based on the Phoenix browser.

    This is according to the Reddit page:


  • Now the icon has changed to old Firefox 3.0 icon. In about Nightly window it changed too, not only in Taskbar and Shortcut.

  • VG

    Yeah. They are playing with the icon in every build.

  • Nightly 2017-08-17 loses 'Share' option and 'Services' in Add-on options!

  • VG

    ^^ Share option from where? I noticed removal of Services tab.

  • Nightly 2017-08-18 has updated the logo again. But this time the logo is really bad. :(

  • @VG,


  • VG

    ^^ Ah. Ok.

    Yes. Looks very funny.

  • Does this v57 uses the same profile as main firefox version or separate profile system ?

  • VG

    ^^ Same profile but you can create a new profile if you want.

  • Nightly (2017-08-22) seems to have a floating, border-less 'Library' window (without a close button) which dismisses with mouse focus elsewhere, however, if you happen to close Nightly, you'll need to close the 'Library' window with the X on the Taskbar thumbnail preview!
    Kind of strange!

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