Mozilla Firefox “about:support” Page Shows Modified Preferences, Installed Extensions and Other Details in Single Place

In Mozilla Firefox, you can tweak lots of settings using hidden "about:config" page. We have posted many Firefox tweaks in past which use this secret settings page.

Whenever you change a setting in "about:config" page, it gets stored in "perfs.js" file present in your Mozilla browser profile folder.

You can also check which preferences have been changed by you or an add-on using "about:config" page. The modified preferences are shown in BOLD so you can easily find out them.

Did you know there is another similar page present in Mozilla Firefox which can be used to show Firefox version details, modified preferences list and much more?

The page is called "Troubleshooting Information" and can be accessed by typing about:support in addressbar of Mozilla Firefox or by clicking on "Help -> Troubleshooting Information" in menubar or Firefox Menu button.

When you open "about:support" page, it shows following details:

  • Application Basics
  • Extensions
  • Modified Preferences
  • Graphics


It might come very handy in many occasions. Please let us know your opinion about this support page in Firefox. Did you already know about it?

Thanks to our friend Martin for this info...

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  • Other than that, these are useful things found on the "Troubleshooting Information" page:

    "Copy contents to clipboard" button
    "Open Profile Directory" button
    ID for all extensions (easily to find the particular extension to modify)

  • I knew this from late-2010. VG, don't you think it's a very old thing and all Firefox users know it?

  • It should show old value of modifed prefences too...

  • @Madis, not needed. If you want to change anything to it's default value, go to the about:config, locate the modified preference (it will be shown in bold). Now right-click it, and select Toggle or Reset (whichever is available) and now the bold effect should go away from that preference which is an indication that the preference is now set to it's default value.

  • @Swapnil: No, I don't think that "all" Firefox users know it. I use Firefox and I didn't know it. In fact, I'd wager that there are fewer Firefox users who do know it than don't... and likely don't care, because they "just want it to work."

  • This is pretty old. I used it since the Firefox 4.0 betas to check hardware acceleration status. The stuff in there is very neat.

  • Not sure if these have been posted here or not:

  • A few others:
    about:about (Shows you all the about: sites in Firefox)
    about:mozilla (Gives you a verse from the Book of Mozilla regarding Mozilla in the past in Netscape days)
    about: (Shows you general info, useragent, contributors that worked on it, licensing info)

  • i like it..............keep it up........................good job......

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