Moo0 RightClicker: Freeware to Enhance Context Menu in Windows

If you want to customize Windows context menu, this tool will definitely help you.

"Moo0 RightClicker" is a freeware which can enhance the context menu (right-click menu) in Windows. It adds lots of new options in the context menu like Duplicate Window, Open, Move To, Bookmark Here, etc.


You can customize it as well. You can hide unwanted items or add new items which are disabled by default. Its an excellent enhancer for Windows context menu.

It can be installed in Windows XP, 2003 and Vista.

You can download it from following link:

Download Moo0 RightClicker

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Posted in: Software, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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  • I found an application called Right2Click in win7 last year. I have tried to carry it over to W10 , but it needs to be re configured after certain driver update/upgrades, not only the Windows upgrade-which is to be expected
    I love it, puts all the places that might have needed multiple clicks happen with just one context menu click
    Just my 2ยข, since I only recently found your web pages and love them, use many as well. I just thought i'd put this Win7 app here. i am not sure how well it has worked with Win10 but am hoping it will keep compatible. I put the Anniversary Upgrade in , for the 2nd time yesterday, and hoping for the best. I tried t roll back to win7 yesterday and got totally frustrated when I got the "sorry" pop up screen. my windows old was gone. I had saved a Windows.old 1 along with the Windows.old to be sure but the folders each got cleaned out, my fault? could be. I was only 12days into the windows 10 free upgrade i waited till the last week to check out.
    I had been an Insider Program user from day one, too. still have my insider OS in virtual box (oracle) i use to check out for glitches.
    thanks again for your hints, tips and insights. are very helpful and interesting too.

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