Minimize Windows as Thumbnails on Desktop Instead of Taskbar using miniMIZE

"miniMIZE" is a small utility which puts all minimized applications on Desktop as thumbnails. So whenever you minimize a window, it gets minimized on Desktop as a small thumbnail.


You can double-click on the thumbnail to restore the window. Its a cool desktop enhancement utility.

You can also change various options using its settings like:

  • Start miniMIZE at Windows startup
  • Show icon in system tray
  • Hide or unhide taskbar buttons
  • Desktop Thumbnails size
  • Opacity level
  • Thumbnails position on Desktop
  • Hotkeys
  • Exclusions List

Although the website says it only works in Windows XP but we have successfully tested it in Windows Vista as well.

You can download this small utility from following link:

Download Link

The software is no longer available but you can try following similar software:

4t Tray Minimizer: Freeware to Minimize Applications to System Tray in Windows

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