Microsoft Shows First Preview Video of Windows 8.1

We told you recently that Microsoft is working on an update for Windows 8 OS which will be called "Windows 8.1" and will come in market at the end of this year. But a free public preview version of Windows 8.1 will be released to public on June 26, 2013 i.e. later this month.

Windows 8.1 will fix all Windows 8 annoyances and will try to make Windows 8 a perfect OS for Desktops as well as Tablets. In other words, Windows 8.1 would be an OS which Windows 8 should have been.

Windows 8.1 will come with lots of advanced customization options to personalize Start Screen, Lock Screen, etc. It'll also provide many new touch gestures for touch enabled devices to make user experience better and easier. Windows 8.1. will also come with good old Start button which was missing in Windows 8. One more thing to mention! Windows 8.1 will also allow users to boot directly to Desktop or any other desired screen.

We have shared many such interesting details about Windows 8.1 in out exclusive Windows 8.1 section. Interested people can visit following topics to read more about these cool features:

Today Microsoft has released a preview video of Windows 8.1 which shows various new customization features introduced in Windows 8.1 such as Start Screen personalization settings, Lock Screen background slideshow feature, different tile sizes, new options to manage tiles on Start Screen, etc.

You can watch Windows 8.1 live in action in following official video shared by Microsoft:

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  • I love motion effects of the start screen *.*

  • Cool! Can't wait for the update :)

  • Great! and I saw a start button there! So excited....

  • @Charlie P.

    People say that there won't be a start menu. Start button of Windows 8.1 will lead to start screen.

  • Microsoft is listening, good.

  • this looks more like what microsoft was first promised.

  • Sorry, but nothing attractive here, completely nothing. Moving dragon background? After twenty years of developing Windows this is what they can offer? Really?

  • There are Pretty Improvements in Windows 8.1, I'm totally agree with you VG, that This Version of Windows Would be the actual Windows 8. Thanks for the fastest Updates VG.

  • YAY!!

  • I agree with Wawelski. The whole video showed nothing but the Metro screen. I saw a split second view of the desktop with the start button, and that was it. What? No improvements to the desktop? No new features like how Windows 7 gave us snap, preview, etc? Wow MS, just wow. I'm glad I switched to Ubuntu.

  • I really love this! Instead of making major changes (which gives more flaws), they now fix annoyance, fulfill requests and makes improvements to make Windows 8 a better OS (but not the best, though).

    I do agree with Wawelski and BobbyPhoenix. They just/mainly focus on making improvements onto the Metro stuffs. Instead of keeps pushing Metro, they should also enhance (so-called classic) Desktop.

  • Why would they enhance the Desktop? Hopefully by Windows 9 that archaic system will be done away with. I am using Windows 8 on a Desktop, and a tablet, and on both systems I do not use the desktop at all, except to use desktop only apps... which I in turn run in full screen, so I never see the desktop anyway.

  • @3rd-apex
    Are you blind? If you only know, there are lot of people who always do their professional work on the desktop, not on that Modern interface. Sure, the Modern Interface looks nice but it will never suffice for some professional work like for example: programming, web development, database administration. The desktop will always be there for those professional people. The Modern Interface is there for those people who only use their computers to do some light "work", play games, consume multimedia content. The desktop is for all the people out there who use their computers to do their serious jobs and is seriously devoted to their work.

  • wow, everything new, including the start screen

  • @Risky

    Not everything...

  • looks good in my opinion

  • the motion effect with the start screen is over played first it was used with the galaxy phone the apple is doing it with there soon to be released ios 7.... so this is very over played. not worth it in my opinion.

  • when i set my laptop to sleep, it's not sleeping but my battery suddenly draining

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