Microsoft Confirms Existence of App Store in Windows 8

We have told you about "App Store" feature found in Windows 8 builds which will work like a software marketplace. It'll most probably allow Windows 8 users to download and install software without searching them on websites.

Recently we also told you about launch of official Windows 8 blog:

Microsoft Launches Official "Building Windows 8″ Blog, Pre-Release Build to Arrive in Coming Months

Microsoft has made a new announcement at official blog to introduce Windows 8 team and this announcement accidentally confirms existence of "App Store" feature in Windows 8.

Here is what this official announcement says:

Windows 8 has new features across the full breadth of the product. It takes quite a team to build Windows 8.

The implementation work on Windows happens when developers write code. This code implements features that come from specifications written by program management along with interaction designs from product designers. Testers are responsible for making sure the spec is complete and the code does what the spec says it should do.

Microsoft has organized the work of Windows into "feature teams," groups of developers who own a combination of architectural elements and scenarios across Windows. Microsoft has about 35 feature teams in the Windows 8 organization. Each feature team has anywhere from 25-40 developers, plus test and program management, all working together. The teams are all focused on building a global product, and so some of the teams are located outside the US and are also delivering globally.

Many of the teams listed below describe features or areas that you are familiar with or that you can probably figure out based on the name. Microsoft also has organized these teams in seven larger groups that pull related teams together - fundamentals, devices and networking, core OS, developer experience, user experience, web services, and our engineering system. The Windows Live group (Hotmail, Messenger, Skydrive, Photos, LiveID, and more) also has a similar structure. Internet Explorer group is also a couple of teams on its own, but obviously contributes across Windows 8.

  • App Compatibility and Device Compatibility
  • App Store
  • Applications and Media Experience
  • App Experience
  • Core Experience Evolved
  • Device Connectivity
  • Devices & Networking Experience
  • Ecosystem Fundamentals
  • Engineer Desktop
  • Engineering System
  • Enterprise Networking
  • Global Experience
  • Graphics Platform
  • Hardware Developer Experience
  • Human Interaction Platform
  • Hyper-V
  • In Control of Your PC
  • Kernel Platform
  • Licensing and Deployment
  • Media Platform
  • Networking Core
  • Performance
  • Presentation and Composition
  • Reliability, Security, and Privacy
  • Runtime Experience
  • Search, View, and Command
  • Security & Identity
  • Storage & Files Systems
  • Sustained Engineering
  • Telemetry
  • User-Centered Experience
  • Windows Online
  • Windows Update
  • Wireless and Networking services
  • XAML

If you see the above list carefully, you'll find App Store team in bold. The announcement of App Store team clearly confirms existence of App Store in Windows 8.

Lets keep our fingers crossed and wait for some more interesting and exciting announcements from Microsoft.

Thanks to our reader "MuTz777" for sharing the news...

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  • Cool!

    I still wonder what In Control of Your PC could be though. Any ideas?

  • OooO Like..8. Thankvg

  • :D


  • thx vg

  • Uh oh, they called it "App Store" - cue Apple jumping in with patent lawsuits any minute now...

    Personally I think an application store will greatly improve Windows for many people. Makes it easy for noobs to find safe software :)


  • @Neighbourhood
    Microsoft has made sure Apple doesn't register it! :)

  • @VG
    i read on windows8 this exact same article, except it showed a screenshot, i believe ts fake, what do you think?

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. Most probably.

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