Microsoft Asks, What’s Your Inbox Like?

Who are you? A Piler, A Filer or A Deleter? No no, we are not asking you this. Its Microsoft who wants to ask it to you.

Actually Microsoft has launched a new website "What's Your Inbox Like?" which helps you in finding what kind of e-mailer you are.

Its a Metro UI inspired marketing promotional website from Microsoft created for Windows Live Hotmail. Its powered by HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.

When you open it, it provides 3 options to choose from:

  • Happy mess
  • Sorted and ordered
  • Lean and light


If you select happy mess, you are a Piler. You keep almost every email. Who cares if its from yesterday or the 90s, its all good.

If you select sorted and ordered, you are a Filer. You like keeping a well-organized Inbox. If your email is in order you are in order.

If you select lean and light, you are a Deleter. You don't like a lot of email in your Inbox. You just want to read the stuff that matters and trash the rest.

You'll definitely have fun in checking out this new website:

What's Your Inbox Like?

So who are you? Piler, Filer or Deleter?

Thanks to our reader "jaycee13" for sharing it...

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  • happy mess for me.

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