MetroController: Free Utility to Disable Metro UI, Start Screen and Windows Explorer Ribbon UI in Windows 8

Recently we posted a tutorial containing 2 methods to enable old Windows Vista and 7 style Start Menu in Windows 8:

How to Enable Windows Vista and 7 Style Start Menu and Disable Metro UI in Windows 8?

The above tutorial also helps in disabling new Metro UI, Start Screen and Ribbon UI in Windows Explorer.

With the help of 1st method mentioned in the above tutorial, our friend "Solo-Dev" created a free utility which does the job automatically and you don't need to modify Windows Registry:

Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle: Free Utility to Toggle Between Start Screen and Start Menu

Now we are going to share another freeware which utilizes both methods mentioned in the above tutorial.

"MetroController" is a free utility for Windows 8 which allows you to:

  • Disable Metro UI, Start Screen, Explorer Ribbon UI and Enable Old Start Menu
  • Only Disable Metro UI, Start Screen and Enable Old Start Menu and Keep Explorer Ribbon UI


When you launch this tool, you just need to click on the desired button and it'll automatically enable/disable the mentioned features in Windows 8.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

This tool was developed for Windows 8 Developer Preview build and no longer works in Windows 8 final version.

You can check out following tutorials to enable Start Menu and disable ribbon UI in Windows 8 Explorer:


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