Mavis Up Button: Add the Missing “Up” Button to Windows Vista and 7 Explorer Toolbar

Many Windows Vista and 7 users complain about the missing "Up" button in Windows Explorer. The Up button can be found in all previous Windows versions but its strange that Microsoft decided to remove it from Vista and 7.

But there is no need to miss it any more. There is a small utility "Mavis Up Button" which can bring back the "Up" button in Vista and 7 Explorer.

Its not a freeware. You'll need to purchase it . It costs $4.95, you can also try it for 5 days for free.

UPDATE: It seems the software has been removed by the developer. But you can try following similar freeware to get "Up" button back:

Classic Shell: Get "Up" Button and Titlebar Text Back in Windows Vista and 7 Explorer

NOTE: If you don't want to use 3rd party software, then you can use the Windows built-in shortcut key. You can press "Alt+Up Arrow" keys to go to one level up in Explorer. Similarly you can use "Alt+Left Arrow" and "Alt+Right Arrow" to go back and forward respectively.

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  • Another alternative is "Coalde UpFolder" at, which lets you middle-click to go up, and also to copy the folder path to the clipboard or open a dos window for it. Works for me.

  • Nevermind i found it ^^

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