Master Security Lock Code for LG CDMA Fixed Wireless Phones (FWP)

If you use a CDMA Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP) and if your phone model is either LG LSP 340 or LG LSP 350, then this trick will definitely help you.


You might be knowing that you can set a security lock code in any phone so that no one can use it. Once you apply a security lock code, no one can access your phone menus and data until the person enters correct lock code to unlock the phone.

Today in this topic, we'll tell you the master security lock code for LG LSP 340 and 350 CDMA phones which will always work irrespective of whatever lock code you have set in your phone. This code is used by engineers to unlock a phone if the phone owner forgot the security lock code.

The Master code is 6278. You can try it in any of the above mentioned FWP models and it'll work without any problem. It has been tested by us in many LG FWPs provided by Tata and Reliance CDMA service providers and it works 100%.

If 6278 code doesn't work in some FWP models, try 3062.

Master security lock code might come useful in case you have forgotten your phone security code and can't unlock it.

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  • Hi Vishal,

    Great It worked.


  • Thank you, really it is working. i.e. 6278

  • ^^ The security code is actually for wireless telephones...

  • 6278 is working for LG LSP 400 TL

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