[Guide] Make Your Mozilla Firefox Look-Like Internet Explorer 9

UPDATE 2: New add-on available to automatically transform Mozilla Firefox into IE9. Visit this link to learn more about it.

UPDATE 1: You can also have tabs and addressbar in same row using this tutorial.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or above and want to make it look-like Internet Explorer 9, this tutorial will help you.

We'll need following 3 add-ons to complete our task:

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1. First install Stratiform extension. Make sure to install version 1.1 as the later versions don't come with IE9 option. (Thanks rcmero for pointing it out.)

Once installed, open its Settings and change all resources to IE9 like toolbar buttons, icons, text fields, tabs, etc.


2. Now install App Button Remove and it'll remove orange Firefox Menu button.

3. At last, install Omnibar which will combine Addressbar and searchbox. To remove search engine name from combined box, right-click on toolbar and deselect "Show Omnibar in Urlbar" option.


4. If you want to have the domain highlighting feature as well, you can use LocationbarĀ² add-on. Thanks to our reader "Karrypto" for reminding us...

That's it. After following above steps, the final look will be as following:


Doesn't it look like IE9? Please post your opinions...

Thanks to our reader "AB_Samuel" for this idea...


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  • Can we revert back to original interface if we apply this theme?

  • VG

    ^^ Of course. You can uninstall or disable these above mentioned add-ons anytime to restore default look.

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